Hey everyone! Sorry for the inactivity. I just wanted to let you all know that I will be departing the site. No, I'm not pulling an Andrew, but I've gotten far too busy to carry on. My stories will remain where they stand until I figure out what to do with them. There's always the possibility I'll be back, but sorry to keep you guys waiting. It's been really fun on here and I absolutely love sharing my stories. I've been saying goodbye on PM's, so if you need to tell me something, I'll check those for a little while. The ONLY story I MAY CONSIDER updating is CHOCOLATE EYES because of all the love and followers, I couldn't bare to let them down. So, thanks so much, I'm super sorry I don't have time for this fantastic site, but I'll pop back in when possible. You guys are awesome. As always, and for the last time in the forseeable future... have a great one, guys.