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Tory's POV:

"This is such a bad idea." Shelton mumbles as we are semi-blinded by the sudden burst of colors.

"Whose idea was this anyways?" Hi asks.

Six pairs of eyes glare in my direction accusingly. I'd convinced the guys to come with me tonight, to the party that Jason was throwing. He hadn't exactly said that I could bring guests, but I sure wasn't coming alone. I mean, Jason's nice and everything but he's just too…clingy.

Anyways, it only took a few words and a puppy-dog face to convince Shelton and Hi. They both agreed that it would be an excellent way of observing Bolton's rich kids in their natural habitat. Convincing Ben was a little trickier. After about half an hour of whining, shouting, begging and lots of other embarrassments, I'd played the "flare" card. He'd agreed to come only after clarifying that the only reason he was going was because I'd need back-up if I were to flare for whatever reason, especially if the Tripod was going to be there. It was good enough for me.

So now, we are standing in the entrance of what would best be described as the mansion that belonged to the Taylor family.

Flashes of colored light and the glow of a disco ball came from what appeared to be an oversized family room-transformed dance floor to the left. Gray billows of smoke floated out, providing a thin veil over the floor. As we approached the scene, we see kids dancing and hanging out in groups, moving in time to the pounding music that blares from the stereo.

"Great. Just what we needed. A perfect place for public embarrassment." Hi mutters as we make our way to the back wall.

I can feel several eyes follow us and snippets of whispered conversation as we pass the snobby teens that crowd the dance-floor. Just as I'm about to join the other Virals, a hand grips my arm and I spin around, ready to defend myself.

"Whoa, whoa! It's just me Tory!"

Jason stands in front of me, flashing a smile that would make Madison burst with jealousy. Speaking of jealousy, I feel Ben tense up behind me as soon as Jason arrives. Good, then my plan is working. See, Jason's clinginess has one advantage; it makes Ben extremely… territorial. And, even though I belong to no one, I like it when he gets that way. It's at those moments when my fantasy seems like reality. And that would be because I, Tory Brennen, like Ben Blue as more than a friend. I'll admit it.

So my plan tonight (the real reason I'd dragged my pack here) is simple and (hopefully) fool-proof. Make Ben jealous enough so that it would make it through his thick skull that he likes me too. And Jason is the perfect way to do that.

"Glad you could come…and you brought your friends too."

Before I can respond, he gives me a once-over and wolf-whistles.

"Wow, you look…hot."

I blush wildly at the compliment. I'd let Whitney dress me, anything to get her to stop squealing about the party. She'd opted for a tight, fairly low-cut sequined blouse and skinny jeans with black flats. The outfit was obviously meant to show off my figure, and it did its job.

My make-up (also by Whitney) is meant to play up my emerald eyes, but also emphasize my "natural beauty". She'd styled my hair and accessorized to her contempt. Overall, Whitney wanted my look to say "I'm gorgeous and I know it." And it worked.

I could tell by the way the guys had stopped talking, breathing even, when I'd walked into the bunker. Their mouths had dropped open and they'd stared unabashedly at me. They didn't look too bad themselves. Hi's usual Hawaiian-print shirt was replaced with a stylish polo that looked great with his black jeans. Shelton had traded in his dress shirt and suspenders for a baby blue V-neck t-shirt with dark jeans and sneakers. Ben had opted for a tight black t-shirt that showed off his muscular build, stylish white-washed jeans, and he'd topped the outfit off with a leather jacket. His hair was perfectly coiffed and his cologne had made me go weak in the knees. Overall, he looked hot. I'd broken them out of their trance by crossing my arms and raising an eyebrow. Hi snapped out of it first and elbowed Shelton who in turn punched Ben on the arm.

"Sorry Tory. It's just that sometimes we forget you're a girl. You know, 'cuz boys go by their nose and you don't usually smell like one."

Hi. Always the gentleman.

"Thanks Jason." I say, and I can practically feel Ben's scowl deepen.

"So do you, ugh… wanna dance?"

"Well, we'll just be going then… catch you later Tory." Hi says awkwardly as he walks away from us, dragging Shelton with him.

"So, Tory?" Jason asks again.

"Actually sh-" Ben begins to answer, but I swiftly cut him off.

"Actually," I say, flashing Jason what I hope is a sexy smile, "I'd love to."

Ben's seething and Jason looks like he just won the lottery.


He links arms with me and we start walking toward the dance floor, and away from Ben. The music that's playing is up-beat and obviously not meant to be danced as a couple. I imitate what everyone else around me is doing, and try to move my body in time with Jason's. I'm not a bad dancer, but dancing with Jason makes me nervous and awkward.

"Sorry." I mutter as I remove my foot from on top of his.

"No worries." Movie star smile and a suggestive wink.

"Just relax!"

Ok. If this is going to work, then I have to make it seem like I really like Jason. Here's where 3 years of drama lessons come in handy. Moving forward, I let one hand trace the contours of the chiseled arms that are exposed through the tight sleeves of his V-neck, while the other hand plays with a stray hand of blonde hair.

"You know Jason, you're right. If I'm going to have a good time, then I have to relax." I say in a low, once again hopefully sexy voice.

I can see that I've managed to fluster Jason Taylor, who only manages to nod mutely.

"But you see, the problem is that I find it very hard to relax when you're around. Maybe it's because I don't know you that well? Maybe you should give me an inside look on the real Jason Taylor."

I stretch up until my lips are positioned in front of his ear.

"Think you could make that happen?" I whisper.

He nods again and walks over to the DJ's table and says something to him. I can feel spiteful glares coming from many girls around me, but I look at my nails and feign innocence. I really should feel bad about using Jason, but as I sneak a glance at Ben, any guilt that I had before melts away. His expression makes it all worth it. Jason's return snaps me out of my thoughts.

The atmosphere's changed drastically. Couples are forming all over the floor, and it seems as though that passion in the singer's breathy tones is seeping into the room. Jason's arms find their way around my waist and bring my body closer to his. Oooh, Ben's not going to like this! I discreetly look in his direction but what my eyes are met with is not what I expected.

Ben himself, with his arms around none other than Madison Dunkle, who seems to be very comfortable resting her head against his shoulder. I quickly avert my gaze and use all my will-power to keep my hands from clenching in anger. As I look into Jason's blue eyes, I pray that my face isn't betraying any of my emotions.

What is Ben doing with Madison? He knows what a hard time she gives me! He's supposed to hate her as much as I do!

My fury is barely contained as I continue to pretend to be having a great time, but it quickly becomes the least of my problems. Jason has moved one hand to grip my chin, and his lips are slowly making their way towards meeting mine.

Great plan Tory! You had everything thought out, except what you'd do if he tried to kiss you!

Before I can react, Jason's mouth connects with mine, sending my senses into a frantic over-load.

Oh crap!


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