Love, Late in Life


"You're engaged?", Jack asked over their lunch table, "You have to be kidding me! When did this happen?"

"About an hour ago", Wilkes replied, tightening his grip on Nanny's hand, tracing her engagement ring with his thumb.

"Oh my Goodness! This is so exciting!", Rose said, getting up and stepping around the table to kiss them both.

"Congratulations!", Jack said, giving Wilkes a hand shake and a pat on the shoulder, before leaning over and kissing Nanny's cheek.

"We are quite excited about it", Wilkes said then, as they all sat back in their seats.

"Well, of course you are! Do you have a ring yet?", Rose asked.

"Two!", Nanny said with a laugh, "This is my original"

"It was rather spontaneous. I had actually not planned on proposing today. Things just seemed to, er, fall into place", Wilkes explained, as Nanny held up the tin ring on her right hand.

"Oh yes! This was just temporary... Though I do believe I will keep it forever"

"Show them the upgrade", Wilkes said to her. Proud to show off his beautiful fiancé's ring.

"Oh my Lord!", Rose said, as Nanny held up her left hand, "That is beautiful!"

"Wow, what a rock!", Jack added.

"Yes. This one is fit to grace her finger", Wilkes said, kissing her hand.

"Oh!", Nanny said, giving him a lovely smile before turning to the others, "We went right to the jewelry store after Wilkes proposed. 'e insisted"

"Yes. And we both liked this ring. It has a nice antique look to it. Don't you agree? We bought our wedding bands as well. So we are all set in that department"

"Perfect! Say, I just had a great idea. You should let Rosie help you plan the wedding. She is very good at it. Tell them Rosie!"

"Oh, well... I had a wedding planning business, but my daughter runs it now. I would be happy to help though. If you would like"

"Thank you. That's very kind, but, er...", Wilkes began.

"You would like to do it yourselves. That's fine. That's fine. I completely understand!", Rose assured them.

"No, no, no... We would love your 'elp Rose. We just may not 'ave time to plan much. You see we talked about it while we were picking out our rings, and we've decided that we'd like to be married as soon as possible", Nanny explained.

"Why waste time at our age", Wilkes added.

"Will you be getting married here ?", Rose asked, "Oh, that would be wonderful! We can go shopping for a dress this afternoon and I know a great bakery in town which could do a fantastic little cake, and if you'd like flowers we could arrange those today as well"

"As you can see she has not taken to you at all", Jack said to Nanny, teasing his wife.

Nanny laughed in reply, as Rose swatted Jack playfully.

"I 'ave taken to 'er as well and it would be fun, fun, fun to plan our wedding with you Rose, but there is one little problem with that, you see. The child I care for, Eloise... Well, she is in New York and I simply can not, not, not get married without 'er!"

"Let's fly to New York and do it there then", Jack suggested, "We're both retired now so that suits us just fine. Wouldn't that be fun Rosie? We have not had a honeymoon yet. We could get us the honeymoon suite at The Plaza hotel"

"Oh! That does sound good!", Rose replied to her husband.

Wilkes and Nanny watched them. It was very obvious from the look in their eyes that they wanted nothing more then to rip each others clothes off.

"Yes, well the decision is Nanny's. I am happy if you are sweetheart"

"Aoww, you called me sweet'eart!", Nanny replied, giving Wilkes a beautiful smile, "Let's do, do, do it!"

"Right. Brilliant!", Wilkes replied to her before turning to Rose, "Tell me Rose. How soon do you think we could arrange it"

"Oh, in a matter of days! There is some paperwork, but if you talk to the right person they can back date it. Leave it to me. We can do it this weekend I am quite sure. If that is your desire"

"Perfect!", Nanny said happily, "I will call Kay and Eloise and explain everything"

"Yes, and we could leave for New York tomorrow. That way we can plan most of it there", Rose added, "I know lots of people in every aspect of the business in New York so this will be a snap"

"Brilliant!", Wilkes said, "Er, Jack..."

"Yes? What can I do?"

"I was hoping you may like to be my best man, as it were"

"Of course!", Jack replied with a smile, "It would be an honor"

"Would you stand up for me as well?", Nanny asked Rose.

"Really? Oh! Well, I would be delighted! Thank you!"

Nanny smiled in reply and they all ate their lunches, excited for the week to come.


"Are you nervous?", Jack asked Wilkes as they stood at the alter.

"No, no", Wilkes replied, as he shifted his weight from one foot to the other, "Well... Perhaps a bit. I am glad we decided to get married at The Plaza however. I feel comfortable and at home here and I believe Nanny does as well"

"Relax. It's going to be a wonderful day", Jack replied, slapping Wilkes on the back as the music began.

After watching Eloise, and Rose descend the isle, their family and friends from The Plaza watched as Nanny appeared in the doorway. A brilliant smile on her face. She wore a

Pale blue long fitted gown. The silk loomed from behind the sides of her shoulders and crisscrossed over her bust, revealing the beautiful freckled skin of her shoulders and below her collar bone.

Wilkes' eyes rested on the small bouquet of white roses she held, before

allowing his eyes to look up to her beautiful face, finally taking her all in. She smiled back at him, seeing the tears in his eyes which matched her own.

"Absolutely beautiful", he said, as they took each other's hands at the alter.

Jack looked over to Rose and gave her a wink. She blushed and winked back, still basking in their own newly wedded state. That evening would be filled with joy and laughter, as Nanny and Wilkes celebrated their new marriage with their friends at their wedding reception. They would dance, eat, drink and laugh... And finally they would go upstairs to bed.


"So... Lunch tomorrow?", Jack asked as the couples parted at Jack and Rose's floor.

"Jack! Tomorrow's their first day of being married! Do you really think they want to spend it with us?"

"Aoww, It's alright. We...", Nanny began, but Wilkes interrupted her.

"Thank you Rose. Yes, perhaps the following day would be better", Wilkes said politely to his brother and sister-in-law, before turning to his wife of a mere few hours and smiling, as he squeezed her hand.

Nanny blushed in reply, squeezing back. She realized that he wished to be alone with her tomorrow and that would suit her just fine.

"Sounds good. We'll just have to, ah, entertain ourselves tomorrow. Isn't that right Rosie?", Jack said with a laugh, wrapping his arms around his wife from behind, and kissing her neck.

"Oh, Jack! Stop!", she replied, a smile on her face, but she made no move to stop him.

"Enjoy your day and we'll see you monday for tea in the palm court then", Wilkes replied.

"Sounds good. We're here for a few days... Plenty of time", Jack said, wanting to give his brother time alone with his wife... But not as much as he wanted time alone with his own.

"Are you sure you wouldn't rather us stay at your place Wilkes and you two can take the honeymoon suite?", Rose asked, feeling guilty.

"No, no, no!", Nanny assured her, "You two enjoy. We'd rather spend our first night as 'uband and wife in our own suite any'ow"

"Alright then", Jack said, "Night you two. Rosie?"

"Yes?", she asked, waving to the others and turning to him.

"Last one in the hot tub is a rotten egg!", Jack said as he raced down the hall.

Rose yelped and took off behind him. The elevator doors closed and Wilkes and Nanny had a little chuckle.

"They certainly are in love", Nanny said.

"Yes", Wilkes replied, "I know how they feel", he said, smiling at her as they got off on their own floor.

They walked arm in arm down to Wilkes', now both of their, suite. Nanny stopped at Eloise's door, her former home. She kissed her fingers and placed them on the door before proceeding down to her new home.

"Are you alright?", Wilkes asked her, a bit concerned that she was taking being separated from Eloise hard.

"I'm fine, fine, fine Love. Better then fine! I'm the best I 'ave ever been for sure, sure, sure! I will see my little pet plenty! I'll live right 'ere down the 'all with you", Nanny said as they arrived at their suite.

"Yes, you will", Wilkes replied happily. He put the key in the lock then and opened the door. He stood there for a moment, and so Nanny pushed the door open, thinking he wanted her to go in first. He grabbed her waist as she proceeded however, and scooped her up into his arms.

"Oh!", Nanny yelped, surprised.

"You didn't think I was too old to carry you over the threshold did you?", he teased her as they stepped inside.

She smiled, closing and locking the door behind them, still in his arms.

"Are you planning on putting me down now?", Nanny asked with a giggle.

"No my lady. I was not"

Nanny laughed heartily at this, which caused Wilkes to do the same.

"Wilkes! You must put me down now. Before you 'urt your back Love"

"Just a bit longer? I'm enjoying it. Where would you like to go? I will take you there. Into the kitchenette for a snack? To the bathroom to freshen up? Into the bedroom to... Into the bedroom?"

Both of their cheeks went red at his last sentence, as they smiled at one another wistfully.

"Bathroom please", Nanny said, as he carried her to the master bath, passing through the bedroom on the way, and set her down, "I'll, er, freshen up in the other bathroom. Let me know if you need anything", he said giving her a little kiss and closing the door to give her some privacy.

Nanny sighed, thinking over the wonderful day they had enjoyed together, and more importantly, the fact that Wilkes was now her husband.

She looked at herself in the mirror. She smiled. She did feel pretty today. It was her wedding night! She went over to her bag of things and started primping herself for their night together. She was slightly nervous, but not terribly so. She adored Wilkes. She trusted him and knew tonight could be nothing but wonderful.


Nanny laid in Wilkes' arms a few hours later, as he traced circles on her back. She ran her hand up and down his chest, marveling at how good his chest hair felt on her finger tips. Her ear rested just above his heart, where she felt its perfect steady beat.

"That was the most magnificent experience of my life", Wilkes said quietly, braking the silence that had come after their lovemaking. They couldn't have spoke earlier if they had wanted to. They had needed to catch their breaths.

"For sure, sure, sure", Nanny replied. She was exhausted from the day, but blissfully happy. She turned in his arms to look him in the face then, "Thank you for everything Willie! I 'ad a perfect day. The wedding, the reception, the knowledge that I am now your wife, and our lovemaking just now... It was perfect. Divine, divine, divine"

"I had a wonderful day as well. I am so glad you were happy with the wedding and the reception. You looked breathtakingly beautiful my dear, as you walked down that isle towards me"

"And 'ow do I look now?", She teased.

"Oh! Well...", he said, as she pushed herself up to be face to face with him, "I must admit..."

"Yes?", she asked coyly, placing his hand on her breast.

He lifted the covers and took a peek, although he had just seen all of her for quite a while, "Yes... I must admit I like this outfit better"

She laughed deeply, which was only silenced when he kissed her passionately.

"I knew we would 'ave wonderful chemistry if we ever got to the point where we 'ad a physical relationship", she said when the kiss broke.

"Indeed... Wonderful chemistry", he said in a lusty voice, "I was slightly terrified you realize. That is to say... It had been such a long time, and I am so attracted to you... I was afraid it would end much too soon"

"You did a fine job my Love. You attended to my needs like the wonderful lover and 'usband I knew you would be"

He smiled at her, moving down to kiss her neck, "And... Er, how are your needs, you know, now? Because I would certainly be happy to attend to them once again. If that is your desire"

She smiled at his suggestion, as he continued to kiss her neck, "Well... It is rawther late, but seeing 'ow we don't 'ave to anywhere to be tomorrow...", she turned and met her lips with his.

They lost themselves in one another then, for the second time that night. Nanny slept better that night then she ever had in her life. Why wouldn't she? She finally had the one thing she had always wanted, a loving husband... Who also just happened to be her best friend and as it turned out a skillful lover. She had followed her heart and she was never looking back.