Okay I'm going to [Try and fail] keep the intro short and sweet. This is my first Peter Pan fic…In fact it's my first time writing a story period, so please forgive the poor paragraph format, spelling, grammar, and any other mistakes that an actual talented writer would cringe at. I'd just really like to see what I can do.

A few things:

My Peter Pan is based on Jeremy Sumpter from the 2003 Peter Pan movie. I felt he fit the part perfectly so that's what I envision my Peter looking like (except maybe a little bit older..a year at most.) Also, I'm going to go ahead and say my story takes place after all the events in the 2003 movie because I have yet to read the actual book, but I intend to soon! :)

There may be some weird things that could offend readers in this story but please be open with me about it, it will take a few chapters before it gets mature anyway, so at least enjoy till then!

This intro is longer than I had hoped but one last thing! My first chapter is simply a setting. Its short and I apologize for that but I was using it to test the posting on this site and how to do it and such. Next chapter is being worked on and should be up soon—and be better! PLEASE read and review so I know whether to keep going!

- Sarah.

All characters aside from my OC are the brilliant work of J.M. Barrie (Hope I spelled it right!) i hope he doesn't mind my using them! 3 On with the story!

Also, real quick, my OC character's name is pronounced Ah-muh-lee hellenuh Bawk-munn. Amalie Helene Bachman. (Sorry mispronunciation of names bug me. :P)

New York City, New York. February 1999

There was a nasty storm raging outside in the night as Amalie Helene Bachman scribbled absently on a scrap piece of paper at her desk, letting the sounds of thunder and angry rain against her window lull her into a state of sleepiness. She adored storms.. They drowned out the sounds of the city and made for wonderful relaxation. The clock struck 7:30 as her heavy head started to roll forward in a near doze when there was a soft knock at her door. She didn't bother answering; she knew her mother or father would walk in anyway.

"Amalie?" The voice of her mother sounded through the door, soon followed by a wave of perfume that invaded her room as she slowly entered.


"I just wanted to say goodnight before heading out. Have you taken your medicine?"

"Oh… Not yet.." Amalie hopped off the chair and stretched as she passed her mom, heading into the bathroom to grab her pill bottle."

"Honey, I know it's new, but you can't start forgetting to take those, they are expensive and they won't work if you start missing days. Plus the doctor trip will have been a waste of time, and your father already thinks it was."

That came as no surprise to Amalie. Her father was a stern and tough man. But not unkind.

"Yeah, I know..I'm sorry"

Amalie had suffered from a strong anxiety disorder since she was little. Panic attacks were the worst of it but as she grew older they started to become more and more frequent. Her father was finally convinced by her mother to schedule a doctor's appointment after a really nasty attack left Amalie crying and shaking in the girl's locker room during PE. Amalie was still rather embarrassed about that, the gawking faces of her startled peers burned in her memory.

Her mom wrapped her arms around her daughter from behind and hugged her gently as she finished off the cup of water that chased her little pill. "Have you noticed any improvement?" her mother asked. "I don't know, it's only been a week but I haven't had any spells so—""Nancy, we have to go!" Amalie turned and hugged her mother properly after her father's call put an end to their discussion. He had a business dinner to attend with his managers and according to his stressed tone, was running a bit behind schedule. It seemed there was a possible promotion hanging in the air, and her father was more than eager to snatch it.

"Love you mom, have fun."

"You too, darling, don't stay up late! Brush your teeth! Oh, and don't miss the 7:00 bus again! Another tardy and your dad will find out if the school decides to complain!"

Her mother flashed a brilliant smile before turning and heading down the stairs. Amalie took a few moments to admire her departing mother. Her long fitted gown the color of lilacs and her red curly hair loosely piled on top of her head in a fashion that was just her mother's. She was gorgeous and certainly a big help to her father's image when he attended these business gatherings.

To Amalie's slight disappointment, she looked just like her father. With her prominent German nose and dark brown hair that fell sleek and straight to her lower back. No curls or body to it.. At least not much. Her skin was clear but shockingly white and her eyes were a very pale green and very large; giving her a look of childlike innocence even though she recently celebrated her 16th birthday. She was also pretty short, not much over 5'4", and her body was on the small less curvy side. All in all, though she had a fair amount of male admirers at her school, she felt she would have way more if she looked like her mother. Genetics were a bitch.

With that last thought, she turned back towards the mirror and examined herself, grabbing a brush and working out a few tangles before brushing her teeth. The wind was howling and she could hardly hear the car leaving her driveway. Luckily, her father was an excellent driver in storms, so she figured they would make it there okay, despite Mother Nature's wild mood.

After finishing her nightly bathroom routine she slipped into some small sleep shorts and a tank top, grabbed her cell phone, and plopped onto her bed. She stretch widely and groaned a little as her muscles relaxed against the plump mattress, sleep already tugging at her eye lids. She was almost dozing off when a buzz from her phone made her flinch. She rolled over lazily and grabbed her cell, her eyes squinting from the light as it blared through the darkness revealing its notification to her. "Yes!" She whispered, her heart jumping a bit as she saw that it was the very first text from her crush of nearly 2 years. "Kase.."

Kase Anthony was a deliciously beautiful boy at her school. He was usually surrounded by popular girls and his fellow soccer team mates who were happy to stay snug up his butt 24-7. Amalie didn't mind admiring his glory from across rooms, and imagining what she would do if he ever looked over and smiled at her or called her in the hallway. She didn't really know whether he would turn her down or not, but the fact that she would have to make her way to him through hotter more voluptuous fangirls made her stomach turn over. She shyly remained on the outskirts and sneaked glances at him, smiling with everyone else as he displayed his extreme charisma in every class—hoping for a reason to speak to him one day.

Unfortunately that day took its time arriving, two years to be exact, but by the pitying grace of some higher force, she was assigned to be his lab partner for the month of February; her stomach doing somersaults when her teacher read the new seating charts.

Though she expected as much, her feelings were still a bit stung when he didn't recognize her and had asked her name after pointlessly introducing himself, unaware of just how well she already knew him and how long she had know him for. But he treated her nicely thereafter, always cracking silly jokes and doing his share of their work exceptionally well.

It was like a dream.

She finally stuttered out a request to exchange numbers so they would be able to meet up and work on their upcoming science project. He lightly agreed with a smile, not seeming to take notice of her flaming cheeks and moronic stutter.

She held her breath as she read the text. 'hey amaly. its your lab partner. What do u say 2 next wknd for the project? :)'

Amalie giggled out loud at the misspelling of her name and felt her stomach flutter with excitement. She had to take a deep breath to calm herself before deciding on what to text back. She didn't want to sound pathetically eager.

At that moment, two things happened. The loudest clap of thunder she had heard all night slapped her eardrums, causing her to jump, her phone slipping from her hand and casting its screen light through the darkness and towards her window. Not 3 seconds later, the large window flew open as if hit and was followed by a figure flying in, briefly illuminated by the light of her phone, before crashing into her carpet with a distinctly male "OOF!" and rolling a few more feet until it was enveloped by the dark corner of her room.

As the figure remained cloaked by night's shadow, Amalie's head started to hurt from the loud screeching noise burning her own ears before she realized it was her own screaming. Her chest heaved and her heart throbbed as if it believed its end was near. She clutched her chest and gasped to end her shriek, staring wide eyed at the corner, willing her eyes to adjust to the darkness with no avail. She wanted to run..or move period, but her body was stiff and frozen, the shock leaving her mind in a temporary state of dumbfounded blankness, the darkness of her room refusing to relent as she desperately tried to fight through her shock and make sense of what happened.

It wasn't until after the sound of shifting, accompanied by a small groan from the corner that Amalie broke from her shocked stupor only to scream again, kicking her now working legs against the sheets to push herself farther back along the bed.

A flash of movement from the corner was her only warning before the intruder's cold, soaked hand suddenly shot out swiftly to clamp firmly over her mouth, causing her head to jerk so hard from fear that her neck popped. Amalie sputtered against the his palm, attempting to yank back, only to have his other hand catch the back of her head and hold her still, his low voice shushing her fiercely as if she was a barking dog. She felt the breath from the shushing command fill her ear and the last thing she saw was the ceiling as her eyes rolled up into her head and her thoughts fuzzed into nothing but darkness, her body giving up and falling unconscious.

to be continued!