The End of His Life

This is a one shot idea that was bouncing around in my head. I don't really intend to go anyway with this, just wrote it to get it out of my head. Please R&R no flames. Enjoy!


I knew this day would come, vampire or not, there was no escaping this day...

Charlie was dying...

Edward told me, once upon a time, that you would get over the pain. That it was part of your gift of immortality; to watch others be mortal. He told me that in a few years it wouldn't be so bad. I wanted to believe him.

I sat beside Charlie's bedside and watched him sleep. That is what he did most of the time; the cancer had completely taken over his body. His black hair was gone, his face had sunken in, and when his eyes were open, they were full of pain and fatigue.

Renesmee was across from me. She loved her "GrandDaddy" Charlie so much. It killed me all over again to see the tears in Nessie's eyes. Just two short years ago Charlie had danced with Renesmee at her wedding to Jacob. He told her he would always be there for her and he loved her with all his heart. Nessie was Charlie's girl. Now he was dying.

I knew this would happen but I was stupid to not prepare myself for it. I never expected it to come so soon, but anytime you love someone its too soon. I missed alot of time with my dad before I moved to Forks. I became close to him, especially as I was preparing to marry Edward. We became even closer after Nessie was born. Now two people I loved were in immense pain.

Edward and Jacob stood in the doorway, watching us. I didn't remove my shield to let Edward in my thoughts. I wanted this moment to be just mine. Jacob's eyes never left Renesmee, and he was extra careful to not intrude upon us. It pained Jacob just as much as it did Edward and I to see her in such pain.

My mind was racing. I remembered so much from the past few years. Charlie upon seeing Renesmee for the first time. He instantly fell in love with her, and she loved him back. He would see Nessie during the week but he dedicated Sunday to her. He would take her fishing, something we didn't do since I was a little girl. He would take her to to get ice cream or something to eat, (discreetly of course and Renesmee would gladly eat the food.) Nessie would do anything and go anywhere just to spend time with her Grandfather. It made me feel so good he could still be in mine and Nessie's life despite the changes. Now I didn't know how much longer we would have with him.

The tears finally started to pour from my daughter's eyes, Edward and Jacob finally came into the room and sat beside her. Renesmee laid her head on her father's shoulders and wept while Jacob rubbed her arm tried to comfort her. I wished at the moment I could cry. I never wanted to see my daughter hurt so much and I felt like a little girl again. I wanted my father. My daddy...

I knew Charlie didn't have much time left as I studied his breathing and listened to his heart. I looked over at my daughter. Our eyes met and I knew her pain matched mine. I knew I had a choice.

Like Carlisle had saved Edward, Esme, Rosalie, and Emmett; like Edward had saved me, I could save Charlie. I thought back on the last 10 years and my life was perfect with my family. Charlie was part of that. I couldn't lose him. I knew what I had to do.

And so I bit him...