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A Change in Policies

Chapter 11

Romeo had researched everything he could for this mission before he left the homeland. It was different to most other assignments he'd been given, as his geass made him particularly useful for assassination. A reconnaissance mission required people skills, and the ability to manipulate conversations without arousing suspicion. But that wasn't all he'd had to research. Although he was almost sixteen, Romeo had never attended a proper school. In fact, he'd never been around people his own age for more than a couple hours at a time, and even then they were other members of the order; not exactly normal teenagers. However, Rolo Lidmann was a transfer from a school in Britannia. He was a perfectly normal teenager with a perfectly normal background. So Romeo had found as much literature as possible on Britannian high schools, high school students, and teenagers in general. He'd even resorted to reading comics and watching TV shows to try and pick up some of their habits. He spent hours upon hours practicing everything from appearance to knowledge to mannerisms. He thought by the time he started at Ashford Academy under the name Rolo Lidmann, he would fit in as well as any new student could be expected to. But nothing had prepared him for Milly Ashford.

The student council president looked relatively normal at first. With her blonde curls, large breasts, and friendly persona, Rolo figured she would be what was classified as 'popular'. From his research, it was the popular ones that had the most gossip, and were therefore his greatest source of information. Milly's position as student council president only made her more valuable to him. She would almost be required to be friendly to him, helping him with any problems he found or any questions he had. She should have been an easy source of information. And to start with, she was. The president had pounced on him almost as soon as he'd entered the school gates, introducing herself and a blue-haired boy as part of the student council. They'd both spent the morning showing him around campus, telling him about the school and the students. Things had seemed to be going well. What Rolo hadn't expected was how very in control of everything she was. Milly almost ran the school, and she had every one of the students under her thumb. Whatever Milly decided to plan, happened. And that was how Rolo had found himself in the Student Council room at lunch, covered in streamers and confetti. Milly had wanted a party in his honour to welcome him to the school, and a party she got.

Rolo had tried plenty of times to escape, even just for a little bit. It had been his plan to introduce himself to as many students as possible, trying to get a read on who would be useful and who wouldn't. He also wasn't used to parties in the slightest. Even though there were only seven people present including himself, all the balloons, colours, cake, and music were making him nervous. He couldn't help wanting to leave. But Milly wouldn't have any of it. Each time he tried to leave, she skilfully caught him in conversation and guided him back into the centre of the room before he really became aware of it. After the fourth time she'd managed it, he decided to forget about his plans, put himself outside his comfort zone and stay in the room. It would be a good opportunity to see how the rest of the student council acted with each other, as well as study Milly's technique. She seemed to have perfected the very arts he needed to know.

Lelouch stood outside the door to the student council room. He was late for Milly's welcoming party, and was not particularly looking forward to what he'd be put through when he walked in. He'd contemplated not showing up at all and just spending the rest of his lunch break on the roof, but what Milly would do to him for showing up late was nothing compared to what she'd do if he didn't show up at all. He took a deep breath and opened to door slowly and quietly, trying to sneak in. The new boy was easy to spot. He looked incredibly uncomfortable, with a plastic cup in his hand and bits on confetti in his hair. Shirley was trying to engage him in conversation, but he was only half listening to her. His eyes kept drifting from her, to Suzaku, to Milly and then to the door. Lelouch moved slightly further into the room, slipping the door closed behind him. Now all he had to do was make his way over to Suzaku and—

"Lelouch! You're finally here!" Milly said loudly, quickly making her way over to him and grabbing his arm.

All eyes were on him, most with looks of amusement—although some, like Nina, with a bit of pity—as she dragged him over to Shirley and the new student.

"Sorry to interrupt Shirley," she said once they'd reached the pair. "I just wanted to introduce Rolo to our vice-president, since he's finally decided to grace us with him presence." A mock glare in Lelouch's direction proved she wasn't really all that annoyed.

"Rolo, this is the student council's vice-president, Lelouch Lamperouge. Lelouch, this is the new student, Rolo Lidmann. He was accelerated back in the homeland so he's a year below you, but I still expect you to help him if he needs it."

Lelouch looked at him. Rolo was a fairly common Britannian name. This boy seemed anything but common. Although he appeared to be nervous and shy, Rolo was very discreetly studying his surroundings when he thought Lelouch wasn't looking. He was gathering all the information he could on his classmates and categorising it. He also clearly had training in at least one form of self defence if his stance was anything to go by. It was relaxed with feet apart, the right one a little bit further back than the left. Lelouch flicked his eyes to Suzaku. His friend was carefully watching the interactions the new boy made. Good, Lelouch thought. If Suzaku had picked up on the discrepancies in the boy's behaviour as well, it meant he wasn't just being paranoid. There was something not quite right about Rolo Lidmann.

"So," Lelouch said to Suzaku, "what do you think of him?"

The boys had volunteered to stay behind after lunch to clean up the student council room. They were skipping class to do it, but for once Suzaku didn't mind.

"Rolo?" Suzaku clarified. "I haven't decided yet. His actions don't match up to expectations, but I'm not sure if that's just me being prejudice."

Lelouch raised an eyebrow. "How so?"

Suzaku frowned a little bit. "When he first saw me, it was like I was just another student. He didn't even flinch. I thought, being from Pendragon, he would have had more of a reaction to seeing an Eleven at a school like this, even if I am an Honorary Britannian."

"He may have been raised on a different set of values," Lelouch said, though he silently agreed with Suzaku.

No one from Pendragon would have any sympathy towards the numbers. The emperor drilled social Darwinism into his country; with the capital as the starting point, its entire population should look at Suzaku like he was dirt, if not worse.

"Even if that was true, he bowed to me when Milly introduced us. My station isn't high enough to require that from a civilian. I've never met a Britannian who willingly salutes to me when their superiors aren't watching, let alone anything more."

It was Lelouch's turn to frown now. That little piece of information was certainly interesting. No Britannian child from Pendragon would have been taught to bow to a number, even if they were a Knight of Honour. Most non-noble children wouldn't even know how to bow to a Knight; they'd probably never meet one, so why bother? But from Suzaku's lack of comment, he assumed the boy had bowed perfectly. Had he been raised in close proximity to the Royal Palace? But no—he would have scorned Suzaku if he had. Unless he was acting. Lelouch's mind was working quickly. A spy? That was certainly possible. But what was he spying on? And who sent him? He can't have been there to watch Suzaku, could he? He didn't for one second put it past the emperor to utilise children in his arsenal, but emperor wasn't stupid. He would have been better off sending someone Suzaku's age so they were in the same classes. Was it just coincidence then? No, Lelouch didn't believe in coincidences. And sending a child to a different country alone would raise—

"Suzaku, what was it Rolo said his parents were doing here?"

"It's just him and his father, apparently, and his dad is a media man. Said he was here to start a new branch in the SAZ for the company he works for."

So they were probably here on orders from the emperor to keep an eye on Euphemia. Possibly remove her if she went too far. But he couldn't start theorising yet. He still needed more data.

Zero strode into his office earlier than usual to find C.C. lounging on his desk with a box of pizza and a book of some kind.

"Move," he said, none too kindly.

C.C. gave him a look before languidly rolling off the desk and padding over to the lounge chair.

"What's got you in such a bad mod?" she asked.

"Nothing," he replied, dropping into position behind his desk. "I still need more data."

She watched quietly as the boy rummaged through papers and computer files, before setting a few on his desk and dialling a number on his phone.

"Hello, this is Diethard Reid."

Beneath his mask, Zero smiled. "Are you in a safe place?"

There was a scuffling sound from the other end, followed by a muffled shout of 'don't bother me!' and the slam of a door before the other man replied.

"I am now in a location where we will not be overheard."

"Excellent," said Zero. "I have a task for you. A man with the last name of Lidmann has just moved from the Britannian homeland to Area 11, and plans to set up an extension of a Britannian media company within the SAZ. I need you to dig anything you can about him. If you can, get to know him. See if his story matches up with what you find."

"Of course. When should I present my work?"

"I'll have an access card arranged for you. Come pick it up after dark tonight, and then present your reports when you feel you have something of interest," Zero said, before hanging up.

On the other side of the line, Diethard was suppressing his joy. He finally had something more interesting to report on than the mundane affairs of robberies and EU negotiations. For his target to have come under Zero's radar, he must have been an interesting man indeed. Diethard was thoroughly looking forward to finding out who this 'Lidmann' character was.

Kallen sat in the back of one of the more discreet royal cars, fidgeting. She was dressed in some of her 'casual' noble-wear, and it made her incredibly uncomfortable. However, her cover for visiting Princess Euphemia at her office in the SAZ was that they were going out for dinner as soon as the princess finished work for the day. Dinner was actually in the plans, and they were going out for it, but Kallen's main purpose for visiting the SAZ was to report her findings to Zero in person. If he hadn't arrived by the time they needed to leave, then Kallen would present her information to Euphemia instead. While she mostly wanted to present her findings to Zero to hear what he had to say, a small part of her wanted him there for another reason. She was almost certain Zero had never seen her dressed as she was—as nobility, even if this was classified as casual-wear. And while she hated the nobility, hated everything they did and stood for, she knew that when she dressed to their standards, she was pretty. Stunning, some had even called her. It was a surprise that her father hadn't tried to marry her off given how many suitors were chasing her. He hadn't even allowed her step-mother to arrange any blind dates for her, like Milly's did. Kallen hoped, in some tiny section of her brain, that Zero would see her like those men did. That he would want her as more than just a comrade.

She shook her head as the car pulled up to the building. Now was not the time for those types of thoughts. Perhaps if Euphemia ever held a ball… Kallen wrinkled her nose in disgust at herself. Balls were something for the nobility, not the people of the SAZ.

Kallen was lost in thought again as she walked through the automatic doors, straight into the back another person.

"Oh," she exclaimed in surprise. "I'm so sorry, I wasn't watching where I—"

"Kouzuki?" the person cut her off as he turned around.

"Diethard?" Kallen blinked at the blonde man in front of her. It was indeed the reporter. "What are you doing here?"

"I could ask you the same question," he replied.

"I have business with—"

"Mr. Reid?" a receptionist called. Kallen frowned at being cut off again. "Your access passed has been authorised. Would you like me to show you the way?"

The mention of an access pass piqued Kallen's interest. There were only two people who could authorise a pass inside this building, and given the man's history…

"It's alright," she said before Diethard could reply. "I'll show him the way."

"Oh, thank you Miss Stadtfeld," said the receptionist, handing the blonde his swipe card before returning to her desk.

Diethard raised an eyebrow, but didn't saying anything in objection as Kallen led him to the elevators.

"You appear to have a free pass in this place," he noted once they began ascending.

"Being me is useful sometimes," she responded cryptically. She would not possibly jeopardise her position by telling Diethard why she could come and go as she pleased. Not unless Zero approved it.

Elevator music filtered softly through the speakers for a time before Kallen spoke again.

"I assume you're here to see Zero?"

'"Of course," Diethard responded. "I assumed you were called in for the same reason I was."

"I wasn't called in at all." Kallen scrunched her nose. Zero had never called her in. "I'm having dinner with Euphemia after she finishes work."

"Oh? I wasn't aware you were on social terms with royalty."

"The Stadtfeld's have always been high up on the nobility ladder," she answered. The elevator chimed to announce their arrival at the correct floor, preventing Diethard from questioning her further.

She stepped out and walked down the halls, leading the Britannian towards Zero's office. If she'd been walking to Euphie's office, most of the cubicles and other offices would have been empty, the workers having left at least an hour prior to head home. However, as Zero worked the night shift, so did the staff directly under him. There were only one or two empty seats at each station, and most of those who filled them could be found in the kitchen making coffee or food. Kallen found it interesting that most of Zero's staff were young. Some of them barely looked old enough to have completed high school, let alone the university degree that she was sure one had to have to work here. And the range of people! They mostly consisted of Britannians and Japanese, but every so often she spotted someone who looked Chinese, and even a couple who looked like they came from the EU. As she looked back she could see Diethard trying to hide his surprise as well. That Zero and Euphemia had managed to gather so many people of different ethnicities and backgrounds, and have them working together efficiently and cooperatively on a day to day basis was incredible.

Kallen knew when they'd reached Zero's office even though she had never stepped inside before. It looked exactly the same as Euphemia's. The door and walls facing the corridor were one-way mirrors, allowing Zero to see who was outside while preventing people from looking in. She had no doubt that his office ran half the length of the building, and that at the end of it would be his own personal bathroom. When she knocked on the door she was surprised by one thing though. It was C.C. who opened it.

She looked Kallen up and down before flicking her gaze to Diethard.

Looking back at Kallen, she said "Zero wasn't expecting you, but apparently you're welcome anyway. He's out at the moment, so feel free to make yourselves comfortable."

C.C. pushed the door open further then retreated inside, Kallen and Diethard following.

The office was almost an exact mirror image of Euphemia's, with only one difference being immediately recognisable. Where a plush storage bench sat for Suzaku in Euphie's office, a second large, mahogany desk replaced it in Zero's. It was behind this desk and into a padded leather office chair that C.C. sank, lounging sideways so that her legs hung over one arm. Kallen made her way towards one of the chairs situated in front of the other desk. Diethard chose to look around instead.

After ten minutes of waiting, Kallen was tempted to just go to Euphemia instead. Even if she was busy, Suzaku was there to talk to. All her attempts at starting conversation with C.C. had been rebuffed, and Diethard was buried in one of the books he'd pulled off the shelves. And it's not like Zero would notice what she was wearing anyway. She sighed and made to stand up, only to notice a flutter out of the corner of her eye. It was Zero. She could see him through the observation mirror walking down the hallway. He wasn't alone though. Strangely enough, walking by his side was Suzaku. What made it stranger still was that there was no sign of Euphemia anywhere. For the Knight to leave his princess was exceedingly rare. Kallen kept her seat as they opened the door and stepped through.

"Euphemia will be with us shortly. She still has some permits to finish reading," Zero said as he made his way to his desk. He opened a locked drawer and took out of folder. "Diethard, this is all the information I can gather on Lidmann through discreet methods. Suzaku possibly has more information for you though."

Suzaku hadn't moved from the doorway. He'd been staring at Kallen in slight shock since he'd first seen her. She wasn't sure if it was because of her presence in the room or because of what she was wearing. She didn't really care. The name Lidmann was tickling her memory…

"Zero," Suzaku said through gritted teeth. "You didn't tell me Kallen would be here for this. I'd prefer it if she didn't get involved."

Kallen bristled. If it was Zero's business, then why shouldn't she get involved? Suzaku had no right to deny her that. Even though she no longer saw him every day, Kallen was still the captain of the Zero Squad. She was one of Zero's best people. She deserved to know.

"Two sets of eyes are always better than one, particularly when you're here almost more days than you are at school," Zero defended. "And I trust Kallen. She can give reliable information from a different perspective. She and Diethard can also easily get in contact with each other and with me. It makes sense to have her at least aware of the situation."

Suzaku frowned and Kallen stared in bewilderment. What did Suzaku being at school have anything to do with it?

"I don't understand," she voiced. "I mean, I'm incredibly honoured that you speak so highly of me Zero, but what is this about?"

"Zero thinks that someone may have set spies or assassins on him, myself and Euphemia," Suzaku explained, his frown still present. "He got information that leads to that conclusion, anyway. But we're not sure. A man named Lidmann recently moved here from the Britannian homeland to expand the media company he works for. But there's no evidence of anyone else from the company coming along. He only brought his son with him."

It was like a lightbulb had flashed on inside Kallen's mind. It illuminated a younger, brown-haired boy looking severely uncomfortable in the student council room. The new transfer student.

"Rolo!" she exclaimed.

Suzaku nodded. "He seemed a bit odd to me today, and when Zero was discussing the other Lidmann with Euphie I thought to mention it."

"Fascinating as this is," Diethard interrupted, "I fail to see what the boy has to do with me. The father I can find information on easy enough, given how the media companies work, but why does a teenager need my attention?"

It was Zero who spoke this time. "It's not so much the boy himself, but how he acts in comparison to how he should. We aren't 100% sure that they are father and son. I was going to have Suzaku feed me information on him and compare it to your information on the Lidmanns, but it will be easier and safer to have Kallen do it instead."

"Because if he's a spy or assassin he won't be watching her," Diethard calculated. "And by having Kallen's information and comparing it to what I can dig up on the father, and what I can get from him about the boy, we should be able to determine if their purpose here is really as benign as it seems."

Zero nodded.

Diethard was deep in thought for a moment before he nodded to himself. He walked over to Zero's desk and took the folder that had been offered to him earlier.

"Right," he said. "If that's all I'm required for then I'll take my leave. I'll come and report when I find something interesting."

Euphemia hurried down the hallway. Those silly permits had held her up, and then she'd had to get changed for dinner. She was sure she'd missed meeting Diethard Reid. Listening to Lelouch's account of him, the man seemed fascinating. He had a mind almost as sharp at Lelouch's, and virtually no morals to hold him back from his work. She would have loved to meet him in person. Alas, by the time she got to Zero's office and opened the door, he was nowhere to be seen. She pouted a little on the inside.

"Nice of you to join us Euphemia," said Zero.

She chose to ignore him in place of looking at Kallen instead. Wasn't this meant to be a casual dinner? She had only dressed in a casual day dress; a pretty thing similar in style to what she'd worn the day she met Suzaku. Kallen was wearing a loose, pale red dress that stopped just short of her knees. The thin straps were made of the same darker coloured lace that trimmed the sweetheart neckline and bottom edge of the dress. But it wasn't her clothes that made Euphemia feel underdressed. It was how she looked overall. The dress was cute, but she'd pinned up her hair in an elegant style so that she didn't appear too young, leaving strands to frame her face and accentuate her blue eyes. Her make-up, thought minimal, was expertly done. It gave her face a fresh, natural look while at the same time emphasising all her positive features. Euphie on the other hand hadn't bothered to redo her make-up, and had left her hair in the ponytail she'd had it in for work. She wondered quietly if she should go fix it before looking at Suzaku and deciding it was silly. Instead, she might as well capitalise on the situation in front of her.

"Kallen, you look wonderful!" she said excitedly, before looking over at Zero and Suzaku. She gave then a sneaky smile. "I do hope both of these boys have told you that."

Suzaku went to immediately agree with Euphemia that Kallen looked great, but blanched. Euphie giggled a little on the inside. She could see his thoughts crossing his face. Was he allowed to say another girl looked nice when she was there? Would it upset her? But she'd asked him too…

Finally, he replied with, "You do look nice tonight, Kallen. It's different from what you usually wear."

Kallen scowled at him. "Are you saying I don't look nice in what I usually wear?"

"No, that's not what I meant! You look nice normally, it's just you don't usually put in an effort—" Suzaku stammered, looking between Kallen and Euphie. "I mean—"

Euphie smiled. Suzaku had no clue when it came to women. She looked over at the other male in the room, raising an eyebrow at him while Suzaku tried to escape the hole he'd dug himself into. Zero turned his head towards her, face unreadable because of the mask. Euphemia inclined her head towards Kallen, indicating he should say something as well. Zero just continued looking at her. Even without being able to see his face, she knew what Lelouch was thinking. 'You want me to get myself into a situation like that? Please.' She frowned at him, and he finally dropped his shoulders.

"The colour suits you, Kallen," Zero said out loud, stopping her and Suzaku's escalating argument.

Kallen blushed and Suzaku gaped. Even C.C. looked a little surprised. Euphie just giggled. Leave it to Lelouch to know what to say.

"Pleasantries aside," he continued, "what was it you had to report Kallen? I assume you didn't escort Diethard to my office out of kindness."

Kallen straightened up again. "I came to report my findings on the nobility's involvement with the attack."

That's right, Euphie remembered. Kallen and Zero had told her that she was having a party with some nobles to try and get information.

"And?" Zero questioned. "What were your conclusions?"

Kallen sighed and looked down. "After going through the data, it is my opinion that no nobles had anything to do with the attack. I've bought the data from the recordings along if you would like it, but there was only one conversation of particular interest. What was said in it quite strongly implied none of the nobility were a part of it."

Euphie understood why Kallen down downhearted about this revelation. With the nobles taken out of the picture, it was almost certain that Japanese rebels were the perpetrators of the bombing. Kallen had been almost certain no Japanese person would have committed the crime. She had told Euphie so herself. That the Japanese would attack what was doing their own people so much good was not a pleasant thought.

Zero's voice interrupted her thoughts.

"I expected as much," he said. "The nobility could have done a lot worse than bomb the place. All they need to do is discredit Euphemia or myself, and the entire establishment goes down in flames."

Kallen frowned. "They said something similar to that as well. Makes me think they'd like to try it if they got the chance."

Silence reigned for a few moments before Euphie clapped her hands.

"Enough of this depressing talk. Come on Kallen, let's go to dinner. We'll leave Zero and C.C. to their work."

She grabbed the red-haired girl's hands and pulled her from her seat before gently pushing her towards the door.

"Bye Zero! Bye C.C.! I'll see you in the morning."

Euphemia collapsed on her bed as soon as she had changed into her nightclothes. Dinner had gone well. She felt that she had finally become friends with Kallen. That she was no longer someone the girl associated with purely because Zero told her to. They got on fairly well, and Euphie loved to hear about everything that happened at school—particularly the bits Suzaku wouldn't tell her. He always frowned when she began telling stories about the one-sided relationship between himself and Authur, or the fantastic costume Milly had him dress up in. She would always stop when it came to real gossip though. Girl talk, like boys, relationship and clothes, was apparently off-limits for the redhead. At least when Suzaku was around. And while that had Euphie intrigued (what could she not want him to know about?), it meant that their conversations inevitably turned back to work.

This Reid person sounded interesting though. Lelouch had said that the man had come to the Black Knights of his own accord. He apparently wanted to document Zero change the world, and Lelouch had said that he was a valuable asset to have. When she asked Kallen, however, the girl's opinion of the man couldn't have been more different. Kallen's words only added to her curiosity about the reporter.

"It's like someone listed every negative stereotype of a Britannian then formed a person from that list," was what she'd said.

While they weren't in total opposition, the differences between Lelouch and Kallen's opinion of the man made her desperate to meet him. After all, if she could have a media outlet on her side (and a high ranking one at that) it would give her an ear into a whole new source of information. Euphemia began working out ways she could organise an introduction with this man. Maybe he could bring someone else from his company along with him. It did her no good to try and get someone Lelouch already had a claim to…

Little did she know that she would be meeting with him much sooner than expected, and for reasons much less pleasant than she imagined.

Charles frowned and the piece of paper in front of him. One of his people had intercepted an email meant for his brother. He was not pleased to see what it contained. Snapping his fingers, the Emperor called a servant to him.

"Call Bismarck. I have something to discuss with him."


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