It is nationals and I am next up on team for Uneven bars , I was so nerves I felt like giving up but I didn't , I took in a deep breath Look at the low bar and jump into a kip Then once my hips touch the low bar I push straight into a handstand trying not to bend my arms to get .1 tenth deducted ,even though I knew I was going to fail on that move I decided to do a clear hip circle with a full turn to get another couple tenths I then do a sole circle and jump to the high bar but I feel one of my grips loosen up so I try not to fall but then right as I swing around the bar I feel it loosen up again and I try to control my hands so they didn't get loosen up again but when I go for my release I knew right then I was in danger. I try to catch the bar on the release but I knew that I was out of luck and I belly flopped onto the blue mat. I then think fuck! Why did this happen to me! I knew I had to hurry up to get more chalk on my hands and tight my grips back up so I hurry up to the chalk box ,I wipe away the sweat on my face then rub some chalk on my hands and tight my grips up, I walk to the high bar and my coach lifts me up I then grab the high bar and take a little swing and kip up I don't go for the handstand and do a cast away and do a ½ turn after I swing I then do a kip handstand and finish my routine with a double tuck, I take a little step on the dismount and salute to the judges ,I quickly turn to my coach and he puts his arm around me Emma why didn't you get that release you've been working on it for 2 months says coach Luikin. My grips loosened when I jumped to the high bar I tried to stay on but I just couldn't Ok, well you have beam in 30 minutes so go stretch with Nastia over by the Practice mat over there. I walk over to the edge of the corner and see Nastia working on a back handspring back layout. I stand there patently for my turn. Hi I say while not trying to be annoying and then step onto the thick black mat , Nastia says Hi back then walks on the right of me and watch as I do a back handspring back handspring. Ok here's some advice Emma, don't bend your knees so much so the judges don't deduct .2 from your score. I take a deep breath and step back onto the black mat , I stand there for a couple seconds and then go. This time trying not to bend my knees , I do the first back handspring no problem same with the next back handspring and then I add in a back layout and land without a wobble on the floor. Nastia high-five's me

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