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Jess POV

I kept the whole Dartmouth thing a secret until it was time to leave.
I had planned it so he would leave before me.
I 'said goodbye' to him, knowing I would see him in a few hours.
He drove away.
I leapt into action. I threw all my stuff into the truck and hopped
in. My parents and brothers got in and we drove away as well.
This was going to be good.
The drive took a couple of hours. When we arrived, I jumped out of the
I went over to a lady with a clipboard and nametag and asked her which
way was the girls dorms. She pointed towards it. I thanked her and
walked back to the truck.
I said goodbye to my parents after they helped me set up. They were
being typical parents and being all emotional and stuff. Ugh. I said
bye to my brothers and they all left. I called Megan, Emma, Becca, and
Cassidy. None of them picked up. I left each of them a message saying
that the plan was to be carried out tomorrow morning. I couldn't wait
to see his face.