This chapter is more about the Ennis's daughters then the guys. But some of the information plays into future chapters. Still need a Beta to take a look at stuff and give me some feedback and of course I love getting reviews…

Ennis spent four hours tossing and turning trying to get some rest before giving up. He got up feeling both excited and nervous about his trip. After getting the coffee started, Ennis took a quick shower, tossed a few clothes into a bag, filled his thermos with the fresh made coffee and left a note for his daughters, who were planning to come over in the morning to give his trailer a good cleaning, then he was out the door and on his way to Jack.

Meanwhile Jack was having his own problems getting to sleep. He couldn't help the thought that he'd already be more than half way to Ennis if he'd have left earlier instead of giving in to Laureen and waiting to see the lawyer, the lawyer who couldn't see them until late afternoon the next day. With a frustrated grunt Jack flipped onto his stomach buried his head under his pillow.

Junior and Francine showed up at their father's trailer just after 8am, only to find a note taped to the front of the trailer door.


I'm on my way to get Jack. I will be back in about a week. You know where the spare key is and I left some money on the table for ya. Thanks for helping with the trailer. If you need to call me for anything you will be able to reach me or Jack at 940-522-5366.

I love you girls,


Junior looked at Francine, the girls grinned at each other before giving an excited squeal. Junior grabbed the spare key and quickly got the door open.

"So where do we start?" Francine asked.

"You strip the bed and I'll get the curtains, then we can get all the dirty clothes together and do laundry today. Daddy left forty dollars so we have plenty to go to the Laundromat. Do you want to do the laundry or stay here and get started on the scrubbing?"

"I'll do the laundry, to be honest I don't want to even look in his fridge let alone clean it." Francine said with a mischievous smile.

"Well then let's get started" Junior said with a laugh.

Junior managed to get the kitchen scrubbed top to bottom by the time Francine came back from the Laundromat, she about fell over in laughter when she saw the boxes of stuff neatly stored in the oven. Her father obviously never used it for cooking.

It took Junior and Francine another hour or so to get the trailer cleaned up and stuff put away.

"Let's get the windows closed and head home" Junior said with a sigh as she surveyed their handy work. Between her Daddy's misery and her Moms bitterness life could sometimes be downright depressing and going home was going to be even less pleasant because their mother knew they had been out to their Daddy's place.

Francine gave her sister a small smile "Things will be better with Jack here, Daddy will be happy and then we can work on getting Mom to at least let go of her anger."

"Yeah they'll never be friends but maybe if she could let go of her anger at Daddy she could be happier."

"Well we have to try." Francine said with a determined look.

Junior chuckled "You're only saying that because you hope if she is happier she won't give you as much grief as she gave me last night when she found out I was planning on going to college all the way in," Junior widened her eyes and placed her hand across her chest in a display of exaggerated disbelief "Gasp, Laramie. I mean that's a whole 3 hours away." Junior rolled her eyes "my god you'd think she was never going to see me again or something.

"Yeah well imagine what she'll say next year when I apply to Cornell in New York. I want to be a vet and it has the bet vet program in the country. Ok yeah I can do my undergrad classes in Wyoming and then transfer but I don't want to." Francine waved her hand in the air as the girls walked out the door. "I'm not like you Junior. I don't want to compromise on my dreams to spare her feelings. Daddy won't give me any grief about it, he won't be happy about me going so far away but he won't try to rain on my parade either.

"Well we have an entire year to prepare them for your college plans." Junior said as she slid behind the wheel of her car. "Not that I understand why you want to go all the way to New York to learn how to treat Horses and things. I mean you do know there aren't any horses in New York City right?" Junior commented as she smoothly backed up to leave.

"Cornell is in Ithaca, Junior" Francine commented with an eye roll. "Not New York City, there hours apart and believe it or not they have horses in the state of New York."

Francine turned the radio on and grinned at her sister as 'I'm for Love' by Hank Williams Jr. came on the girls immediately started to sing along.