SUMMARY: Holly is the Princess of Carpathia, a small country not far from England. The kingdom is under attack by the Mafia who want to take over. With the Queen and Princess only left in power, Holly must be forced to live in the United States to hide safely from the Mafia. Upon her arrival in the least expected city, Gotham, she must overcome love, loss, pain, and maybe even some torture. Will she meet a certain someone? And just who may the someone be?


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Looking out over the large, spacious balcony, I couldn't help but feel like the luckiest and unluckiest girl in the world. I had almost everything a girl could hope for.

Clothes, Jewelry, recognition. Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot to introduce myself. How rude?

My name is Holly. Holly Marie Mathews. And why do I get recognition, you ask? Well, this is where the "unluckiest" part comes in.

The truth is, I am the princess of Carpathia. Carpathia is a tiny country not far from England. We have the same accent as they but we are not quite as known as they are. Sure, every girl dreams of being a princess. If only the knew how dreadfully challenging it makes life. Everything is so formal and organized that it very nearly makes me sick.

Don't get me wrong, I love my country. Carpathia is a beautiful place that I shall forever call home.

My grandmother, the Queen, understands me to an extent. She works hard to keep things in balance. I know it is hard for her. She must look over and guard the people while at the same time, taking care of me. We are all that each other has left, family wise.

My mother, father, and grandfather were killed protecting us. Because we are royalty, there are certain people who would gladly do away with us to take our power. I think that my grandmother is doing a fantastic job. The people for the most part even seem to think so. She is very open, honest, and she listens to the people of Carpathia.

My family is not power hungry.

There have been many attacks on the palace, but I have never witnessed anything. The palace guards have kept them at bay well enough. Though my grandmother had told me that while I was still an infant, an attack killed my parents and my grandfather right outside my room.

That was the closest that they have ever been to me. But now I am 17, almost 18 and the last attack that I know of was 4 years ago; and that was just a warning. Nothing big happened.

The next two years had me frightened and paranoid, but now since nothing has happened, I let my guard down.

Now I just feel so isolated, trapped inside this prison that they call a palace. I have had no contact with the outside world. Only with the servants and house keepers within the walls. My best friend, Vanessa (but I like to call her "Nessie") is my personal housekeeper.

Normally servants and royals were segregated, but grandmother allows Nessie to sometimes sleep over in my chamber.

She is the same age as I and we have fairly common interests. I feel like I can tell her anything. She tells me stories of her family and their history. I find History very interesting.

I treat everyone in the palace as family. I mean, in a way, they are. I've known them all my life.

"Your Highness?" a voice called through the door.

I turned on my heel and lazily opened the door.


a young man with short brown hair stood before me. I have not met him before. I stared at him, expecting him to talk but judging from his face, I sensed that he was nervous.

"um, I am guard." he stared at the floor. Which I found slightly rude because your supposed to make eye contact when speaking to someone, but I just nodded and wondered about the real question.

Why would I need another guard?

I had enough already. He finally looked up to me and offered a small smile; which I returned.

"You can call me Holly, by the way. 'your Highness' sounds so mid-evil times" I laughed. I mean, come on. It's 2012. Not 1840.

"As you wish,, Holly." he corrected.

It was a quiet and awkward silence between him and I as we both had no idea what to say or do next. All the while he did nothing but stare at the floor. He couldn't be this nervous could he? I mean I am the Princess but shouldn't he be more worried about the Queen than me?

I was beginning to grow tired of this but I didn't want to slam the door in his face. That would have been rude and very unladylike like, so I decided to end the silence. "so, what shall I call you?" His eyes widened for a split second and if I wasn't looking into his brown eyes, I would have missed it.

"Eric." he murmured. I rose an eye brow.

"Glad to have you." I lied, signaling I wanted to end this awkward...conversation?

As I began to close the door, his foot caught it before it was too late. I was taken aback but was too shocked to say anything. I couldn't believe he had the nerve to do that.

"Queen Elizabeth would like to see you." he said simply.

"Let her know that I shall be there shortly."

"I am supposed to accompany you."
I sighed lightly. "okay then."

We walked side by side down the long corridor. I had to admit that Eric wasn't bad looking. On contrary, he was fit. His brown hair looked fresh and clean, long legs toned and matched every stride with my own. He looked around my age. Maybe a year or two older.

We turned the corner to the ballroom, where stood two guards on either side of the double doors. The opened them as we made our entrance.

" a matter of weeks at the most. Oh, Holly." my grandmother walked to me and placed a soft hand on my shoulder.

"I see you have met your newest guard."

I nodded then noticed another unfamiliar face.

"Holly, this is my newest guard, Christopher."

Christopher took my hand and gently kissed the back. "Princess."

I gave a small smile then turned to my grandmother.

"Why are they here?"

"Oh don't be silly. They are our guards."

"yes, I see that, but we already have guards."

"You can never be too careful, darling, and besides, William agrees with me."

"Of course, Your Majesty." a deep voice rumbled, coming from the left of the room. "All that concerns me are that the Royal Family are safe." William bowed slightly. "Princess."

"And you are doing a wonderful job. It's just that, we have plenty of guards already. And there has not been an attack in years. I find it silly to keep hiring more and more. I feel quite safe, thank you." I crossed my arms.

"I will not put you at risk."


"We are honored by your nobility, William." grandmother interrupted.

I sighed.

Normally I wouldn't have this type of attitude; but I don't know what came over me. I really did like William. He was our Head of Security. He was wonderful to my grandmother and I. I think of him as a father. Our protector.

Christopher walked into our little circle. "Your Majesties, I promise you that Eric and I will do everything in our power to ensure that you are safe. We have both been through much training."

"I would not have chosen otherwise." William smiled. "Now, the introductions are complete, I would like to show you and Eric around the palace borders.

"Very well." he nodded then turned to us, "It was a pleasure meeting you both."

The three men left the room, leaving me alone with grandmother.

"Well," she grinned, "they both seem really nice."

I nodded in agreement, not knowing if that was 100 % true.

"I think i'm going to go for a walk." I huffed.

I made my way outside to the garden. The lively flowers were of different colors. Blue, yellow, red, purple, and white. The red roses were my favorite.

Sitting on a stone white bench, I breathed in the clean, fresh air. It was fairly sunny for Carpathia. There were few servants in the garden at all. I embraced the silence and closed my eyes. I thought about how life would be outside these walls. How, if I wasn't born into this family, I wouldn't have to be worried and scared all the time.

Sometimes I just wish that I was in a normal family. It may sound hateful and ungrateful, but I honestly believe it may be better. Sometimes I wonder if I was even really cut out for this Princess thing. I really do want to help people, but what if something happens and everyone ends up hating me? A whole country against me. I couldn't handle that.

"Holly." Vanessa waved to me from the other side of the bushes.


"Beautiful day today isn't it?" she asked as she walked towards me, holding up her skirt off the ground even though it was already covered in a thin layer of dirt.

"It's amazing." I agreed.

"So I'd imagine you slept well last night? Victoria and I turned you mattress."

"Yes, I did. Thank you. How did you sleep?"
"Perfect." she smiled and took a seat next to me.

"So have you heard about the latest staff?"

"Yes! And may I say that they are both quite dreamy." she swooned.

I rolled my eyes. "Focus, Nessie." I laughed.

"You didn't deny it!" she pointed.

"Whatever. Anyways, I was just wondering your point of view of it. Grandmother thinks that I am being silly."

She thought for a moment. "Well, I do see where she is coming from. Then again I also see your side, too. I can see that you may feel you are being smothered. I know that it must be really hard for you; but your grandmother just wants what is best for you. She wants to keep you safe. I mean, ever since the incident, your all she has left really. I wouldn't dread too much on it. Its almost a reflex for her to become over protective. It's a family thing. Trust me." she smiled softly.

"Thank you, Nessie. For everything. I don't know where I would be without you. I don't know if it was even really ever about the guards. I guess it sort of was, but also that I miss my parents. I suppose if felt as if she was trying to take their places and be a grandmother and mother. I feel so stupid now that I think about it. I can't believe I snapped at her like I did. It must of put so much more extra stress that was completely unnecessary." I put my head in my hands.

"Don't beat yourself up about this, Holly. It happens to everyone. What your going through is normal for every family. It may seem like a bad thing, but trust me, this is good. Look at it this way, would you rather your Grandmother be protective and smothering, but at least know that she cares, or would you rather have her ignore you and treat you like your invisible? Look at it from that perspective and your answer shall be quite simple."

I lifted my head up and wiped away a stray tear that I hadn't noticed had fallen.

"I see that now."

We sat there in a comfortable silence. The wind blew the flowers softly and they swayed to a slow, mute lullaby of nature.

I took a deep breath and let it out slowly as I absentmindedly gazed the garden. My eyes trailed up the stone wall until they met with another brown pair of eyes. Eric did not avert his gaze or make any movement besides sending a small wave as he smiled to me. I smiled slightly and waved back. Then Eric turned his head as if he had been called and left the balcony. I continued to stare for a moment before turning my gaze else where.

Vanessa had gotten back to work with the rose bushes. As she worked, we chatted about small things like her family and her (hopefully soon to be) boyfriend. I had not heard about him before so this was new news to me. Apparently she was talking to Connor, another palace servant who works in the kitchen. I have only met Connor a few times, but had never had a conversation with him.

I could tell by the way she talked about him that she liked him a lot and had liked him for a long time. It was strange to me because Vanessa was such an outgoing girl. I found it hard to believe that she would hold in this crush for so long.

Then again, its romance and relationships. What do I know about those?

The day flew by quickly. Before I knew it, it was sunset. Vanessa quit working hours ago, we just felt so comfortable outside and I didn't want to go back in just yet. Though, I could no longer avoid it. Plus I was tired. I had no idea why because I hadn't done anything all day. Physically. Mentally I was exhausted.

I bayed my good nights to Vanessa before we parted ways then made my way up to my chambers. After taking a warm relaxing bath, I changed into my light purple pajamas with a pink lace around the ends. My bed was big enough to fit about four people. I never really thought about it but it was ridiculous for it to be this big in size for one person. I am not nearly that big to fit. I am only about 117 pounds and at a height of 5'6.

I climbed into my giant bed that felt like Heaven and immediately fell asleep.

The next morning arrived the same as all the others have. I was awaken by the brilliant sunlight from my window at the foot of my room. Vanessa must have pulled the curtains. I knew that it would have been her. When I was younger (before all of my etiquette training), I actually through fits whenever I was woken like that. I would scream so loud that I wouldn't doubt that the other end of the palace heard me.

Embarrassing to admit now, but it was true. So to solve the problem back then, I only allowed to be woken up by Vanessa. Only because she was my best friend. When she did it, it made me feel like she was goofing around with me. Like all other friends would. If Mary (the eldest housekeeper) would do it, I would get the feeling that my job has begun and here comes the hectic life of rules and control.

Yes. I was a bit of a rebellious child. But I refuse to let that change me. I agreed to be Princess. I go along with it because of my family and our ancestors; but I don't want to be Cinderella.

I want to be me. Holly Marie Mathews. This is no fairy tale.

I groggily sat up and rubbed my eyes. "Good morning, Nessie." I yawned.

"Good morning sunshine!" she laughed as she brought me over a set of clothes. She loved all of my clothes and would sometimes pick out my outfit of the day. She has always loved dress up.

"Thanks." I stretched out across my bed and smiled when I heard my back pop.

"sounded like it hurt." she commented.

I let out a long breath. "ah quite the opposite." I laughed.

I got up and got dressed without really noticing what I was putting on. Until she came over to zip up my back.

"Um, Nessie? I don't remember any parties scheduled for today."

"I know." I heard a smile in her voice.

"Not that I don't like the outfit, but, why am I dressed like I'm going to something fancy?"

I was wearing a dark purple dress that clung to my every curve. It was strapless. It was simple, but classy enough to wear to a dinner party. I loved the dress actually. It just made me wonder, why would I wear a dress today?

Vanessa zipped me up then came around to face me. She looked me up and down with a giant smile on her face like she approved. Now I was scared.

"You look beautiful!" she squealed.

"Thanks...but why? Would you please answer me?" I crossed my arms, becoming frustrated.

"Don't freak out, okay? Your grandmother asked me to warn you that you may have a little puppy following you all day." she said slowly, gauging my reaction.

I thought for a moment. "Little puppy?"

She didn't say anything but her face gave away just exactly what my assumptions were.

"What? Eric? Why?" I couldn't believe it. When he said he would be with me at all times, he meant it.

"She just wants you two to get to know each other better and to show him what it would be like."

"What do you mean what it would be like? He follows me. That's all. I am not in danger. I never was in danger in the past four years! Why must they insist on the subject? And why on Earth would you dress me up like I am going out on a date?" I glared at her.

"It doesn't have to be a date, Holly, just talk to him."

"And what if I don't want to talk to him?"

"Well then I would speak to the Queen about it."

I sighed in defeat. This was going to be a long day.

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