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Jess POV
Finally. College acceptance letters have finally arrived. I open the letter at breakfast. I got into Dartmouth. Darcy and I will be going to college together. For two years, anyway.
I'm not going to tell him I got in though. I'm going to surprise him on the first day of college.
A few hours later, Darcy drops by. I tell him I got into Brown. He looks so sad. If only he knew.
"We'll still see each other all the time." I tell him. He smiles and says "good job Jess. You got into an ivy league school."
It's true, technically.
He grabs me by the arm and starts walking.
"Where are we going?" I ask
"I'm taking you on a picnic." he replies.
"For what?"
"Does there have to be a reason for an incredibly handsome boy such as myself to take his gorgeous girlfriend on a picnic?" he teases
I tease him back, saying, "ego alert!"
He starts to tickle me and I laugh hysterically. He is going to be so shocked when he sees me at Dartmouth. I can't wait to see his face.