Seven months had been too long to wait. Jackson was out of self-control, out of excuses. The reality of their situation was that they were never really going to be together. There wasn't a way for them to make it work. Fuck reality. Jackson wasn't going to let anything control him. He'd cling to this for as long as he could. With his teeth, with his claws, he'd hold on until he got what he needed, what they needed.

Scott stirred underneath him. That was good. He wanted to look into those innocent brown eyes, wanted to see Scott's version of who he was. Scott's Jackson was someone alien, someone he didn't see reflected in the mirror. He leaned in, licked a soft trail up Scott's neck. He blew softly against the wetness, smirked when Scott's head twitched back and forth.

Jackson had no idea what time it was, sunlight poured in through the window above Scott's bed, bathed the tan skin underneath him in golden hues. Jackson ran a finger along the shell of Scott's ear, tried to get him to turn his face into the light so he could see him better. The boy underneath obstinately refused. Jackson suppressed a chuckle. McCall stubborn even in his sleep? Didn't take a genius to see that one coming. It didn't matter, Jackson had more tricks. He wasn't going to let Scott sleep through this.

Scott's hair was a tangled mess. It was endearing, cute in a way that Jackson wasn't used to liking. Whatever was between them, it was almost always electric. The calm in Scott's room was something he could get used to. A part of him couldn't wait for the next wave to crash; for the moment when they'd both be seized by passion they couldn't really control, didn't have a name for, but for right now this was fine. The spike was coming; Jackson was planning to instigate it. He just needed McCall's lazy ass to wake up.

He got up on his hands and knees, cut the connection between them. No more warm skin pressed together. Scott frowned in his sleep, body arching up like it knew that it was missing something even if his brain wasn't aware enough to register it too. Jackson ran a thumb over one of Scott's nipples. A soft gasp, heartbeat steadily rising, Scott was on his way back to consciousness. Jackson slid down the bed, ran his tongue along Scott's belly until it brushed up against the waistband of his underwear. He took a deep breath, Scott's scent so powerful, mixed up with his because of the night they'd spent wrapped up in each other. The wolf in his mind whined for what it hadn't had in so long, a need so primal Jackson's body started trembling. He got his hand inside his own boxers as he nosed into the fly of Scott's. He was hard already, had been for awhile. The heat of Scott's dick digging into his belly was what woke Jackson up in the first place. Scent wasn't enough, Jackson wanted to taste Scott, but he'd gone as far as he could with Scott still asleep.

"Jackson…" A desperate whisper. A spike in his heartbeat. Scott got two handfuls of Jackson's hair. "Please, been too long."

The words let loose something animalistic in Jackson's soul. No more waiting. Scott was ready, Scott was his. He didn't have the self-control to wait for McCall to get out of his underwear. Scott's hips thrust up, the hard length of his dick strained to escape through the front of his boxers. Jackson let go of himself, had more important things to do with his hands. The scent of how hot for it Scott was spiked through Jackson's lungs. He looked up as he pulled Scott's cock out through the front of his boxers. No golden light in those eyes, just solid brown begging him to go faster. There was something reassuring in that, that Scott, not just the wolf in his soul wanted this from Jackson.

"Please," McCall made it sound like a prayer that only Jackson could answer.

Jackson wasn't going to make Scott ask a third time; his nerves were already frayed past the point where he could stop. He licked against Scott's hard length, groaned at the taste. Everything he remembered and so much better because for the first time he was doing it while he wasn't out of his mind, twisting under the control of a sexually frustrated Alpha, or home brewed magical booze. They were making the choice together, and that made it something different than what had come before.

He didn't break eye contact, placed a soft kiss on the head of Scott's dick. There was a momentary flare of power in Scott's eyes. His hips thrust up again, pressing himself against Jackson's lips. That amber light had haunted Jackson's soul for months. He'd ached for it, to have it focused on him, to be the cause of it. He felt the wolf in his mind rise up. Felt the power burst through the edges of his control. Scott sucked in a ragged breath, for a moment Jackson thought he could see the emerald green power of his eyes reflected in Scott's brown ones. Yellow flashed again, and Jackson couldn't watch any more. He had to keep going.

Scott's skin was more than warm, something just past hot and edging upwards quickly. Jackson gripped Scott's legs, marveled at the tight muscle as he skimmed his hands up over Scott's belly. He groaned, desperate as he sucked Scott down as far as he could. He worked his tongue, his lips, met every thrust of Scott's hips. The hands in his hair tightened their grip.

"Jackson," Scott just kept whispering his name, like he couldn't think of anything else to say. "Jackson… Jackson…"

Not many people would call Scott articulate, but the way his voice cracked, the way the name slipped out of his lips like a litany was all that mattered to Jackson. He pulled off of Scott's dick, dropped down to run his tongue along his balls, was rewarded by Scott spreading his legs and pulling his knees up to make more room for him. Little, breathy whines spilled out of Scott's mouth, his body shaking as Jackson lapped at him.

It wasn't enough. Jackson felt he'd swallowed a live wire, electricity racing through his body, tearing him apart one nerve at a time. He needed more, needed Scott to let him have it. "Scott, please. Let me…"

Scott's eyes were blown open. "Whatever you want, I want it too. Tell me what to do."

Jackson curled his hands under Scott's hips, pulled him down the bed with such force that Scott let out a surprised gasp. He almost tore Scott's boxers getting them off, got his hands under Scott's knees to fold his body up. Brown eyes widened in shock, but before he could say anything Jackson's tongue licked down from under his balls to the tight ring of muscle between his legs. Scott let out a choked groan.

The human parts of Jackson were slipping away. He needed this so badly, he lapped against Scott's body, desperate for the taste of him. Scott gripped his wrists, nails slowly sharpening into claws, the points dragging on Jackson's skin, but not piercing. Scott let go so quickly, curled his fingers in the air like he was afraid of hurting Jackson.

"Don't hold back," Jackson whispered. "You don't have to do that with me." He licked against Scott's body again, kept his eyes locked on Scott's face. "You can't hurt me. Let it go."

Scott's eyes snapped open full of golden light. "Come on, Jackson. This is what you want, right?" Scott's voice was a low growl, full of feral need. "Faster, no more waiting." There was a hint of command in Scott's voice, and it pulled the wolf in Jackson, compelled it. "In the drawer…"

Jackson let Scott's hips fall back to the bed. He climbed up Scott's body to reach into the partially open dresser. Scott had condoms and a bottle of lube. He was about to make a joke about Scott being so well prepared, but Scott caught his hips, slipped further down the bed to bury his face in his crotch. Claws tore through Jackson's boxers, and before Jackson could complain wet heat surrounded him. Scott whined around Jackson's dick, sucked hard.

"Scott," Jackson panted. He tried to pull away, but Scott gripped his hips tightly, held him in place as he lapped at his cock. Jackson tried to focus on ripping the small packet open with his teeth. "Easy, Scott."

Yellow eyes looked up at Jackson; Scott let him out of his mouth. "Hurry." It was feral, commanding, pulling at Jackson's spine with the strength of it. Scott's desire pressed down on Jackson, made it hard to breathe. He got back between Scott's legs. Condom next, that was logical. His hands shook as he rolled it on. The small part of his brain that was still working registered the cap of the lube opening. The synthetic smell flared through the room. Jackson lost focus on it though as Scott dipped his fingers into his own body, started stretching himself open. Jackson's mouth fell open.

"Jackson," Scott panted. "Come on. I'm ready."

The words drummed against Jackson's mind. He crawled further between Scott's legs and lined himself up with Scott's entrance. His throat felt dry, need for this moment had almost hollowed him out, and now that it was finally happening the enormity of it was paralyzing. Scott sounded so desperate, like he'd wrestled with the same things Jackson had for so long. He looked at Scott's eyes, and behind all the animalistic desire, he could see something else. The yellow light flared stronger for a moment, then guttered out. The compulsion that had been ripping its way through Jackson's mind dropped away. He let out a shaky breath.

"Scott?" This was it. The final moment, the last chance they had for one of them to put a stop to this. Jackson's hands were shaking, Scott's legs trembled. They were both hard. They were panting, sweaty, but they were in control.

"Please, Jackson." Brown eyes, not amber, begged Jackson to keep going. They didn't command. "I want this. I need this, just as bad as you do."

Jackson nodded, didn't trust his voice in that moment. He inched his hips forward, slowly pressed himself into Scott's body. Heat closed around him. Jackson could barely breathe. He lowered his body down on top of Scott's as he slid all the way inside. Impossibly tight, Scott's muscle seized up around him. He grunted with the effort to stay still, to let Scott get used to the feeling. Scott gripped Jackson's neck, pulled his body up and licked over his throat and up his chin.

"Please," Scott whispered. He pulled Jackson into a kiss; thrust his hips up against Jackson's body.

Jackson pulled his hips back, and then pushed forward. Scott let out a hissing breath, his nails pressed against the base of Jackson's skull, the same place he'd dug his claws in the night before. It was like hitting a switch. Jackson bucked forward, the impact shaking Scott's body.

"So good," Jackson whispered. It was everything he'd ever hoped and so much more. He rocked back and forth, slowly at first, but Scott started getting restless, met him thrust for thrust and it just wasn't enough for either of them. The scent of them, of what they were doing seeped into Jackson's lungs. He leaned back, got his hands under Scott's hips and started pulling him as he thrust into his body. Scott reached up, pressed his hands against the top of his bed and pushed himself onto Jackson harder.

"Come on," Scott begged. "Please, harder."

Jackson looked down, watched as he slid in and out of Scott's body. Every time he pressed in Scott's dick strained up into the air before falling back onto his stomach. It was slick, leaking white onto Scott's stomach. Jackson couldn't help himself; he swiped his fingers over the tip, gathered up what he found there. Scott's eyes flew open at the contact, and when Jackson licked his fingers clean Scott lost control again. Amber light flared in his eyes, his legs tightened around Jackson's waist. He got his hands underneath himself, rolled them over so quickly that it took Jackson by surprise.

Scott pressed his body down, grinding his hips on top of Jackson's body, clenched around him. Jackson let his head fall back, gripped Scott's dick and started pulling him. It was too good, Scott bouncing on his lap, rising up and falling, finding a rhythm to his satisfaction. He was so close. Scott was close too; Jackson could smell it on him. His skin was fevered hot to the touch, and his dick straining in Jackson's hand. Scott leaned forward, eyes still on fire with his wolf's need. His lips curled back, fangs slipping out. Jackson felt the change coming too, felt his eyes burning with power, claws elongating, fangs coming out to meet Scott's. They were half way to being fully wolfed out, stuck in the middle of change. Scott let out a howl; it rocked through Jackson's bones, and before he could respond Scott bit him. Fangs sank into his shoulder; the edge of pain spiked through Jackson's body, and pushed him over the edge. Scott bit him again on the other shoulder, hips still rising and falling erratically.

Animal need seized Jackson's body, he pulled Scott closer, sank his teeth into the base of Scott's neck, his claws scraped along Scott's back, and that seemed to be what he needed too, because he lost control, hot fluid spilled out of Scott onto Jackson's stomach.

They clung to each other, shaking, panting, completely sated, but unsure of how to process what had happened, what it meant. Jackson had never been able to let loose like that before. Post transformation he'd needed to be very careful. Werewolf strength, fangs, and claws were dangerous to whoever he was with, anyone who wasn't just like him. With Scott it had been different, primal; they'd gone through it all. The loss of control, regaining it, willingly giving it up and giving in, he didn't have words to describe what had happened or how it made him feel. People might not have even invented words for it.

"Wow," Scott whispered.

Jackson panted, placed a soft kiss on the side of Scott's neck. He guessed wow worked for now, but he hoped they'd eventually come up with something better.