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Warning: A small bit of high school drama ahead! Don't read if you don't like.

Chapter 2

Midori couldn't help but tap her fingers on her desk impatiently. The school day just seemed to be dragging by second by agonizing second, and while she normally relished in the fact that these Saturday classes helped her stay on top of her regular classes, today they were just a thorn in her side. It didn't help that she had to sit in the same row as the guy who had viciously ripped her heart out just the other day.

"And that concludes today's lessons," their sensei called out, slamming her book on the table and startling several of the students out of their naps. "Please have your homework completed and ready to turn in on Monday."

The class came alive with incoherent grumbling and the scraping of chairs as the students started filing out of the room. Well, one student, a first year who was familiar to Midori, pushed through the outgoing crowd to come and sit on Midori's desk. "¡Hola, Midori-chan!"

Midori looked up at Victoria Sado, the tan-skinned, slightly busty, oldest child of the Sado family. "Hi to you, too, Victoria-chan. I take it your class got out early today, right?"

The tan-skinned girl shrugged, twirling a bit of her wavy, dark-chocolate colored hair around her finger. "Not really. Our third teacher was sick and the faculty couldn't find a replacement, so the principal said to either go to study hall until noon or just to go on home. I was at the study hall until five minutes ago." She stopped twirling her hair around her finger and leaned in close to Midori, who leaned back a bit out of reflex.* "But that's beside the point~! Aren't you and Watanabe-senpai coming to my okaa-san and oba-san's bakery today? They have special offers for couples that come in today!"

Midori's eyes widened for a split second and then clouded over, as she quietly explained, "I won't be spending the day with Watanabe-san."

Victoria's dark blue eyes widened in shock and sadness. "But why?"

Midori opened her mouth to answer when a condescending female voice drifted to the two of them from behind Midori. "Because he dumped her so that he could have the best in life."

Midori and Victoria turned to find 1st Karakura High's wealthy prima donna, Akemi Tanaka, smiling snidely down at the two of them. "I mean, who wouldn't dump a loser like you for a complete hottie like me? In fact, what did you even get Shuji-kun for Valentine's Day? I bet it's nothing compared to going to the movies and sitting in the red box seats, or a dinner at a five star restaurant. Well, I'm giving him both!" She smirked triumphantly.

Midori didn't display any of the complete loathe and contempt she was feeling, but instead put on a cool front as she stood up and calmly retorted, "The amount of money you put into a gift won't mean anything if the person the gifts are for doesn't enjoy the gifts. For instance, if Watanabe-san hated the stuffy atmosphere of a five-star restaurant or hated the view from red box seats at theaters, which he does," Midori shrugged, "you'd probably be better served by flushing your money down the toilet. Or is it your sweet daddy's money?"

Victoria had to stifle full-blown laughter at the pissed off look Akemi gave Midori at that last comment. Akemi regained her composure, though, and jabbed, "It still doesn't change the fact you'll be alone today."

Midori smiled a honey sweet smile. "Oh, I won't be alone. A family friend came into town yesterday and I'm going to show them the sights around Karakura. Have a good day, Tanaka-san." Midori began to walk off while Victoria stuck her tongue out at Akemi, who was standing there in a seething rage.

Once the two of them had exited the school, walking past fellow student who were whispering about what they had heard from friends who had heard the verbal war in 2-C's classroom, and sat down in the shade of one of the trees in the courtyard, Victoria let loose a loud guffaw and started to pound on the ground as Midori watched on with just a little concern for the girl's poor hand. When Victoria calmed down enough, she breathed, " ¡Oh, Dios mío! The look on that porcina fea's face! That was so inapreciable!"**

Midori chuckled nervously, appreciative of her friend's support. And yet, something that Akemi had said still gnawed at her conscience. From her backpack, she pulled out the bag of homemade chocolates that she had intended to give to Shuji and gazed forlornly at it. "But… what if she has a point? Maybe he'll enjoy her gifts because they're so expensive."

Victoria gave Midori a blank look. "Midori-chan."

Midori looked over at her and was immediately greeted by a sharp pain in her forehead as Victoria flicked her there. While Midori was sitting there, stunned, Victoria snapped, "Just ignore her! Her gifts are only things that she bought with her daddy's money while you worked your butt off babysitting and stuff to get the ingredients for the chocolate that you poured your heart into! So don't let what she said get to you."

Midori paused rubbing the spot where Victoria had flicked her forehead and smiled appreciatively. "Arigatou, Victoria-chan."

Victoria gave her a thumbs up and a wide smile. "No problem~!" She turned her attention to the entrance to the school grounds and her eyes lit up at the sight of the person who had just walked onto the premises. She started waving her entire arm in a wide motion, calling, "Over here, Kuro-kun!"

Kuro Jaegerjacquez's head swiveled towards the two of them and he called back over his shoulder to someone the girls couldn't see. "Their classes are over now. You could have stepped onto the school grounds even before that, you know."

The girls were curious as to who it was he was talking to until Izuru stepped into view from around the corner. "Sumimasen. I wasn't sure what was permitted and what wasn't, and I didn't want to cause any unnecessary trouble."

Kuro just shrugged as he and Izuru walked up to the two girls. "Che, whatever." To Victoria, he asked, "So are we going to get going or what?"

Victoria huffed and pouted. "Is that really how you're going to greet me, Kuro Jaegerjacquez?"

Kuro sighed in exasperation. "Fine, fine. Nice to see you, Victoria. You wanna get going?"

Victoria's indignant attitude vanished an instant later as she entwined her hand with his and chirped, "Sure~~!" As she and Kuro walked away, Victoria waved back at Midori and Izuru, saying, "You two should swing by the Hime Pan-ya sometime today, if you can. Okay?"

"Okay!" Midori called back as she waved to Victoria and Kuro before they exited the school grounds.

Izuru gave her a look of utter confusion. "What's the Hime Pan-ya?"***

"It's a café that Victoria-chan's okaa-san and oba-san opened about 15 years ago, give or take a few months," Midori explained, standing up and dusting her skirt off.

"Ah," was Izuru's reply as he started walking beside her and left the school grounds with her. "So where did you want to go first?"

Midori scratched the back of her neck and smiled nervously. "Actually, I wanted to swing home first, get changed and grab a few things before I give you the tour. But if you'd rather just start on the tour, then…"

"No, no. It's fine," Izuru assured her, nodding. With that, he took up stride with her as she continued to walk home and talked with her about how school had been and other trivial things. And yet, he found himself clinging to her every word.

For those of you who read my Christmas special, I hope you remembered Kuro~! He's 18 in this story, so he's graduated high school already ^^

Quick bio for Victoria (15) - got her tan skin and chocolate colored hair from her dad. Got her breast size and eye color from her mom. Is cheerful and friendly and won't hesitate to stick up for her own friends. Sometimes speaks Spanish at random. Has two younger siblings: Mai (10) and Oscar (7).

* - Midori's personal space bubble has been popped XDD

** - ¡Oh, Dios mío (Oh my god)! The look on that porcina fea (ugly pig)'s face! That was so inapreciable (priceless)!

*** - 'Hime Pan-ya' is Japanese for 'Princess Bakery'