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I spiked the ball over the net in a matter of seconds before practice ended.

"Great practice girls! See you tomorrow." Coach said as she glanced back and forth between her stop watch and clip board.

After a lengthy shower and getting dressed, the cheerleaders walked in after finishing their practice. The head freshman cheerleader, Gabbi, taped a poster to the wall.


"I thought try outs were before the year started?" I asked her.

"Ugh. They were. Some prissy rich ass girl missed try outs and had her daddy bribe our coach to hold them again." She groaned.

"Who?" I asked. I somehow had a feeling I knew who it was.

" Um... hmm... Lilla... Lucy...?" She tried to remember.

"LUCILLE!" My mind exploded. "Yep, I know who it is. Lucille." I gritted my teeth.


I got home and immediately threw my bags to the ground and pulled out my laptop. In the search bar I put: "Cheer moves: how to".

I was going to do it. Try out for cheerleading. Why? I wasn't just going to let Lucille use her money to get what she wanted for the one millionth time. EVER since I could remember she would use her money to get whatever she wanted. It didn't matter. If she wanted to upstage someone, when she wanted to be the glittery Chanel designer cow in the third grade play and even in the seventh grade when she payed off some person to do the work for her.

Then again, she only bribed off the coach to hold try outs again, which doesn't guarantee a spot for her on the squad. But, it could. For all I know, this whole try out could be rigged and she could be the lone cheerleader to make it. Eh. Maybe with my past knowledge of gymnastics, I could be a shoe in.

I immediately began to practice tumbling and my mom quickly opened the door.

"Junie B, what are you doing up here?" She asked with annoyance in her voice.

"Oh, um... practicing... for cheerleader tryouts." With all the focus on crushing Lucille's soul, I completely forgot to ask my parents.

"And you were going to tell me this when?" Mom asked.

In all good conscience, I couldn't tell her the REAL reason why, so I made up a lie. "I was just... so excited... I just... forgot." I smiled.

"Well, we could discuss this at dinner, if you are serious about this." Mom replied as if she knew I was lying.


"So what's this about cheerleading?" Daddy asked.

"I want to join." I smiled awkwardly.

"But don't you have to be pretty to be a cheerleader?" Ollie asked with a smart ass attitude. If only he knew that being a sixth grader in middle school does not buy you cool points.

"Says the boy who got rejected by the COMMUNITY basketball team. Why was that? Oh, you sucked even for them." I laughed at him.

"Hey, stop you two. Junie, you're in volleyball and cheerleading is during volleyball season. I don't want you to take on too much." Mom tried to reason.

"But mom, I can take it on. It's honestly not too much." I convinced her as I was picking at the green beans.

"Mmmm... I guess we could consider it." Daddy said.

"Thank you." I smiled as slipped Tickle some of my chicken.

The Next Day

"May, guess what?" I ran up to her before the morning bell rang.

"What?" She asked as she took out her earbuds.

"I'm trying out for cheerleading." I told her.

The smile she had faded. "Wait why?"

"Because... I... Oh, I'm just doing it so Lucille can't get in." I revealed unexpectedly.

"What makes you so sure that only one would get in?" May asked.

"Because she bribed the coach into holding auditions again. God knows they'll only let one in." I explained. Now that I think about it, this idea didn't seem fool proof .

"Question. Do you really want to do this?" She asked.

"Not really." I sounded like a hard head at this point.

"So you want to be miserable, just so Lucille can miserable too?" She asked. "Come on Junie B, this isn't you."

"This isn't." I shook my head.

But who cares? I still want to crush Lucille's soul anyway.

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