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Chapter one: Meeting the players

Director Graham made no mistakes. That much, he was sure of. His new trainees were handpicked, the strongest, fastest, and best. They were recruited from the best schools in the country, and yet... None held a candle to his gorgeous wildcard enforcer, Agent Sarah Walker. At the age of 25, she had already flew past all the ranks, demolished every training session, and completed countless missions.

Though Sarah was the best damn agent he'd ever seen, he'd need more agents just like her in order to complete his next big project flawlessly. Project intersect. Fulcrum had stolen the blueprints for the intersect, before his scientists could even begin building it. The natural reaction would be to lose his cool and send out all his teams, but he couldn't do that. It would put everything his agency had worked for at risk. No, he decided against that. Instead, sending Sarah Walker and a dream team to infiltrate their headquarters, where it was no doubt being kept? Genius. And he had a plan.

-Washington D.C., 11:00 am, Graham's office-

A tall blonde made her way from the elevator, running a hand through her soft hair. Her deep blue eyes scanned the area for threats, probably just out of habit. She was dressed simply, wearing a black long sleeve shirt and jeans, with a long overcoat to shield her from outside's sharp and biting frost. She made her way to the secretary's desk, wordlessly. The secretary looked up, a smirk playing on her features, as if she somehow already knew what was going to happen.

She spoke up, " Ah, yes, Agent Walker, The director will see you now."

Director Graham smiled as his best agent sat down. It reminded him of his first days with her, and how nervous she was. Now... To say she wasn't nervous was the understatement of the century. She leaned back in her chair, cold expressions awaiting his orders. " Sarah, I assume you've read the brief explanation in the file I sent you...?"

The blonde nodded curtly.

" Good, because what I want to do, Sarah, is give you a team." he explained. " Just consider it, a flawless team led by none other than you. You'd travel everywhere, completing missions in a fraction of the time it'd normally take..." he trailed off as he saw her eyes narrow. 'damn...' he thought to himself. She knew his ulterior motive already.

Sarah finally spoke. " I'm assuming this is about project intersect?" she didn't ask, it was a statement. " you know I work alone, Graham." she reminded, her angelic voice contradicting with the harsh words she spoke.

Graham laughed silently, what a monster he'd created. " I know, Agent Walker..." he said firmly. " consider it an order, then."

-CIA training center, unknown location, 5:00 am-

" Get up!" a harsh, loud voice sounded, waking up Chuck from his much needed slumber. " All of you, be in for breakfast in five minutes!" and then the voice was gone.

Chuck sat up, rubbing his eyes. He glanced around and saw maybe ten other young men, all his age, doing the same thing. As he looked, he saw that most were very fit, and handsome, or something... He couldn't help but feel slightly alienated as he got up to start his first day of training.

After breakfast, the men were mixed into the sparring room with the women. As Chuck glanced among them, someone caught his eye. There was a beautiful young brunette there, not quite as tall as he was, with shy features. Suddenly, a man walked to her side and introduced himself as Bryce Larkin. She blushed, and Chuck immediately felt dejected. What would a girl like that want with a guy like him? He sighed and focused on the front of the mat, where the instructors would be.

It was then that he felt a soft hand on his shoulder. " You alright?" he heard an angelic voice, and glanced up. It was there, that he swore he was staring at an angel, in fighting gear. She was tall, with a tan body and long legs to die for. Her blonde, vanilla scented hair was up in a bun, and her gorgeous blue eyes glimmered with something... Pity?

" um, uh, I... Yeah..." Chuck sputtered, quite adorably. " Just waiting for our instructor, you know?" he tried miserably to make conversation.

The blonde flashed him a beautiful, mischievous smile. " Those damn instructors, huh?" She laughed quietly, the most beautiful noise Chuck had ever heard.

" see you around..." she realized she hadn't learned his name.

"Charles... But my friends call me Chuck!" he quickly supplied.

" Bye Chuck..." she drew his name out, liking the feel of it on her lips. Chuck just about fainted.

Chuck's new acquaintance stepped onto the mat. All eyes were trained on her as she spoke at a volume everyone could hear. " My name is Agent Sarah Walker..." she began, drawing gasps from the audience. " If you want to survive these next few weeks, I'd suggest getting on my good side."

End Chapter One!

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