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The atmosphere in the bunker is tense and angry. Tory is sitting on the rickety couch; arms crossed and face a mask of fury. Ben sits on an old chair, his posture rigid his anger barely contained. They've been like this for the past 10 ten minutes. No one has said a word sine we've entered the bunker, but I sense that they are about to snap. Hi sits on the floor, playing tug-of-war with Cooper. The wolf-pup however tugs halfheartedly at the old rag, as if he can sense the uncomfortable feelings.

Finally, I decide to speak.

"Ok. Are we just going to sit here all night? Because I've got some science homework that I could be doing."

Tory glares at me and Ben just shrugs. Hi sighs and looks over at the angry teens.

"So," he begins cautiously. "What exactly happened back there?"

Ben's gaze shifts to Tory.

"I don't know. Why don't you ask her?"

"What, are you saying this is all my fault?!"

"I'm just saying that none of this would've happened if you and Jackson hadn't been making out in the middle of the dance floor!"

Tory jumps up and so does Ben.

"Ok, first of all his name is Jason! Second, it was one kiss! And third, if anyone is responsible for what happened back there it's you!"

Tory's face is less than an inch away from Ben's, and they both look like they're about to knock each other out. She jabs a finger at his chest.

"Since when are you and Madison together anyways? And when exactly were you planning on telling us?"

"What are you talking abo-"

"Oh you know exactly what I'm talking about! You guys were practically undressing each other back the-"

"Oh really?! Well at least we weren't humping each other like you and-"

"Are you serious?!"

The next shouts and arguments become louder and ruder until I step forward and look to Hi for backup. We both make our way towards them and Hi lays a restraining hand on Ben's arm. I mirror the movement with Tori who spins around and shoots me a glare that puts the saying "If looks could kill" into a new perspective.

"Hey! Just drop it ok!"

I lower my arm and Ben shrugs out of Hi's grasp, making for the door.

"Where are you going Ben? To go home and cry to your mommy? For once in your life why can't you face you problems and deal with them like a man, instead of acting like a child!?"

Tory shouts, her anger showing outwardly now and I can see that she is on the verge of a flare. Ben spins around faster than humanely possible, his usual brown irises replaced with gold ones, and stands in front of Tory.

"Well at least I have a mom to go home to! And have you ever considered that it's better to hold your feelings in rather than break out in tears whenever someone says something you don't like?! So just stop, stop acting like the spoiled little girl you really are!"

Tory's glare is deadly.

Her eyes are already glowing goals and she looks like she's about to murder Ben and make it look like an accident. But, all she does is slap him. That's right. Full on, palm-to-cheek action. By the sound of it, she put all her strength into that move. Ben recoils in surprise and pain, a livid red hand mark clearly defined on his dark features.

Without a word, Tory pushes past Ben and runs out of the bunker, too fast for us to even see, let alone go after. Hi and I just stand there, mouths gaping and eyes huge. Ben sits there, head in his hands. No one says a word. Ben's already said enough.

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