3 Bell Battle

Tatch and Kenji

Cover: The mamodo world has changed to match the era the human world once was.

1000 years had passed, and Zatch remain as leader and peace was insured.

Zatch and Earth created laws that ensured peace in the mamodo world.

Zatch gave Zeno back his half of their father's power, and when not in school or doing king business Zeno trained Zatch so both can increased their power.

Zatch and Tia married eventually and had fraternal twin children, a boy name Tatch, and a girl name Zia.

Tatch had golden-blond hair that goes down to the bottom of his ears, circle-like brown eyes with pink specks, and 2 lines: 1 going down each eye to the bottom of his chin.

Zia had slightly dark pink hair that also goes down to the bottom of her ears, circle-like pink eyes with brown specks, and 2 lines: 1 going down each eye to the bottom of her chin.

Both were kind but determine like their parents.

Although Zia was older than Tatch, Zatch pass on Bao to Tatch without telling him.

Zatch and Tia both split their power into Tatch and Zia.

Zeno married Leila and had a son name Zaine.

Zaine had silver-white hair, circle-like light purple eyes with white specks, 4 lines: 2 going down each eye to the chin.

Zaine didn't posses Zeno's natural abilities but did had enhance speed and strength from his mother.

Zeno transfer all of his power into Zaine, and Leila also transfer her powers but only quarter.

The three grew up in the palace but Zatch allowed Tatch and Zia to attend the same school as he and Tia did along with Zaine.


The battle for king started and every participants had the right to agree in entering this battle, including Tatch Zia and Zaine.

They were send to the human world and was separated.

…in Human World…

The Human world sky rocketed in technology over the thousand years.

The third world countries had improved with the help of other nations after the 5th World War to end nuclear testing and improving technology.

Space stations had advanced to last thousands of years and housed astronauts.

Colonies were made on both moon and mars after hundreds of years.

Agriculture has been moved from being able to keep outside to pre-stored in the buildings after cities had spread, but forest kept in worlds under protection for photosynthesis in some countries.

Japan was one of the nations that saved trees over the years.

Japan has sky rocketed in technology and agriculture over the years but kept forest near mountains and volcanoes of Japan.


6 year old Tatch Bell was in the human world in Mochinoki City Japan.

Mochinoki City has advanced in technology and the cities were huge.

The small buildings were kept near the forest that was kept as a national park that tourist were allowed to visit as long as they fallow the rules of the land.

He was wearing a red hoody, blue pants, blue shoes with red laces.

Tatch was looking for his partner again.

Outside the huge city of Mochinoki, in a large but simple house for a small family, a 14 year old boy with dark brown lightly spiky hair, and brown eyes woke up wearing a white t-shirt and blue shorts.

The boy's name was Kenji and he was having the usual weekend.

Kenji took his shower and changed into a whitish-blue t-shirt, blue jeans and white tennis shoes.

Kenji came down stairs from his 2 floor house.

"Dad, I'm awake," Kenji shouted, "What do you want for breakfast?"

Kenji look around and saw no one there.

He found a message board had a note on it.

"Kenji, I got called in to work, I'll be home at 9 tonight, dad," Kenji read, "Of course, he's hardly home to begin with."

Kenji look at a picture of a woman with brown hair green eyes wearing a green dress.

"Not since mom died," Kenji thought.

Kenji look in the fridge to find hardly anything.

"Looks like I'm spending my Saturday shopping," Kenji said.

Tatch was at the park and decided this was his chance to look for his human partner.

Tatch took out his red-orange spellbook from his bag and started showing it around.

"Excuse me can you read my book?" Tatch asked.

"No way," the kid responded.

"Why would we read your dorky book?" another kid responded.

Kenji came to the park with a list.

"Get away looser," someone said.

"Please, I just need someone to read it," another said.

Kenji look to see some of the kids ganging up on Tatch as he was trying to show his book.

"Hey stop it!" Kenji shouted, "Leave the boy alone."

"Fine," one of them said, "Let's go!"

The kids left except for the boy with the book.

"Are you alright?" Kenji asked.

Tatch look up to see Kenji.

"What were they picking on you for?" Kenji asked.

"I was trying to see if someone can read my book," Tatch responded.

"Where's your family?" Kenji asked.

"I don't know," Tatch responded.

"Alright, I'll take you home," Kenji responded.

While Kenji took Tatch home a mamodo with blue hair wearing a white t-shirt and black pants around 8 years old arrived with a man in his 20s wearing a black shirt under grey jacket, grey jeans, and black shoes holding a dark blue spellbook.

"One of the twins, they're here," the kid said.

Kenji and Tatch reached Kenji's front yard.

"Well here we are," Kenji responded, "Sorry if we don't have much."

"It's okay," Tatch responded.

"My name is Kenji by the way," Kenji introduced himself.

"Tatch Bell," Tatch responded.

"Well Tatch, where are you from?" Kenji asked.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," Tatch responded.

"Okay, why were you trying to find someone who can read your book?" Kenji asked, "Do you know how to read?"

"I can't read this one," Tatch responded.

"Okay," Kenji responded.

Tatch sensed a mamodo coming toward them.

"Listen Tatch, I can't help you if you don't tell me anything," Kenji responded.

'Gikor' someone shouted.

"Get down!" Tatch shouted tackling Kenji.

Ice shards fired down and hit the ground.

The blue hair mamodo and his partner arrived.

"Well Tatch Bell, I never thought my first victim be you," the mamodo said.

Tatch look and saw the mamodo.

"Sora," Tatch responded.

"Who is that guy?" Kenji asked, "Tatch what's going on?"

"Haru again," Sora said snapping his fingers.

'Gikor' the partner shouted.

Ice shards fired from Sora's mouth.

Tatch pushed Kenji further away.

"Get out of here!" Tatch told Kenji.

"What?" Kenji responded.

"Just go!" Tatch shouted.

"No way, I'm staying," Kenji responded.

"How sweet," Haru said, "I'll take both of you down."

"No other choice, I have to use it," Kenji thought.

Kenji's brown eyes changed with rings in his eyes.

"Haru again!" Sora said.

'Gikor' Haru shouted.

Wind fired from Sora's mouth.

Kenji sensed something and pulled Tatch out of the way.

Ice shards fired from the ground up from where Tatch was standing.

"How did you see that coming?" Tatch asked.

"Long story," Kenji responded.

Kenji thought of another thing.

"Tatch can I see that book you were showing the other kids at the park?" Kenji asked.

"Uh, sure," Tatch responded taking out his book.

"Good bye Tatch, see you in the mamodo world," Haru said.

'Gikor' Haru shouted.

Gikor fired from Sora's mouth.

Kenji grabbed the red-orange spellbook as it started glowing.

Kenji opened the red-orange spellbook and found the page with the writing in red-orange.

"I hope I'm not wrong this time!" Kenji responded, "The first spell!

"What?" Tatch responded.

'Zaiker' Kenji shouted.

Tatch's eyes went blank and his mouth opened.

Golden-yellow lightning fired from Tatch's mouth.

It hit Gikor and destroyed it.

"Great, now he has a human partner," Sora responded.

"Tha-that was lightning," Kenji responded.

Tatch's eyes change back to normal.

"Huh? What just happened?" Tatch responded.

"What just happened? Lightning fired from your mouth after I read the book," Kenji responded.

"What? That means you're my human partner," Tatch responded.

"Just because you found your human partner doesn't mean you'll beat me," Sora shouted.

'Gikor' Haru shouted.

Gikor fired from Sora's mouth.

"Kenji!" Tatch shouted.

"I already know what to do," Kenji shouted, 'Zaiker'.

Zaiker fired from Tatch's mouth and destroyed Gikor.

"How do I stop this battle?" Kenji thought and received the answer, "Tatch aim at the mamodo."

"Right!" Tatch responded.

'Zaiker' Kenji shouted.

Zaiker fired from Tatch's mouth at Sora.

'Gikor' Haru shouted.

Gikor fired from Sora's mouth.

Zaiker hit Gikor close to Sora causing an explosion that hit Sora directly.

"Now the book!" Kenji told Tatch.

"Okay," Tatch responded.

'Zaiker' Kenji shouted.

Zaiker fired from Tatch's mouth and hit Haru and the dark blue spellbook.

The book burned as Sora started vanishing.

"NO, I can't go back," Sora cried as his book burned to nothing and he fully disappeared.

Tatch's eyes reverted back to normal.

"Okay, Tatch you got some explaining to do," Kenji said.

"I know," Tatch responded.

"But first lets go inside, and get something to eat," Kenji said.

"Okay," Tatch responded.

Kenji heated up some left-over spaghetti.

"I'm from this world called the mamodo world, and once every thousand years 100 of us mamodo children are selected to go to the human world, your world, find a single human who can read our book, and battle each other to burn each of our spellbook," Tatch said, "When we burn a spellbooks the mamodo link to that book will return to the mamodo world, and the last mamodo standing becomes king. However we can't burn our spellbooks with our own spells."

"Okay so you mamdos do you all have different powers or something?" Kenji asked.

"Yeah, only way we have similar spells is if we're related to each other," Tatch explained, "It varies depending on what family or clan we're from."

"Well I wouldn't believe you if I didn't see what just happened out there," Kenji said.

"How did you know how to attack and dodge?" Tatch asked.

"I have an ability called the Answer-talk, it gives me answers to any questions I can think of," Kenji said, "It been going through my dad's side of the family skipping generations, since my ancestor, Kiyo gained it."

"Kiyo, like Kiyo Takamine?" Tatch asked.

"Yeah, how did you know him?" Kenji asked.

"He was my dad's human partner," Tatch responded, "He help my dad become king."

"That might explains things," Kenji said.

"What?" Tatch asked.

"Well according to my grandfather, in order for the answer-talk to pass through generations, someone from our ancestry must die and been reborn," Kenji said, "All we know was that Kiyo went through a dangerous fight and was killed just to be revived. Also according to my grandfather he was with a kid with some kind of power."

"Oh," Tatch responded, "So…would you help me become king?"

"Depends," Kenji responded.

"Depends?" Tatch responded.

"Depends on what kind of king you plan to become," Kenji responded, "I don't want to help someone become a bad kind of ruler."

"Oh, well I want to become a kind king who protects everyone in my world," Tatch responded.

"A kind king who protects?" Kenji responded.

"Yes," Tatch responded.

"Well then Tatch Bell, then you got yourself a human partner," Kenji responded.

"Kenji!" someone shouted coming in.

"Who is that?" Tatch responded.

"He's home early," Kenji responded.

"Huh?" Tatch responded.

A man with dark brown hair dark eyes wearing a suite came in.

"Kenji what's for dinner," the man said.

"Um left-over, dad," Kenji responded.

"We're low on food?" his dad asked.

"Yes sir," Kenji responded, "Why are you home early?"

"My meetings ended early," the man said and turned to Tatch, "Who are you?"

"My name is Tatch Bell," Tatch responded.

"I found him being bullied at the park and he doesn't know where his family is at," Kenji said, "I was actually hoping he can stay here until he can go home."

"Fine, as long as he doesn't cause any trouble," the man said and headed off, "I'll be in the living room."

"Nice man," Tatch said.

"He wasn't like that always," Kenji responded, "He been through a lot."

"Oh," Tatch responded.

"Come on Tatch, let's get dinner ready," Kenji said.

"Okay," Tatch responded.

A/N: I know this story is sudden and everything but after some fans of my work keep suggesting it I add another story this time with the battle 1000 years into the future. I will still work with Zio Bell. And since this is a sequel fanfiction of Zatch Bell I decided to include the 'Cover' detail in this story.