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Chapter 1

Cynthia smiled warmly as she opened the door to greet the next applicant... and the last one scheduled for the day. So far this project that Brian had passed along to her had been going anything but well. She grimaced as she imagined his displeasure when he called in for a report, which she knew he would do before the day had ended. Her shock had been complete when Brian told her this would be her most pressing assignment while he was away on a much needed holiday.

Needed was an understatement of enormous proportions in her opinion. Brian Kinney was undoubtedly a workaholic – at least since he had founded Kinnetik four years ago. He had started out small, before turning this agency into the powerhouse it now was... directly competing with the largest agencies Pittsburgh had to offer. His primary competition had always been Vangard, coincidently the company where they had both worked together. A dispute over how to best handle a client had finally led Brian into branching out onto his own. Once he made the move, Brian had never looked back. She had never had a doubt regarding the decision to follow Brian as his assistant.

Cynthia had always known the day would come. Brian Kinney wasn't a man to answer to another indefinitely. He was too controlling, far too accustomed to having his way. She knew that extended personally, as well as in his business life. For the most part Brian kept his personal business out of the office; although, he was more than open about being gay... and that he indulged his various desires – when and where he pleased. However, to the present date and time... Brian had never assuaged those desires with a member of his staff. Her eyes widening on the next candidate, she wondered if that was about to change.

Moving forward, she outstretched her hand inwardly pleased he held a strong, firm grip. "Good afternoon," she greeted. "You must be Justin Taylor. Please do come in."

"Thank you, Ms. -?" Justin asked in way of a question, uncertain of her name as his appointment had been made by a Mr. Ted Schmidt.

"Oh, heavens no. We are very informal here, for the most part. Please, call me Cynthia," she told him in a rush. "Have a seat, while I look over your paperwork once again."

Justin took a seat, looking around with the interest that could be only found in the eye of an artist. The offices of Kinnetik were in a building that appeared completely different on the outside than it did on the inside. He was amazed at the style and beauty in what looked from the outside an extremely ordinary structure. Looking around at the artistry on the walls, the furnishings throughout, he whistled in surprise and appreciation. Unable to resist commenting, he said, "This is an extraordinary office you have, Cynthia."

She looked up as she was scanning Justin's credentials again, laughing as one did at a joke that wasn't shared, but soon would be. "Oh, thank you, Justin. It's okay if I call you by your first name, isn't it?"

Nodding, he answered, "Yes, of course."

"It isn't my office, though. This is Mr. Kinney's office. He asked me to use it when conducting the interviews."

"Oh, I see." Justin frowned thoughtfully, before he said, "I guess he must be very busy."

"Actually, he is out of the country right now on a much needed holiday. In fact, the first one I've known him to take in the last seven years," she told him.

Justin looked at her in surprise. "Oh? I hadn't realized Kinnetik had been around that long."

"No, it hasn't. I worked for Brian at Vangard as his personal assistant. When he created Kinnetik... I followed. I've known him for a very long time," she answered with a smile.

Justin responded with a smile of understanding, instantly taking a liking to Cynthia... and hoping this interview went well. As far as jobs went, this was exactly where he wanted to be... and God knows he and Ethan needed the income. Silently, he waited as she continued to go over his application, all in the hopes that she approved of what she found.

She glanced up, looking at him with a question in her eyes. "Justin, I see here that you interned at Vangard. I have to ask... why didn't you pursue a position with them?"

"It just turned out not to be a good fit for me," Justin answered, hedging slightly.

"How so? If you don't mind me asking..." Cynthia prodded, hoping Justin would be forthcoming, knowing Brian would insist on knowing the answer.

Justin flushed slightly, before he continued, "Gardner Vance has some clients that are just not on board with working with someone that has my particular lifestyle. Mr. Vance told me I needed to keep it out of the office. Now, I am one of the least flamboyant gay men I think you'll ever meet... but, I do not hide who I am. For anyone."

Cynthia scowled briefly. "Gardner Vance can be an ass. It's all about the numbers. People are non-existent when he gets in that zone."

"I am assuming that wouldn't be such a problem with Mr. Kinney," Justin returned, with a more than knowing smile.

"Ahhh. You have heard of him," Cynthia surmised shrewdly.

"I'm gay. I live on Liberty Avenue. I have heard his name mentioned – a time or two," Justin admitted, hoping he wasn't saying too much. He really needed this job. Often, establishing a personal rapport was extremely beneficial... but, with this – he wasn't so sure.

Cynthia smiled at him, seeing that he was a bit uncomfortable. "I'm sure you have, Justin. In fact, it surprises me that your paths have never crossed."

"Well, I have a live-in boyfriend. Before I graduated from PIFA it was all about studying... and now, it's been about keeping food on the table and a roof over our heads... so, not a lot of time for going out."

Nodding in understanding, and looking at the time knowing Brian would be checking in very soon, Cynthia decided she had better move this along. "I see you brought your portfolio. Can I take a look?"

Justin mentally breathed a sigh of relief knowing this had to be a good sign. Nodding, he handed it to her across the desk, sitting back to wait for her reaction; hoping it resulted in a promising one.

Her eyes widened as she flipped through the pages, a gasp and a sigh soon escaping. She closed it, before handing it back to him. "Amazing, Justin. Simply amazing."

"Thank you. I'm glad you liked them. Question is – will Mr. Kinney?" Justin asked bluntly.

She laughed, her mind made up almost as soon as they first began to speak... the style of his artistry only sealing the deal. "I like you, Justin Taylor. Mr. Kinney will be back on Monday. As far as I'm concerned – you have the job. Of course, you have to see him first. But, I don't foresee any problems there."

Standing up, he smiled at her brightly... elated even though he didn't have the position for sure yet. "Let me know when, and I will be here. I really want this position."

"Mr. Kinney is expected to check in with me before I leave today. Once he does, I will schedule a time and let you know. Thank you so much for coming in today." She stepped out from around the desk, shaking his hand warmly. "I have a really good feeling about this, Justin."

"Me too, Cynthia. Me too. I'll look forward to your call, then." Smiling, he walked to the door, thinking today was the beginning of his future. He couldn't wait to go home and share the news with Ethan. This was exactly what they had needed for so long... and, now it was finally happening.

Cynthia watched Justin leaving with mixed feelings. She knew without a doubt Justin Taylor was exactly what Kinnetik needed... but, another side of her wondered how Brian would react to Justin. She shook her head at her own foolishness. Of course, she knew how he would respond. There wasn't a doubt in her mind that Brian would be fiercely attracted to Justin... but, she knew as well how he felt about mixing with the staff. In combination with Justin's immense artistic talent, she hoped that would be enough to protect the young blond. However, for the first time... she wasn't so sure about that.