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Hi's POV:

This is classic! Shelton and I are currently positioned in the back corner of one of Jason Taylor's notorious parties, watching Tory and Ben trying to make each other jealous. Both of them are crazy smart in school, but completely clueless when it comes to love.

All night, Ben's been watching Tory flirt with Jason with what can only be described as pure jealousy. And for good reason. Tory was putting on quite a show; only someone who knew her plan could figure out that she was faking. And how exactly do I know what her plan is?

Well for starters, she's been crushing on Ben pretty hard since the whole "Virals" thing happened. She would've seen this party as a perfect opportunity to make him to see that.

Plus Tory Brennen would have never showed up to the bunker wearing that jaw-dropping outfit without a good reason.

Poor Benjamin didn't stand a chance. Well, not until about 2 minutes ago when he started dancing with Madison Dunkle. The Queen of The Skanks was using him to make Jason jealous, and Ben was using her to make Tory jealous. And by the look on her face, it's definitely working.

They couldn't have made it more obvious, and yet neither of them seemed to have clue. Wait a second… no way!

Jason's actually going to try and kiss- uh-oh.

Ben's getting pretty angry, if it gets any worse he's going to end up flarin- too late.

My eyes meet Shelton's instantly, and I see my own panicked expression reflected in them.

"Get Ben and Tory out of here, now!"

"But what about you?"

"I'll make a distraction, now go!"

Thinking fast I look around desperately. Then I see it. A huge chocolate fountain two feet in front of me. And an unsuspecting cheerleader standing directly in front of it.

I move quickly, pretending to trip and sticking my hands out in front of me for balance, "accidently" pushing the blond headfirst into the chocolate. She lands with an incredibly loud screech and a crash that sends chocolate flying out in all directions. The music stops and every eye in the room is now trained on the unfortunate girl.

I take this chance to slip out of the circle of bodies that is now gathering around the scene and arrive on the front porch at the exact time as Shelton and the rest of the pack.

As if in an unspoken agreement, we all bolt towards the docks. Shelton and I have managed to flare due to our fear of getting caught, but I still have trouble keeping up with Ben and Tory. I chalk it up to the fact that they're both probably running on pure fury.

We stop for a minute to catch our breaths once we reach Seewee but quickly get in and Ben takes us away.

An uncomfortable and tense silence settles over us as we head to the bunker. It's going to be a long night.

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