Author: Ldykiya

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Pairing: Ennis/Jack

Summary: Ennis is faced with a couple of determined girls

Rating: G

Parts: 1/1

Status: Complete

Series/Sequel: Stand alone

I don't own any of the characters from the movie or the books or really I don't own anything.

Author's notes & Warnings: Set after Ennis and Jacks last fight on Brokeback but before Jack dies (cause he's not gonna die if I continue with this idea thread) – I also stole a line from the movie Steel Magnolias.


Shave that damn critter off your face and get your ass back here.


Ennis gave a soft chuckle as he stared down at the postcard in his hand before pushing it through the mail flap at the post office.

Stepping out into the warm Wyoming morning he was lucky for his fast reflexes as his daughter slammed into him.

"Did'ja mail it?" Junior questioned happily from her father's arms.

"Yeah little darlin' I did." Looking into his daughter's excited eyes he smiled and remembered.

It had only been a couple of days since he'd come back from Brokeback. He was sitting bare-chested half drunk in his trailer when his girls had come for a visit.

"Had a fight with Jack Daddy?" Francine had asked as they let themselves in.

"What makes ya say that baby girl?" Ennis mumbled.

"Well you come back from them fishing trips happy and sober. It don't usually start to fade for a week or two or least til Mama starts harping on ya. You only been back a couple days and your all miserable and drinking." Francine informed her him.

"Had to be a fight with your fella right?" Junior said head down as she walked quickly into the kitchen and started to make coffee.

Ennis had seen Francine's eyes widen like she hadn't been expecting her sister to say that. He didn't have no idea what to say to his daughters announcement so Ennis heaved a sigh and took another drink from the whiskey bottle. Apparently his last one cause Francine took it right out of his hands mid-drink.

"What the hell ya do that for." Ennis grumbled as he wiped at the little bit of whiskey that dripped on his chest.

"Well maybe I'm tired of having a drunk for a Daddy." Francine yelled before slapping her hands over her mouth.

"Francine!" Alma Junior exclaimed at her sister.

"I'm sorry Daddy. I'm sorry." Francine sobbed before running from the house.

The silence in the trailer was tense and Junior wondered if it was still a good idea. But she decided to forge ahead took a deep breath and started on her speech, man was miserable anyway she doubted she could make it much worse.

"Daddy me and Francine… well we know'd about Jack being more than just a fishing buddy for awhile now. We don't got no problem with it daddy. He makes you happy and that's not something we seen a whole lot with you."

"Now Junior, You don't know what ya talking about here. What me and Jack"

"I do Daddy and so does Francine." Alma Junior interrupted "Kurt's brother he's gay and everybody over in that town knows it to. I asked him once when he and his fella were visiting Kurt about how he just didn't care who know'd and he said that it was better that everyone just know'd so that he didn't have to go to sleep worryin' himself into nightmares and ulcers wondering if their secret had been discovered."

"Yeah well when they come at him with tire irons he'll wish he had kept it a secret." Ennis mumbled. Resigned to the fact that his daughter did know exactly what he and Jack were.

"I asked him that too Daddy. About if he was afraid that people'd hurt him, maybe even kill him for it. He said he'd rather have one moment of something wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special. Well you know what Daddy. That's what you got here. Nothing Special, Nothing at all special. So me and Francine we want you to know that if you were to bring Jack up here for good and get yourself that moment of wonderful no matter if it's a week or a year or the rest of your life, well we'd be more than happy to welcome him to the family. And that's that daddy." Junior picked up her purse "The coffee 'ill be done in about five minutes Daddy. Why don't you drink that instead and think on what I said. Me and Francine we'll be out tomorrow and we can talk some more."

Ennis spent that night doing exactly what his daughter had told him to. Drinking coffee and thinking on just how much he lived for them visits from Jack.

The girls had come out the next day and the day after that to. Reminding him of everything he'd ever told them about living their lives; Don't matter what no one else thinks you gotta live your life for you, Anything worth having is worth fighting for and on and on it went. But the moment when he decided that he was gonna try his damnest to have that sweet life his Jack always talked about was when Alma had come out.

She'd been out to see what the girls were doing and had come rushing in when she'd heard them trying to talk him into bring Jack out there and making a life.

Screeching about how it was a disgrace, how it was bad enough he was a queer without him flaunting his shame here in this town where they lived. How it was unnatural.

Francine had jumped to his defense yelling how every species on the planet did it and there wasn't nothing shameful or unnatural about loving someone.

It had been Junior who'd left that gaping fish look on his ex-wife's face though. She'd stood up and informed her mother that air conditioning was unnatural too and that she'd like to see her mother live without that come summer.

Ennis had smiled at his girls. Understanding for the first time that he wouldn't have to fight alone and then suddenly he realized that he never would have. His Jack would have been there swinging his fist right along side him. He'd stood up, still smilin' and kissed his ex-wife on the cheek and told her thank you. Then he'd turned to the girls with an honest to god sparkle in his eyes and told them he'd send for Jack first thing the next morning.

And here he was standing on the street in front of the post office arm tossed over his daughter's shoulders and maybe a lifetime of something wonderful to look forward to.

"Happy Daddy?" Junior questioned.

"Yeah baby girl that I am" And Ennis looked down on his daughter with a smile that stretched across his face, a smile that only Jack Twist had ever been able to put on his face.