This is just a drabble I came up because I missed my one-shots. I've always sort of stuck by this theory anyway because of my pathetic fangirl self. *shrugs* Plus, the story I posted just wasn't cheesy enough so I had to post something else for Valentines. ^-^

"The wind has no color or shape. It only knows of its existence by the swaying blade of grass. So the grass must sway more and more to show the wind that 'this is you home' "

She had always considered herself the grass. Blowing in the wind, desperately trying to catch up but always remaining rooted to the earth. She'd never even thought she could mean more then that.

What she didn't know was that she was more then that. To him, she was everything he could ever hope. She was all he wanted to be. The day he'd said he wanted to be the wind he'd decided that Hijikata was the crow and Kondo the kite. He had immediately known that Sei was the wildflower, slowly blooming and showing her beauty.

He could never say that, of course. He would have died of embarrassment. He'd wanted to say it, but how could he? She would have just look at him in confusion and probably not know how she should act about him anymore, and her friendship was something he couldn't bare to lose.

So she went on believing that she was only the grass. That the wind would never care about her because she was rooted and forever bound to the earth. How wrong she was.

Was it happy and wonderful? I hope it was happy, sweet and wonderful. Please tell me what you thought though! I would love to hear what you think of it! *gives everyone Valentine chocolate* There you go. To make up for my love of angst, there's something happy.