Without Benny

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Ethan Pov

After school I was walking home for the news that my parents need to tell me. I came in from school and I saw my parents. "Hey mom and dad I heard you need to tell me something." I said. "Yes could you please sit down?" My mom said. I sat down in the couch I saw somethings that missing. "Ethan we moving." My dad said. "What?" I said in shock. "We moving is it great?" "No what my best friend Benny?" I asked. "Listen Ethan it's time to move on you meet new friends at this great school ok?" My mom said. "Where are we moving?" I asked again. "To United States I heard it really great country." Who told her that liar? "Listen I know this is going to be hard but just be happy ok?" I rolled my eyes. "Ok when we moving?" "Tomorrow." "Tomorrow?" "Yes just go visit Benny for the last time before tomorrow ok?" "Whatever."

I visit Benny's house then I knocked Benny's door. He open his door. "Hey Ethan I through we going to talk tomorrow." Benny said. "Yeah but I need tell you something." I went inside of his house and sit down. "What you need to tell me?" He asked. "I'm moving." I said. "WHAT?" "Yeah I'm moving tomorrow at United States and I don't know what to do without you Benny." "Dude don't worry I always be with you. You could call me and we could do video chat." "That true well I call you when I get there ok?" I hugged Benny. "I'm going to miss you alot." I said. "Me too." We stop hugging and I left from Benny house.

Next day it was the day I move to United States so I put something on and then pack my cloths I sighed after I finish packing my cloths. I look at the window and sighed again. "Ethan we have to go!" I get my bags and left my room. I saw Benny when we was outside about to leave. "I'm really going to miss you." He said. "Me too. See you soon." I hugged him again and I get my stuff and left.

After we left we went to our new house and I put stuff in my new room. I kind of like it, but like my old room better. I looked out of my new window and I sighed. I went outside and went to Jesse Owens Park I saw a girl who have nice hair. So I went up and talk to her. "Hey I'm Ethan I just move here from Canada and you go to my new school?" I said. "Hi I'm Jasmine I born here, but I did live in Canada four years ago. And yes I go to your new school." She smile. I smile at her because she was really nice to me. "So Jasmine you not a girly girl are you and you do you like nerds?" I asked. "No I'm not a girly girl well kind of and yeah I like nerds." I smile. "Cool not to be mean or nothing but you're beautiful you like the most beautiful girl ever." "I get that alot." She smile at me. "Uh do you like United States better than Canada?" "Not really I mean it ok but in Canada it's cool I use to be on tv." She said. "You use to be on tv that so cool I wish my best friend is here." I said. "Yeah I know how it feel when you miss your best friend my best friend died." I looked at her. "I'm so sorry." "It's ok atleast your best friend alive I think." "So what are you listening to?" I asked her. "Black Eyed Peas they really cool that my favorite band." She said. "Cool that awesome!" I was having fun talking to Jasmine until somebody came. "Hey loser leave her alone." Some boy said. "Hey leave him alone he just talking to me." She stand up. "Who you with? Me or him?" Jasmine sighed. "Have to go see at school." Jasmine walked away. I sighed. "Hey! Who are you? I'm Cherry! This my Cookie the tomboy and Alex the goth girl." She said. "I'm Ethan it's really nice to meet you." I said. "Don't be fool she not nice at all!" Cookie said. "Oh shut up!" Cherry said. Alex sighed. "Sometimes I wish I have a different best friends." Alex walked away. "Alex wait up!" Cherry and Cookie left. I rolled my eyes. "Hey dude what up I'm Tony and this is Noe, and Jason." He said. "Hey I'm Ethan it's nice to talk to you guys." I said. "Hey dude don't worry we not one of them we through we could be your friend since you new here." Noe said. "Really? That awesome! I will like to hang out, but i have to go bye!" I left from the park and went home.

I went inside of my home and went to my room. Later I took my cloths off and go to bed. "I hope I get to see Benny in person one day." And I went to sleep.

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