WARNING! This fanfic contains alcohol reference, swearing, and explicit sex of an erotic threesome homosexual nature (Mobiumshipping). Consider yourself warned!

Let the beat drop

By Pixiedust291


"Oh come on Yug' just relax and have a little fun for a change." Jonouchi drawled in his half drunk state. The blonde leaned against the booth and grinned up at the flashing rainbow lights of the dance club. His words, however, did little to cheer Yugi up. His friends had taken him to this club so that he might relax, but all he could do was worry about the test he had taken earlier that morning. The exam had been worth half of his overall grade. What if he hadn't of passed? The thought repeated in Yugi's mind over and over again until he could barley breath.

"Yugi drink this." Yugi turned to his right and looked at Ryou as the man pushed a fluted glass filled with a yellow mixture that turned pink at the top. Yugi stared at the drink and then looked to his friend. Ryou knew the age for drinking here in the US was twenty-one. He was only nineteen and a half, so why was his friend offering him alcohol? Ryou winked at him "Don't worry. As long as you don't get drunk no one is going to care."

"Bakura what if I'm seen." Yugi whispered.

"What?" Ryou put a hand to his ear. The music was so loud that he couldn't hear what Yugi was saying.

"Holy crap look at that cutey!" Jonouchi practically jumped up and onto the table. Yugi and Ryou immediately began trying to get him to sit down.

"Calm down Joey. Or do you want everyone in this club to think you're a bloody wanker?" Ryou said as he grabbed the belt loops of Jonouchi's pants and shoved him back into the booth.

Jonouchi groaned and pointed randomly to the mass of people on the dance floor. "But you saw him right?"

Yugi looked out into the crowd. All he could see were writhing bodies doing erotic dances that he could not even hope to imitate. "You're going to have to be a little more specific then that Joey."

Jonouchi made a sound that was halfway between a sigh and a hiccup "He had brown hair and was wearing a white jacket and… man was he good looking."

Ryou and Yugi looked at one another before Ryou got up from the table "I'm going to go get him some soda and see if they have any more of those tortilla chips. Watch over him." Yugi nodded as Ryou began to move his way through the crowd. Yugi glanced down at Jonouchi and released a heavy sigh. Folding his arms over the table his set his head down on them.

What was wrong with him? Maybe there was a gene or two missing somewhere that prevented him from having any fun. He looked around the club. It was relatively new, had only been open for about three months now, and already it was one of the most popular night clubs in the city. The club used to be an old disco joint, but it had been refurbished into a place that combined the old with the new age style of today. The disco ball still hung high on the ceiling and the multicolored checkered dance floor were the only things that remained to verify the buildings history. The strobe lights, lasers, and neon lights were all new. On each end of the room were professional dancers in white cages decorated in lights, both attractive men and women dressed in skimpy clothing. The booths and bar stools were all a bright Christmas red. The bar itself took up the entirety of one whole wall and had three bar tenders behind it. He couldn't see what they looked like, but Jonouchi had told him each one was sexier then the last.

Yugi turned his attention back to the drink and after looking around him he grabbed the glass and held it in both his hands. Should he? He guessed it would be o.k. if it was only one drink. Ryou had volunteered to be the designated driver. Besides, with the way he was feeling, maybe the alcohol would help sooth his nerves a little bit. Swallowing one last nervous gulp he brought the drink to his lips and sipped. The flavors of peach schnapps, orange juice, and cranberry juice hit him first, then came the tang of vodka. Yugi gasped and ran his tongue over his lips. He took in a breath and then took a longer drink. When the drink was gone he set the glass back down on the wood table with a thump, a smile on his face. He laid his head back down and contentedly listened to the techno music blaring around him.

It's just like you've always wanted to be
Hitting the dancefloors all around the world
Where people can see you dancing
You are still on top, still a thrill
Don't stop you've got moves to kill

Electric emotion
Running through my circuits

The vocals made way for a symphony of rhythmic driving beats. The people in the club raised their hands in the air and screamed their excitement to the DJ. Yugi glance toward the back of the room where a man with long sandy blonde hair had headphones on as he worked a rather large speaker system that was connected to a small computer. The man was not wearing anything but black pants and body paint. The large TV screen behind him showed various different high grade anime music videos. Currently it was showing different scenes from the movie Metropolis intermixed with characters from Vocaloid. Yugi watched the video with growing interest. When the music finished the DJ flipped a switch suddenly the TV became a camera. It showed the dance floor. A driving pop beat started as the solo dancers and couples moved aside. A man that could have been Yugi's twin stepped onto the floor. Yugi's eyes widened and his breath caught in his throat.

He wore a long sleeved black top, but along the sides of the sleeves and up each side of the top looked if they had been crisscrossed or braded. Pale white skin peeked though the ties in a teasing and very attractive manner. The man was not particularly tall, but he was very slender and obviously had a nice build. His narrow hips and long legs were encased in a pair of loose fitting, black, leather pants. On his feet were a pair of very stylish black boots. Yugi had never thought of all black as sexy, but on the mystery man it really worked. Even his hair was similar to Yugi's, it was truly remarkable. The man walked to the middle of the dance floor and looked around the crowd, a hand on his hip. To his right another man stepped onto the stage. His hair was a short brown and his expression looked more annoyed than anything else. He wore a long black shirt as well, but also had on a white leather jacket and what looked to be black dress pants. The boots he wore clanked softly as he walked up to the other man. When they stood face to face it was obvious to see the brunet was easily six feet tall. From their left yet another man climbed onto the stage. He grinned knowingly as he ran over. His long black hair was done up in a ponytail, showing off his multiple pierced ears. Unlike the other two, the black haired man wore a red vest that exposed his muscular chest, brown pants and tennis shoes. The man turned and nodded to the DJ. The DJ nodded and on the screen behind him words flashed, 'DJ Ra's Dance Remix. Fangirl's do not throw your panties until after the show.' The men turned to face the crowd. The black haired man on the left, the brunet on the right, and Yugi's twin in the middle. The music started and all three men took a stance, their right arms raised in the air.

So I got my boots on, got the right 'mount of leather
And I'm doing me up with a black color liner
And I'm workin' my strut but I know it don't matter
All we need in this world is some love

Their hands came down just as all three of them took a step forward. They then, still in rhythm, brought both arms out and then back in as each of then did a full turn. Their arms crossed in front of their faces and then their hands went to their chests, where their fingers raked down their clothes provocatively. They pointed to the audience, and winked.

There's a thin line 'tween the dark side and the light side baby tonight
It's a struggle gotta rumble trying to find it

They clapped there hands before taking several steps forward. Their right arms went down and then back up before they swung them around their heads as if they had a lasso, all the while their hips swayed to the beat of the music. The man in the middle kneeled to the ground and then leaped back up, while in the air he managed to do a complete turn and then land on his feet with a devilish smile. They moved back and then the black haired man took center stage. His eyes were fixed on a rather voluptuous women in the front of the crown. He grinned at her and began rotating his lips from side to side enticingly.

But if I had you, that would be the only thing I'd ever need
Yeah if I had you, then money, fame and fortune never could compete
If I had you, life would be a party it'd be ecstasy
Yeah, if I had you

While Yugi watched him he was suddenly reminded of how male birds danced or showed off their plumage to attract a mate. At that thought Yugi broke down in laughter, tears coming to his eyes. He couldn't help it. He immediately got this picture of the man with peacock feathers strutting around the dance floor. He laughed even harder. When he finally stifled his giggles he looked down at the table at his empty drink. He was already feeling better. The music changed beats and instead of a male singer a female's voice cried out.

Now's the time, get in line, don't be afraid tonight
We're gonna take you high, before you realize
'Round and 'round you'll go, up and down, never slow

His twin took center stage again and Yugi froze when it seemed the man was staring right at him. A smiled curved over his handsome face as he placed a finger to his lips. With a twist of his gorgeous body he turned away from Yugi, letting the back of his hand brush against his cheek. While his back was turned his foot taped three times before he back flipped and landed on his hands. Yugi's mouth dropped open. The man lowered himself back to his feet and looked over his shoulder, directly at Yugi once more. He faced Yugi and let his hand slide down his chest and over his abdomen. Yugi gulped. If the man was trying to give him a courtship display, it was defiantly working. Yugi shifted uncomfortably in the booth, his cut off shorts becoming increasingly tight.

Feel the excitement grow, oh
This is where you let go

Hands high like a roller coaster
This love is taking over
Take us higher here we go
Oh, oh, oh
Welcome to the show

The man fell on all fours and brought his right leg around in a wide circle before brining it back under him and then over his left, which he was using for balance. His right hand lifted and his body twisted so the he was lying on his side. He then rolled over on his stomach and rose up on his knees once more. His head flipped up and his dark smolder gaze locked with Yugi's as he crawled towards him on all fours like some kind of predator. He sat back and extended his right hand high above his head. A second later his right leg and foot stretched out to touch it. He climbed to his feet and tossed his hair as his hands slid up his hips. Once again the beat changed and a new females voice came over the speakers.

You're from a whole 'nother world
A different dimension
You open my eyes
And I'm ready to go
Lead me into the light

Kiss me, kiss me
Infect me with your love and
Fill me with your poison

The three of them were standing side by side again. In unison they stepped to the right and then took two steps to the left, turned on their heels, and bent over. They came up, looking over their shoulders as they held their head in their hands. They turned again and pointed to the audience. The music blared to its climax as the last lyrics played out like some haunting melody. Its words making Yugi's blood boil as they crawled under his skin in into his heart.

If I said my heart was beating loud
If we could escape the crowd somehow
If I said I want your body now
Would you hold it against me?

The men relaxed their bodies. The crowd around them screamed and went crazy. Even through cat calls filled the air the man in the middle seemed completely oblivious to them as he continued to stare at Yugi. Yugi shivered. He was a little frightened. No one had ever showed such blatant sexual interest in him before. A blush colored Yugi's cheeks. To be wanted by such an attractive and alluring man on top of that only made Yugi wonder… why him? The black haired man was blowing kisses to the various women while the brunet turned and touched Yugi's twin on the shoulder. The man looked to him, said something and nodded. He turned to begin walking away and off the dance floor, but not before he looked over his shoulder one last time, a smile playing across his lips.

"Did you see that!" Jonouchi screamed, clapping Yugi painfully of the back. The force of the hit caused Yugi to practically face plant on the table. He groaned, rubbing the back of his neck, pain sheering down his spine.

"See what?" Yugi asked, a bit breathless.

"That brunette! He was totally staring at me!" Yugi blinked. "What? Didn't you see it?"

Yugi shook his head "To be honest Joey I wasn't," he gulped again "looking at the brunette." Jonouchi whimpered like a dog and slumped back in the booth. His expression looked so dejected Yugi tried to think of something to cheer him up. "Don't worry Joey. I'm sure he was-" Jonouchi suddenly slid out of the booth and stood up. "Joey! Where are you going!" His friend didn't answer but started walking off. Yugi cursed and got up from the table, running after him. "Joey wait!" he called. He tried to catch up to the blonde but unfortunately lost him in the sea of people. He looked around, but with the light it was hard to find anyone. As if to make maters worse the lights darkened as another soundtrack began playing.

Long ago in the ancient past
I remember a life when we first met
In a dark shadow world
Under a big full moon
There and then I could tell
You'd try to break my will

Yugi turned and ran to the bar, hoping Jonouchi had left to get another drink. Someone vacated a stood just as Yugi was approaching. Thinking it would give him a better vantage point he jumped onto the stool. His mouth fell open. It was like a circus juggling at. Three men were behind the bar twirling and tossing full bottles of liquor to one another. There was a boy that looked about Yugi's age with short brown hair that for some reason reminded Yugi of a kuriboh. The kid was dressed in blue jeans and shirtless, a winged kuriboh tattoo peaked out from the waist band of his jeans just above his bottom. The man next to him was obviously older. His hair was black, spiked on the sides, and had yellow steaks. He wore a short sleeved black shirt with an intricate red symbol on the front as well as dark blue jeans and brown boots.

"Yusai! Whipped cream vodka!" called out the boy as he picked up and threw a rather large bottle of clear liquid. The man called Yusai grabbed the bottle back handed, flipped it in the air, and then tipped it over a small shot glass. The water looking liquid flowed into the shot glass like a steady river. When the glass was full he tipped the bottle back and set it on the counter. He held up the shot and looked toward the bar patrons. A girl that was occupying the seat just one over from Yugi grinned knowingly. She leaned forward and then turned onto her back right on the bar, her mouth open. Yusai walked over and poured the shot into her open mouth. When the contents were gone the girl leaned back up, swallowing. She screamed in triumph, a chorus of approving yowls followed her. Yugi continued to stare at the girl in shock.

"What do you want cutie?"

"…Um… I don't really drink." Yugi answered absently, still looking at the girl. When he tore his gaze away and turned back to the bar, he found himself face to face with a very familiar face… yet it seemed different.

But now watch as I rise
To a whole new height
And our mad battle cry
Will be heard all night

You keep on playing
Those dark shadow games and
No I won't be beat again
You keep on playing
Those dark shadow games

Yugi's eyes went wide and he lost all ability to speak. The man standing before him looked exactly like the man he had seen dancing, though his skin was darker. Yugi blinked. Looking at him more closely he could also see that this man's eyes were a dark indigo rather then crimson. The man smiled down at him. He looked as if here were dressed in some old fashioned blouse shirt. It was a long sleeve dark purple shirt, which complimented his eyes, that had a draw sting tie at the neckline. The shirt was overly long and the hem ended just below the man's hips. Yugi really couldn't tell for sure without leaning over the bar, but he was almost positive the man was wearing black leather pants. He mentally groaned. He had always had a thing for leather. "Um… you weren't the one on the dance floor were you?" Yugi asked stupidly.

The bartender laughed "No, that would be my twin brother."

Yugi's breath caught in his chest "Twin?"

The bartender nodded, an amused glint in his eye "Now, are you sure I can't get you anything." He winked.

At that moment Yugi would have ordered anything in the world, if it meant that this sexy man would make it. "I…I.. can you make a Shirley Temple?" The moment the words left his lips he wanted to slap himself. Leave it to him to order a non-alcoholic drink while he was sitting at a bar and talking to a bartender. The bartender was probably going to laugh him out of the club. Yugi fought the urge to bury his head in his hands.

The bartender nodded, a smirk on his sexy mouth. "Nice choice." He spoke in a low sultry tone "I always had a soft spot for cherries." Yugi's face turned a bright shade or red. The bartender twirled a glass in his right hand and let it slide over the back of his hand before it landed right side up on the counter. He pored a shot glass full of grenadine syrup and then picked up a hose that sprayed lemon lime soda into the glass. When the glass was full he dropped in the shot and three ice cubes, kissing the last one before he released. When the drink was pushed in front of him Yugi gulped, trying to think of anything to say.

He glanced down at the glass "No cherry?" The bartender's gaze turned mischievous. As the man called Yusai walked by them the bartender grabbed the cherry from the passing margarita. The stem was forked with two of the sweat fruit at each end. The bartender leaned in; he lifted Yugi's chin and offered the sweet treat teasingly. Yugi opened his mouth, leaned up and grabbed one of them just as the bartender leaned in and grabbed the other. Yugi's eyes widened. They pilled apart, the cherry stem braking in half. The bartender chewed and swallowed the cherry before he smirked and winked at Yugi "Sweet. Just the way I like it."

"Atem!" the bartender turned as Yusai called to him "We got a problem back stage." Yugi looked back and forth between them. Apparently his incredibly erotic bartender was named Atem. It was such an exotic name. It made Yugi think of dark romantic nights underneath the stars.

Atem sighed in disappointment and turned away "Be right there." He looked back to Yugi, smiled and snapped his fingers. From out of nowhere the boy with the kuriboh tattoo appeared at his side. "Give this cutie my specialty. On the house." With that he walked away. Yugi watched him leave with the grace of a king. The man was mystifying in more ways then one.

"So. You've managed to catch the boss's eye. Lucky you." Yugi snapped out of his fantasy and turned to look at the boy. The brunet winked as he slid a tall red drink in front of Yugi. Yugi blinked, he had not even seen the kid make it.

"What is it?"

"We call it a Zombie." The kid looked as if he were going to say more but at that moment Yusai called for Jaden to come help him. So, Yugi was left alone to stare at the frighteningly named drink. Dare he? What if it had some kind of date rap drug in it. He had no plans to get raped tonight, especially when- he froze. He had totally forgotten about Jonouchi. Grabbing his Shirley Temple he then began to squeeze his way through the crowd back to their table. Ryou was probably worried sick about them. He found the table, but other people were already sitting at it. Jonouchi and Ryou were nowhere to be found. Oh, this was not good. He quickly took out his cell phone only to see he had no bars. Well, wasn't that just fan tucking fastic. Looking up toward the second level of the club he spotted what looked to be a balcony. Thinking he could get a better signal from there he turned and made his way toward the stairs. As he walked up the winding staircase he looked out at all the dancers on the floor. Hoping his mystery dancer would make another appearance, but it seemed luck was not on his side tonight. He looked back in front of him and walked into a man who was leaning against the railing.

"Hey, watch it squirt!" Yugi looked up into the blood shot eyes of two men.

He immediately got a bad feeling and tried to apologize as he walked backward "I'm, sorry. I didn't see you."

"How could you not see me!" The men took a step toward him.

"I-I was looking at the dancers. And I didn't-" Yugi tripped and fell backward. His drink flew from his hands and for a second sheer panic enveloped him. However, instead of falling and tumbling down a flight of stairs he was caught, and then lifted with two strong arms back to his feet. Yugi turned wide eyes to the man who was his savior only to have ruby colored irises gaze back at him. Yugi gasped.

"Geez what the fuck!" Yugi quickly looked back at the men to see his drink had splashed over both of them. "You little fuck!" they yelled. The bigger of the two men took a step forward and then seemed to recoil as if in pain.

Yugi looked on in confusion, then yelped as he was picked up and carried over one shoulder. Yugi struggled "Hey, wait, where are you taking me!" he called as the crowd seemed to part to make way for them. Yugi's cries fell of completely deaf ears. He was carried practically to the back of the club. He strained to turn his body so that he could see where they were going. They were walking toward a wall that had three red doors, each with a keypad at the side. They approached one of them. His captor extended his hand and pressed a thumb to the green scanner. A light flashed and the door opened. He was carried inside.

He was set down on a circular red couch. Yugi leaned up and then gaped at the room they were in. All around them were mirrors. He could literally see out into the club and all its dancing patrons. He could even still hear the music clearly. He rose to his feet and walked over to one of the walls, touching it. "Is this a mirror?"

"One way mirrors, to be exact." Replied a very dark and sultry voice that made Yugi's spine turn to jelly. A hot body pressed up against his back and hands moved up his sides to then embrace him. Hot lips pressed against the back of his neck. Yugi gasped and pushed back into the touch. "I saw you watching me." The man whispered in his ear.

"It-it was kind of hard not to." Yugi gasped as his legs started to tremble. Teeth grazed against his skin and made his whole back want to arch in pleasure.

"Did you like the show?" His tongue darted out to lick the shell of Yugi's ear. Yugi made a startled yip sound before he moaned. The man's hands traveled down and cupped the bugle that was straining against the seam of his shorts. "I can see that you did." His laughter was as dark and arousing as everything else about him. Yugi frantically tried to compose himself and get his mind to stop splashing round in the gutter.

"Wait, stop." He moaned unconvincingly "I- I'm not this kind of guy." He managed to gather up enough strength to push away "I'm not…I'm not some slut." His breathing was frantic and every cell in his body protested what he was doing. "I… I don't even know your name."

The man looked at him and then took a seat on the couch. "I am Yami." He smiled "And believe me, I can tell a slut from ten feet away. I never thought you were one." His gaze darkened "That's why we wanted you."

Yugi gulped "Me? Why?"

"You are too adorable." His eyes scanned down Yugi's body "And that outfit only adds to it." Yugi looked down at himself. He was wearing a light blue t-shirt and his cut off black shorts with his tennis shoes. He didn't exactly see how the outfit made him look cute. He stopped and thought back to what Yami had said "Did you say…we?"

Before he could get an answer the door opened and in came the darker skinned Atem, his eyes practically sizzled with heat when he saw Yugi. "I'm so glad you could make it."

Yugi gulped and backed up into the glass. Was this really happening? His eyes darted back and forth between Yami and Atem. What could they want? He frowned at his own question and rolled his eyes. It was more then obvious what they wanted. He shifted uneasily from one foot to the other. Should he? He hardly knew them. But did he seriously want to pass up such a once-in-a-lifetime chance. After all, boys like him never attracted the attention of studs like these. More then anything however, Yugi was still technically a virgin. He glance downward to the obvious bulge in Yami's pants. He wondering if the real thing would feel better then his toys.

"My brother and I would like to request your company for the night." Atem smiled. He shut the door behind him and came to sit next to Yami. He crossed his long legs and folded his hands gently in his lap as he waited for Yugi to answer. Once again the image of a king entered Yugi's mind.

Yugi gulped, his cheeks felt hot as he tried to look for words to say. "My company? That's a nice way of putting it." He joked.

Yami chuckled "Scared are you? I promise if you say yes that we'll take care of that fear for you." He winked "You won't be disappointed." As if to emphasize Yami turned and leaned into Atem as he kissed his cheek and then moved to bite his ear. Atem's eyes fluttered closed as he moaned and pushed into Yami's touch. He turned his head and cupping his brother's face in his heads. He brought their lips together for a heated open mouthed kiss.

Yugi watched the scene before him in open mouthed fascination. He brought a hand to cover his mouth from making any noise as he sank to his knees. His eyes followed every movement they made. Yami's hands griped Atem's shirt and moved it up to expose his muscular chest and flat stomach. Atem broke the kiss and grinned at him before he helped Yami with taking his shirt off. The moment the garment fell to the floor Yami quickly striped off his own shirt and then feasted on the tanned skin of Atem's chest. A pink tongue flicked over a dusky nipple before he teasingly bit it. Atem gasped and arched his back "You fucking tease." He growled. Yami lifted his head and looked up at his brother with a knowing grin. A little whimper escaped Yugi.

They turned back to him. Yugi's face was as pink as it could possibly get. One hand still covered his mouth while the other was covering and pressing against his groin, trying to hide his excitement. "Well, what do you say little one?" Yami asked with a smirk.

Yugi's body trembled. Throwing caution to the wind he looked at both men and nodded slowly. It had always been a dream of his to have sex with twins. "Then come here, and sit between us." Atem moved and patted the spot. Yugi nodded again, at a loss for any words. He crawled to the couch and sat. Atem's arms immediately embraced him "You are too cute." He purred.

Yami's arm wrapped around his shoulder while his other hand began to unzip Yugi's shorts. He pressed a kiss to his ear and whispered "When we're done with you. You won't even be able to walk straight." Yugi's body trembled even more "Are you still scared? Or are you just sensitive." The sound of the zipper stopped and through his underwear Yugi could feel fingers brushing against the tip of his penis. "Tell me little one. What do you like?"

"Like?" Yugi gasped as Atem turned his head and began sucking on the juncture of his neck. "I-I don't know."

"Then I guess I'll just have to experiment." A rough hand took hold of his shoulder and pulled him down until he was laying on his back looking up at the both of them. Yami smirked "I've got the shirt."

"Then that leaves me the shorts." added Atem. Hot hands grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it easily over his head. Yugi's mind was frantic with the new sensations. Yami's fingers found and plucked at his pink nipples, making him squirm in both pain and pleasure as his skin seemed to become ultra sensitive. His mouth opened on a silent scream as his shorts were roughly tugged to his knees and then slipped off. He felt his shoes and socks being striped from him as well. Hands just as hot as the ones playing with his chest toyed with the hem of his boxer briefs and snapped the waist band, making him yelp. He closed his eyes as he lied back, surrendering himself simply to their whims. Perhaps it was the alcohol, or just his hormones going wild, but he wanted everything these men offered him. He may not be guilty, but damn did he feel as if he was ready to confess. Outside the walls he could hear the beat of the music change as a new song began.

Heat, fire, hunger… Yugi writhed under them. When his underwear was tugged down and a hot mouth enveloped around his head. Reckless passion stole his breath. "Yes," he whispered with a satisfied sigh, but gasped when Atem's tongue swirled around the slit. A hand cupped his cheek. Yugi blinked up at Yami through his sensual fog. His feral smile was unnerving. Yami took his mouth in a ferociously possessive kiss. Yugi arched his back while his tongue parried Yami's, his concerns washing away under the ruthless flood of carnal heat.

Atem released Yugi's arousal with a smile as he licked his lips. He kissed his way up Yugi's body. Yami broke their kiss and turned his head to look toward his brother "How did he taste?"

"Like white chocolate." He grinned. His arms wrapped around Yugi as he moved him onto his hands and knees. Yugi immediately understood what Atem was planning and his hands went to the man's pants, undoing the button and then sliding down the zipper of the soft leather. He didn't know what was more surprising. The sight at seeing Atem's black silk boxers with little gold hieroglyphics, or Yami's tongue as it licked and moved over all of his most exposed and sensitive areas. Yugi moaned and closed his eyes for a second, enjoying the sensation. He turned back to Atem's groin and tugged down the pants as much as he could. His small hands slipped under the waist band, finding the others man's erection with ease. The sight of his own pail skin against Atem's dark was beyond erotic.

He stared at Atem's erection. His belly clenched with chafing eagerness. He could not wait to taste the man. To finally know what it was like. He opened his mouth and took in just the tip. A bead of slightly salt moisture spread across her tongue. A tingle of warmth washed through him. He stroked his tongue across the slit, wanting to taste more. Lust gripped him as he lashed the underside with the fullness of his tongue, sucking as best he could. He was rewarded by a throaty groan from the other man before he said breathlessly "More. Take more of me!" Yugi attempted to relax his throat and swallow as he went down as far as he could. His eyes widened when he felt Yami's tongue be replaced by his fingers. He could feel his index finger press and then circle around his anus. It felt… wet and warm. When had he managed to get lubricant? The thought perplexed Yugi for a second until his mind went completely blank as the finger finally pressed and pushed past his first ring of muscles.

Yugi's throat clamped around Atem's erection as he closed his eyes to deal with the pain. He moaned loudly. Atem gasped and his hips thrust subconsciously. Yami chuckled "You are tight little one." He kissed Yugi's right butt cheek "I can not wait until we are inside you."

Yugi's froze and pulled back. He released Atem's sex with an audible pop. His cheeks darkened "B-both of you?"

"But of course, little one." Atem said breathlessly as he leaned forward to lick the small drop of precum from the corner of Yugi's mouth. "Do not worry. We will make sure you are ready first."

Yugi nodded. He leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Yami's neck. "Kiss me." Straddling Atem's long legs, Yugi reached between them for the strong column of Atem's erection. It was hot and very rigid in his fingers. The finger inside him twisted and pushed against his walls in the most wonderful manner. A second finger was soon added. The digests scissored and then thrust in roughly, making Yugi cry out. Atem grabbed Yugi's face and brought him in for a sensual kiss. His cries were absorbed by Atem as Yami added a third finger. What little pain he was feeling was soon being swept away by unfathomable pleasure. Yugi did not even want to imagine how much what they were doing would have hurt if he had not already experiment with toys. His ears perked at the sound of a zipper and then clothes shuffling. Was Yami- he felt more warm lubricant being added.

"He's ready." Yami moaned, giving Yugi a playful slap to his ass. Trembling with eagerness, Yugi pushed farther back, centering Atem's broad head on his entrance. Biting his lower lip, he pushed down. The Head put up little resistance and slid in easily. The rest of Atem was a little more difficult. Yugi's breathing quickened as he slowly took him in inch by inch, gasping when his bottom finally pressed against the man's tanned hips.

Yugi's entire body clenched around the invasion. Atem caught his hips "Easy, my heart. You are snug and I," he groaned "am not small." He kissed Yugi's forehead. Yugi winced as he felt Atem lift his hips and withdraw only to slam back in. He screamed, the pleasure was unlike anything he had ever imagined. Atem caught him around the waist with one arm. "I have you." He brought Yugi to lean against him, exposing the boy for his brother. Yugi moaned with the feel of his muscles being stretching. "Very good, and relax." Yami set his cheek next to Yugi's, his chest rising and falling against Yugi's own. "Wrap your arms around my neck." Yugi lifted his hands and tangled his fingers in Atem's soft yet spiky hair. Atem lifted his hands to cup Yugi's bottom and spread him. The closeness of their bodies had Yugi's erection encased between their warm stomachs.

Yugi rocked his hips forward, earning a groan from both of them. "Oh little one, that is delicious. Do not stop."

Yugi wanted to reply but he felt a sharp nip at the back of his neck "I hope you haven't forgotten about me." Yami chuckled. He licked his hips, his gaze looked down where Atem was joined and thrusting into Yugi. "I believe that is quite the most enticing view I have ever seen."

"Is that so?" Atem chuckled, causing his erection jammed tightly within Yugi to vibrate slightly. "Then the next time I take you, we shall do it in front of a mirror so you may see yourself." Yugi stiffened with the image of Yami impaled by Atem, as he was. His erection jerked against their bellies and a healthy amount of precum leaked forth. "Ah, even our little one is inspired." Yugi froze when he felt the heat of Yami's erection press against him. It was trying insistently to stretch Yugi's entrance to make more room. Yugi immediately began to worry and struggle. Comforting lips kissed his jaw "Shhh, little one. Relax and let him in." Yugi pulled back to look into Atem's smoldering gaze. He gulped and nodded. He hugged Atem once more as he willed his body to relax. There was a searing pain as his muscles finally expanded. He screamed when Yami thrust himself completely inside. It felt as if he were being split in half. It was so hot, so intense, like fire itself. Tears sprang to his eyes. Comforting kisses form both Yami and Atem soothed him as they saw fit to wait for him to adjust.

After several moments of complete stillness Yugi gulped and whispered "Alright. I think I'm ok now." He moved and arched into Yami's caress as his fingernails trailed down his spine before grabbing his hips. Yami withdrew himself at the same time as Atem. Yugi's eyes widened and when they both thrust in together he lost the ability to breath. He reeled in sock. He could not believe he was actually being double penetrated. It was unbelievable, sadistic, and exciting. Yami angled his thrusts and moved his body so that he could embrace them both. His thrusts driving hard and fast into Yugi along with his brother. Atem's hand moved between his and Yugi's bodies to grab and start stoking Yugi's erection. Yugi's climax swelled and crested with horrific intensity. He clamped a hand over his mouth to keep from screaming.

Atem purred "He is there."

Yami groaned, "As are we." Atem stroked Yugi harder. Yugi felt the tiny tremble that marked his fall into climax. His orgasm exploded and clawed angrily through him. He cried out, though it was muffled by his hand. Warm, sticky seed splashed between his and Atem's stomach as his muscles all contracted at once. Atem cried out under him and his sex pulsed in Yugi's core. Behind him Yami bit into his shoulder. Nearly at the same time Yugi felt wet, sticky, heat fill him to the brim. He choked on a gasp and fell backward into Yami's arms. He panted, gasping for air. His legs trembled, tears fell from his eyes, and his vision went blurry. "That was… wonderful." He whispered. He closed his eyes, letting the exhaustion take him. His vision went black.


Yugi whimpered as the light irritated his eyes. He rolled over and snuggled further into his soft comfy pillows. He sighed and moved his leg to wrap it around the pillow he was currently cuddling. A sharp twinge of pain shot from his bottom to all the way down his leg. He sucking in a startled breath and moved his leg back, groaning. He opened his eyes and blinked several times in order to let them adjust to the morning light streaming through his window. His window? He turned his head and looked up at his ceiling. When had he made it back to his room? Had all of it been nothing more then a wonderful dream? He leaned up and gasped again as another twinge of pain came over his lower half. Dreams didn't leave you unable to walk. He slowly managed to get out of his bed and hobble his was into his bathroom. He slid open the glass door and turned the spray onto the hottest that it would go. He needed a warm shower to relax his body; otherwise people would start asking questions. He managed to unbutton and slide of his pajamas, though he didn't remember ever getting into them, before he climbed in the shower. He leaned his head and arms against the cool tile and just let the water hit his lower back, buttocks, and legs. He sighed.

What had he been thinking? He knew he should regret what he had done the night before. After all, he gave his virginity to two complete strangers he would never see again. Then, on another note, it was just as likely that if he hadn't have given it to them that somewhere in the future he would have met someone who he did give his virginity to only to have that person leave him with a broken heart later. Maybe, when compared to that, perhaps giving it to a stranger was not so bad. Oh, who was he kidding? His back spasmed again. Was it going to be this way every time he had sex? He hoped not.

He closed his eyes and remembered the twins. God, they had really lived up to their word. Suddenly the memory of what Atem had said to him repeated in his mind. "Easy, my heart." The words seemed to resonate through his blood and then settle in his heart. Yugi shook his head. The man hadn't meant it that way so he wished his heart would just realize it was a one night stand and nothing more. Why was it that the heart and the mind were never on the same page? When he ran out of hot water Yugi turned off the shower, walked out, and began to dry himself off. He walked back into his room, his body feeling significantly better. He stopped in mid stride when he looked at his bed. Nestled amongst his pillows was a chibi plush of the Duel Monsters character The Dark Magician. A small note was stuck to its purple armor. Yugi sat down on his bed and picked up the plush. It was beyond adorable. Had his grandfather bought it for him knowing it was his favorite? He pulled off the note and unfolded it. It read, To our little light, and our heart. It was unsigned. Yugi refolded the note and stared down at the plush in shock. How did they- "Yugi!" called his grandfather from the bottom of the stairs "Your friends are here to see you!"

"Coming!" Yugi called back, quickly jumping off his bed and dressing. Five minuets later he was rushing down the stairs and into the main entrance of the game shop "Sorry Joey I was-" He stopped in mid sentence when he saw that it was not Ryou or Jonouchi at the door, but the twins. He gaped "How…how did you…"

They stood before him wearing casual street clothes, smiling. "Your wallet." Yami answered his unspoken question.

"When you passed out we opened your wallet to find your i.d. and see where you lived. We brought you home." Atem elaborated. "Don't worry. Your grandfather just thinks you partied a little too hard and fell asleep on the ride back."

Yugi looked over his shoulder to make sure his grandfather was not listening before he looked back to the two men. "I… Thank you." He blushed "Um, … did you leave that plush in my room?"

"When we went through your wallet trying to find that i.d. card we also found your limited edition first addition Dark Magician card. That character happens to be Atem and my's favorite too." Yami shrugged "I bought the plush a long time ago, thinking that one day I would give it to someone."

Atem nodded "I think it was meant to be with you. Destiny, shall we say."

Yugi gulped. He should be a little unnerved by the twins forwardness, but his heart seemed to be dancing in his chest "Destiny? You mean… it wasn't just a one time thing?"

Yami and Atem faces looked taken back as they both quickly replied "No." Atem walked forward and placed a hand on Yugi's shoulder "Little one, could you not tell from last night?"

"I remember you calling me your heart. But I just-" he was silenced by Atem's lips. Yugi immediately closed his eyes; returning the kiss with very emotion he felt.

When they broke apart Yami was beside him kissing the side of his head "You are our heart, our light, our little one."

"But… isn't this kind of all very sudden? I mean…" he tried to think of the right words.

Yami smiled "There is such a thing as love at first sight, you know." He grasped Yugi's right hand "Now come on. We're taking you out on a date."


The End

A/N: *stretches* man this took a long time to finish. I watched several choreography videos in order to get the dancing just right and listened to several songs as I looked for just the right lyrics. I was going to write in what happened to Ryou and Joey, but it just seemed unneeded and it cut into the hot threesome action, so it got cut. I hope you readers like it. If you see any errors please do not hesitate to point them out so that i may fix them. Please review and as always have a nice day!

disclaimer- double penetration, though hot, is also dangerous and should be performed with extreme care or only done by fictitious characters.

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"Hold it against me" by Brittany Spears

"Shadow Games" by Jean (Yugioh the movie soundtrack)