~I Love Her, Does She Love Me?~

I really love her.

I may not show or express it,

But I really do love her.

Her soft dark skin.

Her long white hair.

Her light eyes.

Her gentle personality.

I haven't shown her that I love her, though.

Maybe it is because of what happened to my clan and I am afraid.

Maybe it is because of my own foolish pride or goal of revenge.

Or maybe it is my shallow way of getting back at her for still being faithful to a dead man.

Lies, insults, abuse,….is it all because of her loyalty to the former king Ashura?

But I do love her so much.

But does she love me?

Does my priestess love me?

I have seen the looks of hurt and love.

Could she just be pretending because she is stuck with me?

Does Kahra love me?