What words would one use to describe Marshall Lee The Vampire King? Simple words, or more thoughtful descriptive words? Marshall Lee The Vampire King had been alive, or undead for a long time, a time much greater than The Adventuress, Fionna The Human. Two different people of different ages, of different lives, and of different worlds. Although, none of that mattered in the two friend's eyes.

Marshall Lee was Marshall Lee, not Marshall Lee The Vampire King, and Fionna was Fionna not Fionna The Human Adventuress. Their friendship was simple and to the point, and it was a great friendship, one that turned heads in The Land Of Ooo. And if you didn't over analyze it, you would also see that Marshall Lee is just a boy, and Fionna is just a girl.

Breaking down a difficult algebraic equation and turning it into the smallest of x=2. That is how Marshall Lee and Fionna are, Simply and Sweet, very to the point.

Sometimes Fionna would wonder where the adventuress in her came from? Was it the fact that she was human, or just her view on life 'a world that had to be taken as a risk'. Fionna even at times found herself questioning if adventuring will ever be the death of her. And the more she grew she came to the realization that adventuring could be the death of her, but it wouldn't stop her from doing what she loved most.

Fionna wasn't one to run from battle, and prided herself on when her and Cake would fight to the end, no matter how many bones were broken, or how many scars they would come home with, they were always determined to win. But this time, Fionna was running from a troll, Cake wasn't with her and if she was there, the troll wouldn't be such a problem, but she wasn't. Cake was on a date with Lord Monochromicorn. Fionna was bored and so she ventured off somewhere while the sunset. Usually trolls were easy, but she was alone, and fleeing as the troll followed her, hell bent on defeating her.

Night had rolled around, the moon out and filling the night. Fionna had been running for awhile, her body was feeling fatigue. And she knew this troll was persistent on following her the whole night, if it had to. Her legs felt numbed from the cool night air and her constant movement, that she could barely feel when her thighs would brush together as she sprinted away.

'What the glob, have I gotten into!' The now fifteen year old adventuress though to herself as she continued to flee. Then suddenly she felt a new presence near her.

"What are you up to now, Doll face?" came a voice that Fionna recognized, as she turned to confirm her guess, she was greeted by a floating figure, that figure was Marshall Lee's. He wore frayed blue jeans, a plaid red and black shirt, his normal brown sneakers, and his axe-bass slung behind him, as he floated along with Fionna.

"If you couldn't tell, I'm running away." Fionna spoke, feeling ashamed about it, but the girl was an honest girl, and she never told a lie to Marshall Lee, there was no point in lying to him.

Marshall Lee's mouth curled into a smirk, before he floated behind Fionna and snaked his arms around her waist, dragging her higher into the air with him. The troll on the ground disappearing from sight. Marshall pulled Fionna's legs up into his arms, putting the young girl into a bridal style position. She lets out a sigh, and smiled up at her rescuer.

"Thanks, dude."Fionna mumbled, and leaned into the vampires chest. Marshall Lee didn't mind helping Fionna. This just gave him a reason to 'kidnap' her for the evening.

"No problem doll." Marshall replied as he flew Fionna to his cave that hid his little home. Fionna stepped out of Marshall Lee's arms once they had landed on his porch.

"So, I guess we're hanging out?" Fionna asked as she follows Marshall into his home. "Not that I mind, bro." She continued as she sat down and put her feet up and the coffee table.

"I got some bad horror movies if you want to watch them." Marshall said sitting himself next to her, and laying his head on her shoulder. It was rare for them to actually hang out, and not adventure. So this was casual time for their friendship.

"Sure, you know how much I like to make fun of those girls who scream like stupidly. Hurry Marsh. Put it in." Fionna said enthusiastic, as she looked at him.

"Oh Fionna how inappropriate," He leaned into her ear and whispered coolly, "aren't you a bit young for that Sweetheart." he smile curled into a smirk, as he saw her cheeks burn in embarrassment.

"Oh My Glob! Not like that Marsh, you are completely unbelievable." Fionna yelled, as she looked away avoiding eye contact, until she could control her blush.

"I know," Marshall began as he stood up to pop in the movie. "but then again, I'm unbelievably hot." He said winking at Fionna, as she laughed.

"It's true, don't deny it. You know how attractive I am Fionna." He said as he sat down in his seat. Fionna smiled at him before speaking, "Whatever keeps the tears away Marsh."

A few hours passed and soon it was 4 in the morning. Fionna had fallen asleep on Marshall's chest during the second film, and Marshall, had taken off her Rabbit hat and was brushing her long blonde wavy hair as a pastime.

As he played with Fionna's hair he wondered why she always kept it up in the hat, and never showed anyone, Prince Gumball had never seen her without her hat, which Marshall prided himself in being the only one to be able to play with her hair and see it at will.

"It makes you look beautiful, Doll face." He spoke aloud as she slept in his arms. Two more hours passed as Marshall played with Fionna's hair before he decided to fall asleep himself.

Marshall slept rather peacefully, his dreams were filled with thoughts of Fionna, which were wonderful, and if he described them. Maybe he would give himself the wrong idea about their relationship, so he kept his private thoughts to himself. Marshall was awakened by Fionna around 1 in the afternoon. She was trying to find away out of his arms without waking him up. He tightened his wrap on Fionna and pulled her back down, her hair falling in tendrils off her shoulders and down her chest.

"And where do you think you're going Doll face?" Marshall said with one eye open, and a smirk on his lips, as the girl looked up in frustration.

"Maybe home, Cake is probably bugging out dude. She might think I died." Fionna groaned, as she waited impatiently for Marshall to release her.

Marshall Lee sat up, still holding Fionna but his arms falling down loosely to her waist. "What's the magic words?" He mumbled, as he leaned against the back of her shoulder with his eyes closed.

Fionna sighed before smiling. "Please Marshie..." Her tone had a slight demand to it, as she continued to wait for his approval.

"You know what you have to do." Marshall said nonchalantly as he moved from being her shoulder to above it.

Fionna, blushed then looked down before she kissed his cheek softly before asking again, "Please Marshie... can I go."

Marshall's arms un-snaked themselves from Fionna's waste, and she grabbed her hat, stuffing her hair back into it, leaving only her fringe out.

"Thank you, Marshall." She said standing up and making her exit, Marshall's eyes never once leaving her. "Oh, are you going to the Candy Kingdom's Ball tonight?" She asked turning back around to him.

"Are you going to wear your hair down?" He asked as he stood up and kicked his feet under him as he started floating.

"If I do will you go?" She asked, he smile only half, waiting for her answer.

Marshall Lee floated higher, before being upside, his shirt moving a bit down, due to the movement, as he contemplated the question before answering. "Yeah, you better wear it down." He spoke sternly, but playfully as well.

"Haha okay dude, see you tonight then." Fionna said making her farewell, Marshall nodded before closing the door after her, and then floating to his room.

And just for once, Marshall Lee was anxious, for the ball. Fionna in a dress and with her hair down would probably be the highlight of his undead life, and he couldn't possibly wait.

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