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Nancy and Edward needed more time together in New York.

How Will She Know That You Love Her?

Nancy struggled to get her foot free but she was stuck. Luckily, there were no cars coming towards her at present but the lights would be turning green any second now. As she twisted the shoe again to get it out of the hole in which it was stuck Nancy couldn't help but think that the week couldn't get any worse.

First, she'd found out that her boyfriend had let a beautiful woman move in with them. Don't get her wrong, she trusted Robert without question but still the young woman was beautiful. And then today the promotion she had worked so hard for had fallen through – apparently she wasn't the kind of person they needed for the job.

And now this.

One of her favourite shoes… the shoes she wore to make herself feel better. She wasn't going to let some hole in the road take them away from her. No way. She knew the sensible thing would be to leave the shoe there and get out of the road but Nancy was tired of being sensible and she needed her shoe. She would make it.

She had to.

Edward walked down the road his head bowed in frustration. He was sure he'd heard Giselle sing – he'd know her voice anyway but somehow he had still failed to find her.

He would find her, he knew he would. He was going to find his true love if it was the last thing he did and they were going to return to Andalasia together and live happily ever after. The sight of a beautiful woman in the middle of the road stopped him. She was trying to free her shoe, which was stuck and her bags were scattered on the ground around her.

Without thinking about it, Edward rushed forward, grabbed her bags and picked her up and carried her away from the oncoming traffic. After settling her down at a nearby roadside café he went back and freed her shoe.

Nancy was too shocked to do more than stare at the handsome stranger who had carried her and her heavy bags as if they weighed no more than a feather. She just continued to stare at him as he went back through the traffic and retrieved her shoe.

Edward knelt before Nancy holding her shoe out to her, and as she slipped her foot into her shoe she smiled at her rescuer.

"Thank you," she told him.

Edward nodded at her and stood up and walked off only to return in a little while with a bunch of flowers, he handed them to Nancy and said, "pretty flowers for a pretty lady."

"Thank you," Nancy told him, trying to remember the last time she'd received flowers from anyone. "Thank you very much."

"I'm Edward."


"Nancy, would you mind joining me for a cup of tea?" he asked her smiling.

"Not at all," she replied, "thanks being my knight in shining armour."


As they gave their order to the waitress Nancy thought to herself that she'd always thought that such things only happened in fairy tales and could never happen to her.

Maybe her life wasn't so bad after all.


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