Happy Valentines Day, I, Hakuwo, would like to bring you guys a story that isn't specialshipping... I hope your not booing nor yaeing me right now. This is Franticshipping, and its quit frantic, well lets get on to the disclaimer. I don't Own pokemon, blah blah blah. You know the drill.

Sapphire had walked down to her neighbor's house and knocked on the door. Behind her she held a little box of chocolates.

And like always the door was opened by her neighbor's mom. "Hey Sapphire, Ruby is probably on his way back from school, why don't you wait in his room."

Sapphire looked down, and sighed, she always forgot that Ruby went to school, because she was home schooled most of her life. She followed as Ruby's mom said to go and went to his room.

When she entered Ruby's room she gasped, she saw something she knew she probably shouldn't of...

Ruby sighed, he was almost home and that meant that his mom will worry about why he is so badly injured. Despite the fact that he had that scare on his forehead, his face was bruised, and his outfit had a few cuts, but that was the least of the damages. He felt more sad for the people who decided to pick on him.

Getting home took even longer. He had to go by some fabric stores so that he could get the last bit needed for the Yukata and Dress he was making for Sapph. He also knew that she was going to be their in a bit.

When he got home the first thing that his mom said was "Welcome home Ruby, Sapphire is here." Ruby had then darted to his room. When he got there Sapphire almost knew he was there. "Ruby, what are these," said the blue eyed girl without looking at Ruby.

"Ahahaha, happy Valentines Day. There not done yet, but they are for you," Ruby sighed, there went his big surprise.

Sapphire turned around and gaped in surprised, "R-Ruby, how did you get those bruises?"

Ruby laughed "Well they aren't as bad as the ones on the guys who gave me these."

"Ruby, tell me how you got them!" Sapphire's eyes seemed to grow with a worry look. "Ruby, please." Ruby felt that he was now under her command.

After of a few minutes of resistance he finally broke, "Fine fine. At school today some of my Sempai's where going on how they didn't get any chocolates from any girls. I made some replay about them being cavemen who couldn't see the beauty in life." Ruby paused for a bit there.

"So then they beeted you up?" Sapphire was worried about him even more.

"No, first they made the remark of how any girl, if I even like them, I was going to date was going to be so hideous that she would be related to a Snorlax," Sapphire had gasped, there was no way she resembled a Snorlax. But the Ruby continued "that kind of got me angry and my old personality from 12 years ago kicked in, and well..." Ruby trailed off again.

"So that's when you got your face beet up." Sapphire looked down, he got injured again for her sake.

"No, that's when they started to look like some thing a Beedrill stung, bout a hundred times." Ruby busted out into laughter, "I did such a number in on them, if my dad wasn't a Gym Leader, I would have been put into Juvenal Containment till White Day.," he then started walking up to Sapphire and cupped her chin with his hands.

Both knew where this was going. They both let the moment kick in and kissed.

"Happy Valentines Day, my beautiful Aquatic Sapphire."

"You too, my Crimson Ruby."


Well originally I was going to have a Sonic the Hedgehog FF up, but all of my files were deleted before I could finish it, so this is up instead. Where the nickname's for them at the end came from I don't even know. And for people who read my other PokeSP FF's, this takes place before Red's High School Debut. Also I may feature a second Chapter to it for White Day. Who knows. But for now I shall move on to "Pokemon World"