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Chapter 1

They were losing the battle; screams were coming from all directions. She had known this was a trap from the very beginning. Sirius wasn't here, she knew that. But her feelings clouded her mind and she believed Harry. Now here they were, surrounded by Death Eaters. This was bad, really bad. She saw Harry talking to Malfoy, but she couldn't hear them. All she could think about was Sirius. Would she ever see him again? Would he ever hold her in his arms again? She hoped so. But their situation didn't look good.

Suddenly, they weren't alone. The Order had arrived, which meant that Dumbledore wasn't too far away. This was good news. Hermione broke free of the Death Eater's grasp and began fighting. They would win. Hermione felt a hand on her shoulder and whipped around, her wand clasped tightly in her hand. It was Sirius, her heart leapt with joy. He quickly pulled her behind a rock and hugged her tightly. She kissed him. "Hermione, we don't have long. I just wanted to tell you, that no matter what happens, I love you, more than anything in this world." Hermione smiled, "I love you too Sirius, always."

The battle was raging on around them and they needed to continue helping their friends against the Death Eaters. She kissed him once more quickly before running back into battle, helping Kingsley against Rookwood. Sirius began duelling Bellatrix, taking her aim away from his godson. After subduing Rookwood Hermione ran to Harry's aid, he was battling Lucius. The two of them took him on, Hermione finally stunning him in the chest; he flew back against the wall before slumping to the floor unconscious.

She turned to Harry, "Where is the prophecy?" Harry shouted back, "I dropped it. It's safe now. He'll never know what it says." Hermione nodded, before returning to the battle. She saw Ginny being attacked by Dolohov, and rushed over to help. He sent a curse flying at Ginny, but Hermione pushed her out of the way, taking the blow. She felt her shoulder slice open, and the blood start to seep out from the deep wound. This was bad. Ginny mumbled a counter-curse so the cut would stop bleeding, but she was still in pain.

She heard Harry yell, and turned to see Bellatrix gaining on Sirius. Hermione's heart began to beat faster. She started to run towards him, but it was too late. She heard the Unforgivable Curse leave Bellatrix's mouth. She saw the flash of green light. She gazed in his eyes, for what seemed like an eternity, before Sirius stumbled backward, falling into the mysterious archway. Hermione started to run towards it, but Ginny grabbed her hand, pulling her back. Ginny was the only one who knew about their relationship. Ginny wrapped her arms around her friend, trying to protect her from harm. Kingsley suddenly appeared at their side, providing them with cover. Hermione had lost all feeling. She heard Harry shout before he chased after Bellatrix.

Soon enough, the Death Eaters who were still standing disappeared before members of the Ministry arrived. Ginny kept talking to Hermione, but she couldn't hear anything. She just kept replaying the scene over and over in her mind. Sirius was dead. The man she loved was gone. Hermione wanted to give up. She felt the blackness gripping her, sucking her in. She willingly gave in to its embrace, wanting to escape from this life that meant nothing without Sirius. She collapsed in Ginny's arms.