Author's Notes:

Disclaimers: Contains graphic male/male sex. I don't make any money off this, don't own Teen Wolf. I do it for fun. I do it because you guys have been so supportive.

Derek carefully crawled back into bed. He didn't want to disturb Stiles quite yet, wanted to take his time. The room was warm, faintly illuminated where the morning sun peaked past the edges of the curtains. He eased his body down after pushing the blankets aside so they wouldn't be trapped under him.

Stiles was face down, body stretched out. His breathing was deep and even. Derek tugged the blankets down. Stiles shifted, head seeking a cooler part of the pillow. Derek smiled, lightly brushed his hands over the pale skin of Stiles's back, still warm from sleep. He leaned in closer, placed a soft kiss at the base of Stiles's spine.

Derek took a deep breath, the scent of his lover flooding his senses. He explored Stiles's back and sides with his fingers, trailing them down to his hips. He kissed Stiles's back again, darted his tongue out to taste the smooth skin. The teenager shifted again, hips pushing down into the mattress.

A soft breath, a tiny gasp, Derek relished them. He pulled the blankets down further. Stiles murmured into the pillow, a wordless expression of pleasure. Derek leaned forward, rested his head against Stiles's back. He listened to the heart beating underneath him. He didn't need to be so close to hear it, he just wanted to be. It was an even steady thump.

He wished he knew what Stiles was dreaming about, wanted to be able to see it too. There was something else he wanted to do, something he'd been afraid of doing because he didn't want to hurt the boy underneath him. He pressed his fingers lightly against the back of Stiles's neck. He wanted Stiles to see himself the way Derek saw him. He wanted to share his memories and dreams. He'd have to get his claws into Stiles's soft skin, would have to mark him the way he'd accidently marked Jackson.

Stiles's steady breathing rocked Derek's head up and down. It was soothing, caused Derek's mind to wander. If Stiles had been a werewolf Derek wouldn't have hesitated. The wound wouldn't last, the pain wouldn't linger. Derek had gotten his claws into Stiles once before, he swore he'd never do it again. He'd been mindless, raging on instinct. It wasn't an excuse; it was something he lived with.

Derek lifted his head, nosed against the back of Stiles's neck at the base of his hair, lapped at the warm skin. He wondered if Stiles would ever ask him to turn him. Derek didn't know if he was strong enough for that, didn't want to risk losing him.

"Mmmmm…" Stiles murmured into the pillow. "Puppy kisses."

Derek snorted, nipped lightly at the skin he'd been licking. "Not puppy kisses."

Stiles rocked his hips forward into the mattress again. Derek could smell how interested Stiles was in the attention. He ran his knuckles down Stiles's spine, from the base of his neck all the way to the waistband of the boxers he'd fallen asleep in.

With a quiet sigh Stiles lifted his hips, pressed back into Derek's hand before pushing forward into the mattress again. His hips moved in tiny circular motions. Derek licked at the back of his neck again, savored the taste. Stiles turned his head to the side, looked away towards the other side of the room. Derek nibbled at the top of Stiles's ear, made sure to hold his breath to not tickle his lover too much.

It'd taken Derek a long time to learn the proper way to wake Stiles up. Too fast and he unleashed a terrifying monster prone to biting or scratching to drive away whatever it was that tried to steal his precious sleep. Not enough force and Stiles would just fall back asleep.

"What do you want?" Derek whispered the words into the back of Stiles's hair.

"This is good." Stiles sighed, continued rocking into the mattress. "This is very good."

Derek traced patterns on Stiles's back with the tips of his fingers. "You warm enough?"

Stiles made a noise that sounded affirmative. Derek ran his fingers up into the back of Stiles's hair, scratched lightly. Stiles pushed his head back into Derek's hand, let out a blissful sigh. Derek rested his human nails against the back of Stiles's neck, pressed lightly into the soft skin.

"Your hands are awesome," Stiles whispered against the pillow.

"Your skin is awesome." Derek gripped the covers, pushed them down further to expose more of Stiles's body.

"You mean my ass is awesome," Stiles turned his head, watched Derek out of the corner of one half closed eye. "You should just say it outright."

Derek grinned, ran his hand over Stiles's bottom. He gave it a light pat. "Maybe, but that doesn't mean the rest of it isn't half bad."

Stiles snorted, turned his face fully into the pillow. He ground his hips down into the mattress again. "You're such a tease."

Derek leaned over, licked at the base of Stiles's spine. He got his tongue under the waistband of Stiles's boxers, nosed them down a little further to reveal more pale skin. He pressed his lips to the newly bared area. Stiles raised his hips, pressed up against Derek's mouth. Stiles whined into the pillow, tried to muffle the noise.

"You want more?" Derek got onto his hands and knees. He was perpendicular to Stiles's body. He ran his nails up the length of Stiles's spine into the back of his hair again, tried not to linger too long at the base of the boy's skull.

"Always need more," Stiles whispered. He panted against the pillow, one heaving breath after another as he rocked into the mattress below him. "You always give me what I need." Stiles turned his head, looked at Derek with blown open eyes. "Just not always as fast as I'd like." Stiles grinned, licked his lips, and winked at him.

"You're the pushiest bottom," Derek said. He nipped against Stiles's side, sucked at the warm skin. He wanted to leave a mark.

Stiles hissed but didn't pull away. "I… I'm not a bottom." He huffed indignantly, pulled a hand from under his pillow to push Derek's head away from his tender side.

Derek sat back on his haunches, raised an eyebrow at his prone boyfriend. "Yeah?"

Stiles nodded at him. "I'm versatile, yet accommodating." Stiles didn't sound that confidant in his declaration. "I just… I just like everything. You do a good job with everything; I'm totally cool with whatever you want to do."

Derek closed his eyes to hide the sudden flare of power he felt rising from his wolf. He reached out, gripped Stiles's hips. Stiles pushed himself up onto his hands and knees. Derek got his fingers under the waistband of Stiles's underwear as he crawled around the bed behind him. Stiles rose up to let Derek pull his boxers free.

Stiles grunted as Derek trailed his fingers down his ass, and then gasped as Derek brushed against his balls. He moaned when Derek gripped his swollen dick. Derek loved every moment of it, every sound, and every scent. Stiles buried his face into the sheets, pressed his hips backwards. He spread his legs wider, exposed more of himself for Derek.

"D-Derek," Stiles begged, "please…"

Even if he had wanted to Derek wouldn't have been able to resist that invitation. He leaned in, licked a hot line over Stiles's ass. He tightened his grip on Stiles's dick, twisted lightly. Stiles whimpered into the sheet when Derek tried to push his tongue through the tight ring of muscle, tried to lick into his body.

Derek moaned against Stiles's ass, kissed and licked harder. He did it hot and wet, exactly the way Stiles liked it. Stiles panted, rocked back into Derek's mouth, clenching when Derek's tongue brushed against the center of his entrance, tried to make its way further inside. Derek strained as hard as he could, lapped against the heat of Stiles's body as he continued to twist and pull him.

Stiles grunted, made confused noises like he wasn't sure if he wanted to thrust down into Derek's grip or back into his mouth. Derek made sure he didn't have to make the decision, increased the speed and force of both. Licked and pulled, did his best to reduce Stiles to babbling nonsense. He loved hearing the noises his lover could make, the words that sometimes spilled out of him at random.

"Oh god," Stiles whispered, voice distorted by his face being pressed so hard into the mattress. "Your tongue… your hands… More, please… harder…" Stiles gasped out as Derek pressed his tongue harder, tightened his grip further. "Need it, so bad."

Derek let go of Stiles's dick, gripped his thighs. He ignored Stiles's shocked protest, licked harder. Stiles's body was trembling. Derek could smell how close he was. He was going to deliver; he just wanted to taste more first.

"Greedy… Derek… so greedy," Stiles babbled. "Please… come on… It's Valentine's Day."

Derek couldn't argue with that. It was Valentine's Day. He bit at Stiles's ass, rolled him over onto his back. Stiles looked up at him, ran his hands feverishly over his stomach. Derek grinned, Stiles refrained from tugging at his own erection, wanted Derek to give him what he needed.

Stiles chewed at his lower lip, rocked his hips up into the air. Derek watched as Stiles's dick twitched, looked so needy, an angry red. Stiles gazed up at him, brown eyes desperate. Derek waited a few moments more; Stiles opened his mouth to beg again. Derek grinned, leaned down and licked up the length of his dick.

Stiles made pleased noises, reached out to run his hands through Derek's hair, got a good grip. He didn't try to guide Derek's actions, just needed something to hold on to. Derek lapped at the tip of Stiles's erection, groaned deliriously at the taste. He had everything he wanted. Stiles's scent filled him up; the taste of him was intoxicating. He wanted to spend all day between his lover's legs, lapping at him, tasting him, breathing him in.

He loved the heat of Stiles's cock against his lips. Smooth, silky, but so hard it had to be on the edge of painful. He pulled Stiles into his mouth, hollowed out his cheeks. He sucked hard, tongue twisting as he worked his mouth. He swallowed Stiles's down with no warning. He was beyond patience, Stiles was beyond patience.

"Please… harder… more…" Stiles was desperate, breath hitching as he thrust up.

Derek welcomed it. He got his hands underneath Stiles's ass, encouraged him to push further and faster. Stiles did, hips rocking up. Derek groaned around the hot flesh in his mouth, swallowed Stiles down. He buried his nose in the light dusting of hair at the base of Stiles's cock.

Stiles went wild, fucking up into his mouth. Derek moaned. It was what he wanted, Stiles on the edge of control, making mindless grunting noises. He wanted Stiles lost, broken apart. He wanted him right on the edge.

"Derek… close… so close…" Stiles's breath hitched again.

That was what he was waiting for. He pulled his hands out from under Stiles's ass, pressed down on the tops of his thighs. He pinned Stiles to the bed, increased the suction even as he pulled back to the very tip before dropping down to the base.

"Oh fuck," Stiles gasped.

Derek pulled off till he just had the very tip of Stiles's dick in his mouth, used his hand to stroke the shaft. He sucked at the head, twisted and pulled with his hand. Stiles's body started to shake, legs trembling. Stiles tugged on his hair hard enough that it was almost painful, just the way Derek liked it. He tried to thrust up, but was powerless as Derek kept him in place with his free hand.

Stiles's dick got impossibly harder, strained in his mouth. Derek was relentless, kept pulling until finally he felt Stiles's dick pulse. Hot liquid filled Derek's mouth, the taste driving him to suck harder. He tried to get more. Stiles had been right, Derek was greedy this morning. Stiles didn't sound ungrateful though. He was making pleased noises as Derek kept trying to milk more out of him. Derek indulged himself, licked and sucked at Stiles's spent dick until he felt the hands in his hair tighten again, knew that it was on the edge of too much, that Stiles was about to ask him to stop.

He pulled off, gently kissed and nipped at Stiles's stomach. He made his way up, licked at Stiles's throat as he curled his hand under his neck, blunt fingernails raking against his spine again. He wanted to show Stiles so bad, wanted Stiles to see what he did to him. He was too afraid of hurting him. He bit down on Stiles's neck, felt his fangs extending at the same time his claws did. Both pressed dangerously close to breaking the skin.

"Y-you can…" Stiles's voice was tiny, faltering. "I understand."

The Alpha wolf howled in his mind, urged Derek to press both fangs and claws into the body under him. Derek took a deep breath; there was no fear in Stiles's scent. He had no idea if Stiles knew what he'd been considering. He pulled his fangs and claws away from the fragile skin of the human boy under him. He kept his eyes closed; he didn't want Stiles to see the hunger in them. "I'm sorry," Derek whispered. "I didn't mean to take it that far."

"It's okay. I don't always understand what you go through, I just want you to know that I'm okay. Whatever it is that you need, whatever it is that you want, it's okay. I want you to want it, want to give it to you."

Derek opened his eyes; Stiles looked up at him, brown eyes understanding. Derek leaned down, pressed a kiss against Stiles's forehead. Warm arms wrapped around his shoulders, pulled him down. Derek was careful of how he distributed his weight on Stiles's body, didn't want to make him uncomfortable.

"I love you. That's enough for me." Derek rested his head on Stiles's chest, listened to the heart beating so close.

"I love you too, feel kind of bad that you didn't get off though," Stiles chuckled. "That was… I just… sorry. I meant to say that I don't want you to just give and give without getting anything in return."

Derek smiled against Stiles's skin. "I'm fine; you can do whatever you want to me tonight. This is all I want right now."

Comforting hands stroked through his hair. "Derek?"

"Yeah?" He kissed Stiles's chest gently.

"I need you to come with me someplace today, okay?" Stiles's voice was soft, sounded like he was afraid to ask.

"Alright, whatever you want. I want to give you whatever you want." Derek took a deep breath, basking in Stiles's scent.

"You do." Stiles pressed a soft kiss into his hair. "I want to give you the things you want too."

Derek let Stiles's breathing rock his head up and down. Stiles already gave him everything he wanted. He wished Stiles knew it the way he knew it. He wished he could show him. Someday, maybe he'd be able to. For now he'd just have to keep reassuring Stiles with words and actions. That's all he had to work with for now.

"You do," Derek whispered against Stiles's skin. "You give me more than you know."