"The Promise"

He pressed his lips against hers and found them cold to the touch. The terror in her face had long since gone but the images were still burned into his brain as if it were still playing out: the crying, him reassuring her it would be okay, and the blood-so much blood. It was the blood of the love of his life that had stained the ground around them. He had held her until the last drop of her life fluid had poured out of her veins.

"It'll be alright Simon." He pretended not to hear Kelly's distinct voice as he buried his face into his dead girlfriend. He could feel the tears before they came and he allowed them to flow out. "This is my fault," he muttered to the dead girl, "I should've taken you back to Vegas earlier like you wanted so we would be with Nathan and Marnie and you would be alright." "Simon you couldn't have known this would happen. It's not your fault," Curtis told him.

Simon shook his head. It was no use-no amount of crying would bring her back, but he knew he could; it was destiny. He laid her head down gently on the floor then stood up. Kelly, Curtis, and Rudy all stared at him worriedly but, besides himself, Kelly was the only one in tears. "They're trying to be brave for me," he thought.

When he got probation almost a year ago he would have never thought these people would be anymore than a nuisance in his life. He even thought he would make an enemy or two. It was because of the storm. If the storm had never have happen they wouldn't have been drawn together by the pact of secrecy they made with each other over their powers and even more so, in that time they had developed an odd sense of loyalty to each other. They stuck by each others sides through thick and thin. Simon could talk to them about anything; why not this? After all, if it hadn't been for them he and Alisha might never have happened.

"That guy in the mask," he said finally, "It was me." Curtis's jaw dropped, a gasp escaped from Kelly's lips as she took a step back. "It can't be," she said in disbelief, "Then how were you and him in the same place at once?" "It was my future self. This has all happened before. When he died I became him. He went back in time so I could fall in love with Alisha," Simon explained. Rudy snapped his finger and pointed at Simon, "Like an endless time loop?" Simon nodded, "I have to go back in time and save her." His eyes were directly on Kelly and she knew exactly what he wanted before the words formed on his lips. "I'm going to need some new powers," he told her. She nodded and walked off in the direction of the main entrance. Even though she was about 7 feet away Simon could still see another tear slide down her face through the window as she headed for Seth's office.

Simon turned his attentions back to Alisha. He picked her up from the floor and held her tightly against him. "Hey." Curtis came over to him. He looked down at Alisha then back up at him. As he did Simon caught a strange glint in his eye. Was he about to cry? "When you save her bring her back, yeah?" "I can't throw off the balance of time," Simon replied. Curtis breathed a sigh, "Could you- could you just break the loop?" he asked. "If I don't die she has to," Simon said desperately as he looked down at Alisha. She was cuddled into his chest as if she were just sleeping. "Look you're pretty smart. I know you can figure stuff like this out. Even if you do have to change something-try to break the loop?" the tone was so desperate it seemed to Simon that it couldn't belong to Curtis. Time is very fragile and the any slight alteration could have drastic consequences but this was for Alisha. "Fine," he said finally looking up at Curtis, "I'll try."

A.N.- I know it isn't that good but I promise it'll get better.