Chapter 12: Epilogue: 1 year later

"Damn it took too much time on Breakfast again!" I said as we ran down the hallway of VMA on the way to the Alarm room. "Miku, Luka, go on ahead, Rin, Neru go with 'em."

"Yes Master!" They said running off ahead ahead of the group, the twin rings sparkling on Miku and Luka's right hand. I smiled looking at them, things had finally calmed down and Zeta was behind bars, permanently.

"WHY IS IT WE ARE ALWAYS LATE?" Cameron asked.

"I wonder?" Jackson shot back.

"Haku, I'm picking you up and carrying you." I said and snagged her out of her chair.

"Ranger: Take the chair to the auditorium."

"Yes sir." He said, finally we reached the room to see that Ayame was already.

"Ohayōgozaimasu, Ayame-chan!" I said as I approached the alarm room, her UTAUloid Defoko standing by her side, Ayame nodded and opened the door to the Alarm room, our instruments were all floating in their anti-gravity holders. "Omega, LOCK AND LOAD! Gang you're up!" I said to my Vocaloids, Luka and Miku took Haku from me and she leaned on them as all six of them… damn I have a lot of Vocaloids, and I've inherited three of them from Alice, who left all of her possessions to Rin and Len surprisingly enough. The sextet launched into a combo of Bad Apple. After it was done I went outside with Haku in my arms and we both tried to find Mr. Cameron in the crowd as we awaited the arrival of Harker Heights Orchestra.

AN: AND THAT'S A WRAP! Ladies and Gentlemen it is with great pleasure that I announce the conclusion of a sequel that was never supposed to be written! This was a pain to write but I loved it. Possessors 2 is the last true book in the Possessors series, expect me to spit the occasional one shot. The concept of which I am slowly beginning to warm up to.