A/N: This is the FINAL part, before this story is filed away again. Whether or not it gets returned to again one day remains to be determined - but for now, we are at closure once more. Thank you all that have been reading and supporting this story. It means a lot to me. In addition: thank you to all those that have left such thoughtful messages regarding the recent tragedy of the passing of my mother. I have no words to express my thanks. Much of this chapter was written before her passing; I've been working on it in small portions when I've felt that need to escape. It doesn't really work with something this devastating, but it does help. I hope you enjoy the finished result.

Post Epilogue - Part 3

In the past hour Brian had lost track of how many times his eyes had strayed to the clock on his desk, not to mention the one on his computer, along with the Rolex wrapped around his wrist. They were all set for the same time; finally the end of the day was almost upon them – but until he was safely on the way home with Justin, the end wouldn't be soon enough. He had just finished up the last details of a presentation that wasn't due for several days yet, realizing he had been working relentlessly this afternoon solely to keep his mind distracted from his naughty little submissive, not to mention the button resting heavily in his pocket.

He had been very limited with its use throughout the day. Brian liked to be present when the effects assailed his beautiful partner. When he had used it earlier Brian's dick had leaked when Justin felt the need to grasp the table for support. He could only imagine what that vibration had been causing in Justin's tight little ass. His cock had twitched knowing he had been causing that response... and that he would be the one to enjoy all the rewards later. In truth, they would both be enjoying that climatic meeting; Brian couldn't wait to get started. Brian looked at the time again, all but abandoning the idea of getting any more work done today. It was only half-an-hour before normal quitting time. He was the boss; Brian could see no reason why they couldn't finish for the day early.

Picking up the phone, he dialed directly to Justin, quick to make his preference known. "Wrap up anything you're working on. It's time to go – now."

"But..." Justin stuttered, his cock swelling at the impatience in Brian's voice, and knowing what would be imminent result of it, yet... he was almost finished with this board. He didn't want to set it aside.

"Is there a problem with that?" Brian deliberately reached into his pocket, his fingers pressing and depressing the button repeatedly. Brian growled when he could hear Justin beginning to pant in erratic breaths. He smiled when Justin's gasp was clearly heard once the pulsing in his ass had stopped. "No, I didn't think so."

Justin groaned. Fuck. This was going to be a long night. As much as he loved this sweet torture, not to mention Brian's dominance of him once more, he was ready to have this plug removed and move on to the much anticipated night ahead. "I'll be right there, Brian."

"Good boy..." Brian purred. "I'll be waiting." Brian replaced the phone. The truth of the matter was simple – he had been waiting all day. He meticulously put his desk into a semblance of order. He wasn't taking his briefcase home tonight... nor anything else work-related. There would be no time for that. Brian doubted it would matter what he had on the agenda for tomorrow – he wouldn't have cared. All that mattered tonight was Justin. Standing up from his desk, Brian quickly determined he couldn't patiently await his lover. He slipped into his overcoat, and walked to his office door. He would meet Justin halfway... at least in this. The rest of the night would be done his way...

Brian was almost at his office door, his hand poised to lock it for the night when the intrusive ringing of his desk phone began. "Fuck!" he hissed, uncaring if anyone remained to hear him. He knew Cynthia and Ted had left a short time ago, as did anyone else in the art department excluding Justin. As far as he could determine – only he and Justin remained. That thought had made him even more anxious in the past hour. Typically he would have taken advantage of their solitude... but not tonight. He wanted complete seclusion with his partner tonight. There would be no interruptions. Brian moved towards the phone, hoping for Justin's sake it wasn't his capricious blond finding a reason to delay their departure. If it was – he wouldn't be having any of it.

"Kinney," he snapped with extreme impatience into the phone.

"Brian, I'm so glad I caught you-"

"Josh..." Brian sneered. "You have a lot of nerve calling me."

A chuckle followed. Ice was clearly discernible beneath the condescending laughter. "Brian, you really need to lighten up. It was all in fun. How was I to know that Justin meant that much to you? Since when do they ever?"

"Gee... perhaps the fact that Justin lives with me might be somewhat of a clue." Brian could feel the fury once again rising in him. He had let most of it go throughout the day... now he felt he was starting all over – fresh from the sight of Josh's clawing, groping hands all over his Justin.

"Yes well, many masters house their pets with them," Josh drawled insinuatingly.

Brian took in a deep breath. "Justin is not a pet!" He was faced towards the window, oblivious to the fact of no longer being alone. "Despite the fact that I enjoy a Dom/Sub lifestyle with my partner, he is not an object. In fact, when we are not in those roles – I consider him my equal! Of course, I wouldn't expect a narrow-minded fool such as yourself to understand."

"You are a fool, Brian. That's not what Justin wants or needs-"

"I will warn you one more time, Josh, and it will be for the last time – stay the fuck away from Justin. If you come near him again I swear I will use every contact I have to ruin you." Brian turned when he heard the gasp in the doorway. He smiled at Justin reassuringly for a brief moment. "We both know I have the power and connections to do that." Brian didn't give Josh a chance to speak further when he slammed the phone down, wishing now he hadn't answered that call. He raised a mocking eyebrow at his stunned partner, before he asked, "Well... are you ready to go home, Mr. Taylor?"

Justin beamed, it was a glow that shined inside and out. "I've been ready all day."

Brian unceremoniously hustled Justin to the bed, his need having never been more urgent. All through dinner, lust had been eating at him... scraping at his insides like the most precise of claws. He had known as he'd fed Justin a delicious strawberry torte – he wouldn't last long. Dinner had been quick... but not as quick as he would have liked. There had been no need to linger, or play any further games. The desire was equal in both of them, and they each knew where this evening would end. Brian had taken immense pleasure in feeding his sub partner. Not only did Brian enjoy the control, but what further added to his pleasure was knowing how much Justin enjoyed his complete power over him. The night was only beginning. It had been his intention to slowly drive his lover crazy, yet now as his naked body slid against Justin's, Brian didn't think he could withstand the awaiting pleasure for long.

Biting his lip, his dick leaking against the sheets, Justin panted as he felt the heat of Brian's cock poking against his ass; the ass that still was filled with the plug that had been a bittersweet torment all day long. He knew he was in the role of submissive to Brian's Master right now. As much as he loved that... right now he just wanted to shout out his need for release from that aching fullness. He knew his relief would come at a time of Brian's choosing.

Brian's tongue slithered down Justin's back, droplets of sweat falling away by the deliberate strokes of his tongue. His eyes became fiery and hungrily focused on the perfect ass he was moments from reclaiming. How he'd wanted him all day. The torture he had inflicted on Justin had been endured by him as well. He hadn't realized at the time how much it would affect him... by the end of the day he had been raging with his need – a need that he knew could only be assuaged by this man; now or ever. "Is my little submissive getting a bit anxious?" Brian drawled, his teeth biting into the flesh of Justin's ass.

A moan was Justin's sole response. He didn't dare say another word. For one – he knew he'd probably give away too much; and another, he wasn't certain he could now articulate any form of cohesive thought. The slight jerking of his hips told Brian all he would need to know. To both his surprise and satisfaction, he felt Brian's lubed up fingers reaching inside, apparently en route to removing the tormenting yet pleasure giving anal plug. Brian pulled it out slowly, only pausing to toss it aside before his hand returned to swat Justin several times on the ass. Justin jumped in response, groaning as more pre-cum began to ooze from his not-so suddenly needy cock. He bit his lip in frustration, uncertain how he would resist pleading with his lover to finish him – here and now.

A deep and primal growl crawled out of Brian's throat, his hands sliding to clasp Justin's hips to still their unrestrained motion. "Such a naughty boy." Brian's mouth lowered swiftly, his tongue stretching out to lick along the crack of Justin's ass; his lips separating the flesh that he was ravenous to devour. "I warned you what would happen tonight, Justin. Didn't I?" Brian's tongue slid inside and leisurely moved forward, his hands tight on Justin's hips; his boy wasn't moving anywhere until he won this little battle. By Justin's frantic breaths... he wouldn't be waiting for long.

"W-warned me?" Justin panted, knowing he had forgotten to tack on the appropriate Sir or Master; hoping Brian was far enough gone not to notice.

Brian's tongue ceased its motion, his eyes moving upward to touch on the tense back and beautiful face turned sideways on the pillow. "I feel something was missing there. Please tell me what it could be..."

"I – uhhhh, can't seem to recall what you warned me of, Master..." Justin answered in between sharp and labored breaths.

"Much better," Brian purred in approval. Brian stretched out his tongue, a stabbing motion quickly developing as he thrust his tongue deep into Justin's pulsing hole. Fuck. He couldn't wait much longer. His own cock was leaking and throbbing; Brian knew the same could be said for his lover. He slowly withdrew his tongue, only to nibble and suck on the delicious flesh, his voice a mere rasp when he reminded – "I told you I would make you scream. Well, my sweet and sassy little sub – it's time to make that a reality!"

Justin moaned, knowing Brian would soon be pounding him into the mattress, a feeling he had been dreaming of the entire day. It never ceased to amaze him how much he constantly desired this man. His love for Brian seemed to intensify on a daily basis; Justin had long ago accepted that was the case regarding every aspect of their relationship. "I'm ready for that, Master. Fuck... I'm so ready."

Brian hissed as he slammed his cock home. His head arched back as Justin's tight heat enveloped him. There was nothing like fucking Justin raw. He never wanted to go back to a life that a condom was necessary – not with this man. Realistically, he didn't need one. They were completely monogamous... and it was a state that he knew neither of them wanted to deviate from – now or ever. Being assured of Justin's love was an amazing feeling for him; Brian thought that in part inspired his jealousy. At first he would be proud of the envious stares that came their way – in particular those extended towards Justin. It felt good knowing that what belonged to him was so intensely desired. That had diminished when Brian had fully fallen in love with Justin. Now those covetous looks made Brian want to rip the other man apart. No one had the right to look at Justin in such lustful, unmasked desire as him. He didn't trust men in general; Brian knew the lustful beasts a man could become. He was a prime example of that. He did trust Justin... but he didn't trust anyone with him. Brian swore to himself that the events that led to their night apart would never happen again. After last night and today, he doubted he could bear a repeat.

"F-feels so good. Always..." Justin gasped as his fingers clutched at the sheets beneath him, forcing himself to remain still, barely cognizant enough of the fact that they were still in Dom/Sub roles. Brian would tell him when to move. Somehow he would have to endure the bittersweet torment.

Brian's cock pounded into Justin, as of yet keeping the pressure away from the twitching prostate that he knew would take very little motion to send him over the edge. It wouldn't be for much longer. Brian knew that scream of total submission and mind-altering bliss would soon sweep his boy away. When it did – they would savagely ride this one out together. As Brian thrust harder, his chest moved to almost flatten against Justin's back, his mouth opening to growl into Justin's ear, "Don't fight it, Justin. Let everything go. Show me how much you want me... and only me." Teeth nipping at Justin's shoulder, Brian emitted a low, echoing snarl as his cock rammed into Justin – this time deliberately hammering against Justin's already sensitized prostate.

Justin screamed. He couldn't do anything else. His hips began to pump into the bed, his motion only pulling Brian deeper. Over and over he gasped and panted as he reached for his pleasure; Brian's fiercely driving motion telling him they would be finishing this one together. Justin could see no need to reaffirm Brian's words. They both knew them to be true. He didn't want anyone else. "L-love you, Brian... so damned much."

His eyes went wild at Justin's admission. Nothing made him hotter than knowing Justin not only wanted him, but loved him as intensely. Brian began jerking Justin's hips against him as he rocked into his body, both of them quickly falling over the edge. He didn't even care about Justin slipping from his role in his loss of control. The passion and love they shared was what mattered most. Sure, he loved to dominate his precious blond... but it had evolved past that long ago. Now it was about the total commitment and love they shared. Everything else was a bonus. Once their release was upon them and spurting wildly from each of them, Brian skillfully rolled to his side, not withdrawing from Justin, yet sliding his mouth against Justin's neck – breathing him in and out as their hearts collectively began to slow.

Justin was still trembling in the aftermath. This never became repetitive or bland. Each time they came together it was like something new, a memory that couldn't be compared to the previous one. "That was amazing, Brian. It's the only word I have right now."

Brian chuckled against Justin's neck. "Amazing works very well." He tightened his arms around Justin's waist, his mouth forming words that would speak of his love for Justin as deeply as any admission. "I freak out sometimes, Justin... but it's only because I want you safe."

"I know you do, Brian." Justin felt a glow spreading inside of him, the love was so strong he felt he could erupt. "You are my boss, master, lover and partner. But most importantly of all – you are my everything." Justin turned his head to meet the love showing in Brian's eyes. As their lips met and clung together in a sweet, yet languorous kiss, Justin realized there would always be issues to arise that would inspire Brian's protectiveness and jealousy, but he didn't mind that at all. He loved the feeling of being so cherished by this man. And one other thing was for certain – there was nothing in this world like being loved by Brian Kinney. It was his intention to make it a lifelong work.