Morning dawned, bright and… well, bright. The light was shining in his eyes annoyingly, forcing him out of whatever dream he'd been enjoying before. A shame, as it had been rather nice… what he could remember if it, anyway.

He sat up, stretching and grabbing his glasses, pressing them on awkwardly. Getting out of bed, he glanced at the clock and winced at how early it was. He didn't feel tired though.

Excited, a bit terrified, hyper. But definitely not tired.

The hallways were completely empty, as most of the others [read: sane people] were still in bed, enjoying their dreams or avoiding nightmares, depending on their species.

He found himself outside of Karkat's door, and paused. Should he wait? Wake him up? What if Karkat was angry for him taking so long in deciding what he felt? Not that he'd taken very long, really…

And Karkat hadn't expected him to have feelings for him at all, so that last idea was ridiculous.

Still, he did know that Karkat had a lot of trouble sleeping. Should he wait for him to leave his room, or see if he was awake already…?

The option was taken from him as the door opened, almost hitting him in the face before he jumped back.

Karkat peered at him in confusion.

"John…? What the fuck are you doing standing outside my room?" He looked sleepy, but rested, which John hoped meant he'd gotten some sleep.

"Ah… I needed to talk to you! I didn't want to wake you up, though, so I was thinking about heading down to eat breakfast instead. I'm glad I waited!" He grinned at him, and noticed for the first time that Karkat's eyes softened, just a bit, as he did so.

"Come in here, than, unless you want everyone to hear what it is you have to say," he pulled the door open wider, allowing John inside. He peered around, as he'd never been inside before. Karkat was an especially private person.

It was similar to his room, really. Laptop (or whatever they called it, husk-something?) on the desk, movie posters all over the walls. There was even a bed in the corner, already made carefully.

"I thought you guys slept in cocoons filled with slime or something." He sat on the edge of the bed, shifting awkwardly.

"We don't have any sopor slime. Besides, these… bed things are easier to sleep in without all the daymares." He sat down in the desk chair, turning it towards him. John smiled a bit at the admission. Karkat tended to avoid admitting humans had invented anything decent.

"Now, what did you need to tell me so badly you woke up at half past too fucking early to say it?"

He shifted a bit again, before peering at Karkat carefully.

"You told me yesterday you liked me. Or flushed, whatever it was. And I… it confused me, that you would do that. I didn't understand why you would want to say it if you knew that your feelings weren't returned." He looked down at the sheets, not wanting to see Karkat's face at the moment.

"But, when I started thinking about it- okay, when Dave gave me a push in the right direction… I realized that I kinda like you too?" Oh man, this was awkward. He looked back up, to see Karkat frozen in shock in his seat, staring at him. Finally, he spoke.

"I swear, Egbert, if this is one of your stupid pranks-" John waved his hands frantically.

"No, no! I'm dead serious here! I figured it out last night, but it was really late, so I was going to wait, but I woke up early and I came to talk to you and then you were already awake…" he stopped himself before he said something stupid.

Well, stupider than that babble, anyway.

Karkat was still staring at him, though his gaze was more hopeful than angry. Good.

"You realize that would make no sense to anyone, right?" Well, hopeful and amused. Even better, really. Karkat so rarely seemed to actually be in a good mood.

"Yup! So… um…" he frowned, biting his lip.

"What now?" He twitched a bit, startled that his thoughts had been voiced, especially by someone else.

"Yeah…" Karkat stood, walking the short distance to where John was sitting, before kneeling in front of him and taking his hand, minding his claws.

"We do things slowly. It's not like there's a rush. Besides, I'll bet you're still bothered by that 'homosexual' thing, aren't you?" John nodded a bit, smiling again and squeezing the hand in his.

"Okay than! We should get breakfast!" He stood up quickly, dragging Karkat up with him, only realizing a moment later how close this made them, and taking a small step back. Karkat did as well, but didn't release his hand.

"Fine, sure, whatever. But, one thing…" John tilted his head a bit to the side, gazing at him in confusion.

"Seriously, what is a homosexual?"