title: I'll Be Happy in the Dark

summary + a/n: four times she asks him why, and one time he asks her the same. David/Eve. Set post- Underworld Awakening. #that awkward moment when you ship a pairing that doesn't even have any subtext.

Eve asks him afterwards, on the rooftop where her father was, why he would risk his life so many times to protect her and her mother.

"Because you're something worth fighting for," David says, looking from her mother to her.

She nods, and takes him at his word.

The next time Eve asks him, she is seventeen and the war between vampires, humans, and the lycans is a fresh wound in all their minds.

David's died again, and she crosses the battlefield for him, steps over the corpses of her fallen brethren, thinking after, later and finally she finds him under the body of a super lycan - my gift unto this world. She lifts the body off of his easily, stares into his broken and bloodied face, and reaches into his stomach letting her wounds restart his dead heart.

David gasps to life, and smiles at her painfully when she removes her hand from his insides.

Eve asks him again, "Why would you die for us? We did not need you at this battle."

All he says is, "I would die for you always," before passing out again.

She carries David off the battlefield, and doesn't leave his side until he's regained consciousness.

It is lucky for the rest of the fallen that the sun doesn't rise that day.

She is 31, and David finds her after the meeting. Eve's not upset per say, but the insinuation that she'll be forever alone makes her grit her teeth, want to cut into her skin like she did when she was younger.

She's on the rooftop, waiting for the inevitable sunrise when she senses his presence moving closer. She doesn't leave, nor does she turn to meet him.

"Why?" she asks him softly, staring into the twilit sky.

"Don't you know?" he says.

She does, so she turns without looking at him, and walks off the roof into the streets below.

He doesn't follow.

It has been at least a hundred years since the vampires reclaimed the land, and Eve has stopped counting her age. Selene has left her to attend to an uprising in the East, and Michael finds her in her room, staring out the window.

"She'll be fine," he says, sitting in the seat across from her.

They sit there in silence for a long while, and finally he breaks it, says, "But you're not worried for her."

Eve looks at him, shakes her head furiously, and says, "Of course I am."

He clasps her hand in his own, his skin a warm comfort that her mother's could never be, and says, "Of course, but I don't need to be able to see through your eyes to know how you feel."

Eve can't meet his eyes for a moment, and when she is able, she says, "He said he'd die for me always."

Whywhywhy, she asks him, but he's too far away to hear.

Her father hugs her, whispers soothing words in her hair that do nothing to ease her pain.

It is days later that she finds him sitting in his bedroom, shirtless with cuts scattered across his chest.

"I got jumped by a particularly vicious lycan," David says by way of explanation. She walks towards him without saying a word, and sits down beside him on his bed.

"Eve?" he says, giving her a questioning look.

She kisses him then, hard enough to bruise, digs her teeth into his lips until the heady taste of blood is on her tongue. David returns her kiss, cutting her tongue with his teeth until all she knows is himandher.

When she finally pulls away, she stares at him critically until he asks, "Why?"

"I would die for you, too."