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The Ways of Tea and Failure



Today has been weird, but it could be totally normal, I wouldn't know, all I know is that it's my first day away from home, and we've been chased by three Firenation girls who would probably have been scary if I wasn't the greatest Earthbender in the world. The others blamed me for Appa shedding, so I left, if they don't want me, I'll go somewhere else. I don't care what they think, 'cause I only need myself, I've only ever needed me, right? I was so certain before I met the old guy. That, by far, was the weirdest thing.

I'd left the group, and was wandering off to explore, when I felt this old guy behind some rocks, so I knocked him over with Earthbending, and he made me tea. I don't really know much about how people act when they're not around me, but why would a guy want to make tea for the girl who had just knocked him over? He was a really cool guy, though. He said some really wise stuff, and saw me as a person, not just a blind girl.

I've been thinking about what he said, and what I said. I suppose getting help really isn't that bad… as long as they need my help to, which they do, 'cause they'll never find a better Earthbending teacher. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to have someone other than me.

I can feel fighting a ways a way, two fights actually, but one of them is just about over. Everyone's heading for the smaller fight that keeps vanishing, I guess Twinkletoes is part of that one, and Blue Fire would be the other, since she bosses the other two around. I head in that direction, and I can feel Snoozles and Sugar Queen join in, as well as another kid and the old man. Well, maybe I should go help out, you know, 'cause I'm nice like that, and afterwards I could travel with them, if they ask, and maybe we could, I mean, it's not like I care if we're not, but maybe we could be friends.