"Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox," JJ gestured towards the screen. "But the medics were able to stabilize Ian and he's in the hospital."

"Wait a minute," Emily said, "Anthony and Ian as in smosh? The internet comedians?"

"Yeah," replied JJ "this one's gonna be tough with the media, plus they were shot in front of thousands of people and no one managed to see the shooter."

"They received a note the day before telling them not to go on stage," Morgan stated.

"But they disobeyed," replied Rossi.

"Reid, can you analyze the hand writing?" asked Hotch.

"Yeah Hotch, but are we sure this wasn't just a one time thing, just targeting Ian and Anthony?"

"No," replied Hotch, "because another internet star received a letter today saying virtually the same thing."

"He goes on stage this afternoon, no one else knows about the note but him and the police," stated JJ.

"Alright, wheels up in twenty," replied Hotch.


"Reid, you and JJ go talk to Toby. Morgan, you and Prentiss go to the crime scene and Rossi and I will set up at the station then go see Ian." Hotch Said.

Reid enjoyed riding in cars. It was peaceful and relaxing, the perfect time just to stare out into space and think. Unfortunately he was snapped out of his trance when JJ stopped the car. They walked up to the house, it seemed like a nice house, very average, in an average neighbourhood. But this guy was anything but average. JJ rang the doorbell. A man wearing socks with flip flops, jeans, and a blue t-shirt that read "Tobuscus" opened the door.

"Toby Turner?" JJ asked. "Yes?" the man replied, "thats me."

"I'm agent Jereau and this is Dr Reid, we're with the FBI and we would like to ask you a few questions about the note you received."

"Yeah, yeah, come in,"Toby replied as he opened the door wider gesturing for us to come inside.

JJ stepped in and I followed. The man seemed frazzled and tired, like he just got up. But it was already nine o'clock. Reid couldn't help but notice the large television and a number of gaming counsels hooked up to it. He also had a number of cameras and tripods, other recording equipment and a laptop, all spread about the living room.

"Sorry about the mess," he grumbled, "please, have a seat."

Me and JJ sat down on a tan leather couch. "So Mr. Turner, you seem to have a lot of recording equipment, you must be really dedicated to what you do."

"Oh yeah," he replied, "anything for the audience."

"Audience?" JJ asked.

"Uh well my viewers, but I call them my audience, it's just one of my things I guess."

"Okay..." I said. That was definitely weird, but from the looks of this guy, it didn't surprise me. Whatever his viewers found entertaining I guess. "Did you have any connection to Ian or Anthony, other than you both being popular internet figures?" I asked trying to get back on topic.

"Not really," he replied, "I mean we had met a few times at past vidcons and stuff but we weren't close since they lived in Sacramento."

"Alright Mr. Turner, when did you receive this note?" I asked.

"It had been slid underneath my door when I woke up this morning."

"Okay, when was that?" He seemed really tired maybe he woke up early. But that meant the unsub probably came at night or really early morning. But judging by the looks of Toby, I guessed he was probably up late and slept in. So the unsub would have dropped it off really early in the morning.

"Um around seven thirty, its earlier than normal for me but with all the vidcon stuff I had to get up a little earlier," Toby replied.

I was right. "Can we see the note?" JJ asked.

"I already gave it to the police, but I know what it said. It said-

Did you hear about you smosh friends? Well I'm sorry to tell you that they're dead. You youtubers are all the same, you just want attention. And you got it, but you'll be gettin even more when your dead. Toby Joe Tuner you're next on my list so don't you dare go perform today. You wouldn't want you fans to see you bleed to death would you?


P.S. You'll die either way so why even bother to go on stage.

"Ellabeanbean?" asks JJ.

"I dunno," replies Toby.

"It sounds like a screen name, probably a girl. I would suspect she spends a fair bit of time on the internet because of her use of words like gettin and she doesn't use apostrophes in words like youll dont and im."

"Wait," says Toby, "How did you know about the spelling and stuff, I only told you what it said."

Here we go thought Reid, he was actually tired of explaining his eidetic memory to people and how he could remember every word. "I read it on the way here," I say.

"And you remember that?"

"Yes, I have an eidetic memory which means I remember everything I read. I also can read 20 000 words per minute and have an IQ of 187."

"Oh cool," was Toby's response "I don't really read much. Makes my brain hurt" Toby giggled.

I sighed internally. He seemed like a nice guy but when people said things like that it made me almost feel sorry for them.

"Alright well thank you for your time Mr. Turner, we will send some police by later to bring you into protective custody. Until then, stay inside." says JJ.

"But what about vidcon and my audience?" Toby cries.

"Last time I checked your life comes first" replies JJ as we walk out the door.

"Well that was sassy," I say to her with a huge smile on my face.


I was on Twitter. As was Alley. Seemed like every smosher in the universe was on there right now, mourning the death of their idol. Tons of them were also on TinyChat, sobbing to each other. But I wasn't, I just preferred to stay on twitter, ever since all the drama that came along with TinyChat. #RIPAnthony was the number three trending topic world wide. So many people cared about this man. At least Ian had survived. I just cannot believe that I was right there, I saw one of my idols die. Right in front of me. Tears were streaming down my face now. Alley had been quietly sobbing to herself for about 20 minutes, when there was a knock at our door. I grabbed a Kleenex and wiped the tears off my face before heading to the door.

"Hello?" I said while opening the door.

"Hi, I'm just staying in the room next door and I was wondering, could you give me directions to the nearest restaurant?" the woman asked.

She seemed sweet, but I had no idea how to get around this city. "Sorry, but uh I think you would have better luck asking someone who lives here because I have no idea how to get around."

She replied with, "Oh, that's too bad."

"Um, bye," I said, starting to get a little creeped out by her. But just as I was closing the door, she slid her foot in the way, preventing it from closing.

"I'm not going anywhere," she growled as she pulled out a gun and stuck it under my chin. The metal was cool against my skin and I was too scared to move. "Get in the room," she growled again pushing me backwards. When I backed into the room, she saw Alley on the laptop and immediately shot her right in the centre of her forehead. At first I was shocked and didn't move, but then it sunk in. My best friend was just shot and killed right in font of me. "Oh my God," I said quietly. "Oh my God," I cried out significantly louder. But then her hand covered my mouth.

"Speak again and I'll shoot you to. Understand?"

I nodded. "Good, now it's time to get going."