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A Change in Policies

Chapter 1

It was just a phone call. A sister seeking approval from an elder sibling about a decision she'd made on her own. One that went against the flow.

"So what do you think?" the princess asked solemnly, aware of her sister's dislike for Numbers.

"None may question a princess' decision to appoint her knights. As Vicereine, I have no right to object" Cornelia replied.

While she didn't voice it outright, Cornelia's disapproval of the situation was clear. Euphie couldn't quite come to terms with why. Suzaku was excellent at everything he did, against all odds.

"Kururugi Suzaku may be an Honorary Britannian, but his strength makes him well suited to knighthood. Sister, don't you –"

"Vicereine" Cornelia interrupted, her voice firm. Euphemia understood from the tone that this was no longer a call between sisters. It was one between a commander and their subordinate.

"Don't you think so too, Vicereine?" she asked, adjusting her own voice and posture the match the new direction of the conversation.

"It is Britannia's policy to keep the Numbers in their place."

Euphy narrowed her gaze at the screen.

"Then I will change that policy" she replied determinedly.

"You understand, Sub Vicereine, that that would mean becoming Empress?"

It planted a seed. All it needed now was a nourishing soil and water to support its growth.

Euphie was concerned. The man in charge of her greeting party was in the process of informing her where it was she'd be meeting the VIP on Shikine Island when he got a call from someone. He'd quickly returned to the jeep so other soldiers could be appraised of the issue without being overheard by her entourage.

"It would seem that someone is attacking our headquarters" he informed her, as the soldiers began to mobilise.

Euphie gasped. Why would they be attacking the base?

"Let's go back to the settlement" Cecile said quietly to those around her. In a louder voice, she asked "are our escorts ready?"

"It may be dangerous to go back" replied the man in charge. "They're jamming us pretty heavily."

"Don't worry" Suzaku said, noticing the increasing look of worry on her face. "I will protect you, Princess Euphemia."

Euphie hardened her look. "No" she said. "You should help out at the base." She was not about the let one of the best pilots walk away from a battle to protect her. Suzaku made a noise and was about to protest when the man in charge spoke again.

"Sub Vicereine, he's an Honorary Britannian." His statement gave him the full attention of everyone present. "It is highly likely that our enemy is the Order of the Black Knights. If the Lancelot were to fall into their hands…"

Euphemia had a frown on her face and was about to reprimand the man, but Count Asplund beat her to it.

"Um…" he started. "You do know what you're saying is casting aspersions on the Princess?"

The man's face formed an expression of shock. "No, that was not my intention" he said in a small voice.

Suzaku turned to face his princess. "Kururugi Suzaku," she started in traditional Japanese fashion. "Show them your strength. If you prove yourself worthy, people's concerns about you will no doubt disappear."

Euphie stared down at the broach in her hand. So much had happened at Shikine Island. Her hunch was correct and Lelouch turned out to be Zero, but he still retained parts of the Lelouch she remembered. He was still smart and joked around. He was still kind and protective of her. She might even be able to squeeze her way back into that small part of his heart she still held. But his hatred of the Royal Family was so very clear. He wanted to destroy Britannia. He seemed to approve of Suzaku, strangely enough. Suzaku! He was the source of confusion now. He had apparently deserted his post when they went to fire on him. Saved himself instead of letting the army kill him and Zero. Even though Schneizel had pardoned him (it was an emergency), he still came to her and resigned from his position as her knight. He was ashamed for having survived while so many others had died. He said he wasn't worthy of being her knight, and forced the broach into her hand.

"Then I'm not worthy, either" she said to herself. How could she be? She wasn't smart like Schneizel or brave like Cornelia. She couldn't demand peoples respect. The only thing she had going for her was her looks. She was useless as a princess. And yet someone like Suzaku, who was an ace pilot, a kind person, a good friend, and someone she loved… He claimed he was unworthy. If he was unworthy, Euphemia felt she was ten times worse.

Suzaku bowed before her. "Suzaku Kururuigi, returning for duty." 1

Euphie smiled as he stood up. "Welcome home, Suzaku."

Each looked at the other like they didn't quite know what to say and then looked away. Euphie had declared her love for him during the battle at Kyushuu, and he all but said it back.

They both looked up. "Um–" They both said at the same time, and stopped when they realised the other wanted to speak. There was a moment where neither knew what to do, then Euphie giggled and Suzaku laughed.

"Suzaku, I know now…" Euphie started, "that I don't want to be involved in such tricky matters as justice or national policy. I just want to see those I love smiling and happy." She held out her hand. In it was the broach that signified her knight. "Will you help me in that regard?"

"Yes, Your Highness" Suzaku replied, placing both his hands around Euphemia's and the pin.

Euphie smiled, and an idea began to form in her mind.

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The superscript 1 I've put in there is just for a little side note. In the anime, Suzaku says "Kururugi Suzaku tadaima kikan shimashita" which is a really formal way of saying 'Suzaku Kururugi has now returned'. I'm sure most of you know that 'tadaima' is what the Japanese say when the come home, and if someone from the family is home they welcome them back to the house by saying 'okaeri' or 'okaerinasai'. Euphie's reply to Suzaku is "Okaerinasai Suzaku", which kind of implies they live together or are family, which is why Suzaku is a little taken back. Thought some of you might find it interesting.

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