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Chapter 2

Madara grumbled as he got up from his spot on the tree branch. He never did like mornings, and that would never change.

Once on the ground he stretched tiredly, then began his search for a river or spring. It was still dark, about an hour before sunrise, so he wasn't in any rush to get to Konoha. As he walked his thoughts drifted on to what happened only a few hours ago.

He could still remember the conversation he had with Shinigami clearly, but only the truly important parts of, like the information on his grandchildren and and the mission he was assigned. Speaking of his great grandchild, he wondered what the boy was like, and how old he is. Hopefully he wasn't crazy or distant like most other jinchuuriki.

He was worried about how he was going to explain his revival and mission to the Hokage. He doubted that anyone would believe that, and he would most likely be killed after being interrogated. Or even worse experimented on. He shuddered at the thought.

A few minutes later he found a small stream, and was ready to make his way to Konoha about any hour later. He had a small problem to fix before he could leave though, which was finding out where he was so he knew which way to go to get to Konoha. He closed his eyes and concentrated on finding a area close by that had a large group of chakra, which would signify a village of some sort would be close by.

Surprisingly there was a very large group of chakra not to far from where he was, but it was faint, like as if someone had a barrier around the area.

'Its most likely a shinobi village. Konoha had a similar type of barrier place around it.' Madara thought absentmindedly, and made him a little more alert on his surroundings. It wouldn't be good to be caught another village since he really didn't have any weapons to defend himself. Not to mention his chakra was already low from the fight before, and now he didn't have the power he used to which was going to set him back quite a bit.

As he was going over his new weaknesses an idea struck him. Maybe thats how he could convince them he was harmless to them now. He didn't have the power to take out the village anymore, so they wouldn't have to worry about that. Besides he also had his eternal mangekyou sharigan which would allow him to control the Kyuubi inside his grandchild and make sure it couldn't attack the village. He had no wish to destroy Konoha anyways, in fact if he was correct he was here to prevent that Tobi fellow from doing anything to it.

Shaking his head from his thoughts, he cautiously started walking east towards the village he sensed. Hopefully he would run into any trouble on his way there, he wasn't in the mood to deal with trouble.

He watched the sun rise higher in the sky as he walked. Watching the sunrise was always one of his favorite things to do since he was a child. It gave him a calm feeling, and it helped him clear his thoughts. It was also a time in the day that used to be able to spend with his brother, for Izuna had loved watching the sunrise as well.

It always depressed him a bit when he thought of his younger brother. They had been very close, and despite popular belief he would never hurt his brother. Even when Izuna had told people he had willingly given his eyes to him no one had believed them, except for one, Hashirama.

He could feel hurt and anger begin to seep inside of him as he thought about his old friend. Hashirama had been one of the few people he had trusted, and his only friend. He still felt betrayed by the man, but now that he was calm and thinking rationally until like all those years ago, he could understand Hashirama's choices a bit better now. That didn't mean he liked them any better though.

He could really hold a grudge on him though. Hashirama had tried to help him when he had been attacked by his killer.

'Wait a minute.' Madara thought as realization dawned on him, and stopped walking. 'My killer... who was... who the hell killed me!'

He couldn't believe that this hadn't crossed his mind earlier. Desperately he tried remembering what happened all those years ago, but found that a lot of it was clouded as if someone had taken out parts of the memory.

All he could remember was walking out of the village and going to a cliff that down to a river, then getting attacked by a man that was at least his age maybe a tad bit younger. He had been an equal match in power, and he had also had the same sharigan. The last bit he could remember was Hashirama coming to his aid, him turning to looked at Hashirama, then blinding pain and the feeling of being in water. After that everything went black, and the next thing he knew he was talking with Shinigami.

He was going to have all kinds of problems if Hashirama didn't explain what happened that day in detail. He had no idea what the unknown man could have done after killing him, and he realized that he could very well be blamed for anything that happened.

He would have to find a Yamanaka and ask them to go through his memories. Then at least he could have some back up in case Hashirama didn't say anything. He couldn't see why he wouldn't say anything, but you never know.

Sighing heavily, he began walking again. 'Could this Tobi have something to do with my death?' Madara thought curiously. There had to be another reason for Shinigami to have chosen him besides for training his grandchild, so could this be it? Was Tobi the reason for death, and was that why he couldn't be the one to kill the man?

"So many questions, and no damn answers." Madara grumbled to himself irritably. He wasn't going to dwell on it at the moment though. He would get his answers one way or another later.

What he should be worrying about right now is getting to Konoha, and to start preparing his explanation on how exactly he was alive. With one last glance to the sun, that was now high in the sky, he quickened his pace.


Mikoto walked threw the market at a leisurely pace. It was a nice day so she decided that it wouldn't hurt to go to the villages market to get the items that she needed for dinner instead of going to the one in the Uchiha compound. There was also another reason she came out today and see was trying to see if he was anywhere around, but she didn't see him.

Out of the corner of her eye however she saw her eldest son walking towards. She turned to him and gave him a smile.

"Hello honey, is something wrong?" Mikoto asked once Itachi was in front of her. He usually didn't come to see her when she was out unless something happened at home. She hoped he wasn't here because Fugaku tried cooking again. It had been an uncharacteristically sweet thing from him to make them dinner, but he nearly burnt the house down.

"Nothings wrong this time." He quickly assured her. "I have the day off and I don't want to stay in the compound so I came to see what you were doing." Itachi stated. In truth he just wanted to spend time with, his mom was always nice to be around. He was definitely a mamma's boy but he would never admit to it.

Mikoto's smile widened at his answer. "I'm not doing anything interesting, just shopping for tonights dinner." She informed, and beckoned for him to follow her as she started walking. "Would you mind helping me?"

"Not at all." Itachi replied as he glanced at the shopping list in his mother's hand. It seemed she didn't need much today.

"Wheres Sasuke?" Mikoto questioned as she and Itachi walked. It was rare to see Itachi away from his little brother. After Sasuke turned six not to long ago he usually pestered Itachi to train him so he would be ready for the academy next year.

"Hes at the training ground with Shiusi." Itachi said, looking over at his mom. "He had nothing better to do today so he said he wouldn't mind training him today."

Mikoto raised a worried eyebrow. It wasn't that she didn't trust Shiusi, it was just that he at times wasn't always the best influence for children. He tended to let his hormones take control most of the time.

"Don't worry he knows not to say anything bad in front of Sasuke." Itachi quickly said when he saw his mother's look. His cousin may be a bit (okay a lot) of a pervert but he wasn't that stupid.

Before she could reply to Itachi, she saw who she was looking for earlier. Accidentally ignoring her eldest, she kept her attention and sight on the little blond boy, her youngest. No one knew that was her son except for Itachi and the Hokage, but not even the boy knew he had family.

Itachi sadly watched his mother discreetly follow his baby brother. He knew how much it hurt her not to be able to talk to Naruto, but if anyone else found out that he was her son she and Naruto would be in danger. He personally had no problem with the fact his mother had an affair with another man, his father was a cruel man who he thought didn't deserve his mother. It just saddened him that his brother was all alone, and that was the only thing he blamed her for.

He had been five when found out that Naruto wasn't his father's child. It had been an accident, but he over heard her crying one night when his father was gone.

(Flash back)

Itachi sleepily walked out of his room and into the living to see what the noise that had woken him up was. He was surprised to see his mother sitting in the arm chair with one hand over her eyes sobbing, while she held her stomach.

'Why is mom crying? Is something wrong with the baby?' Itachi thought worriedly. They had just found out today that she was pregnant again, so wasn't she suppose to be happy? He remained quiet though and strained his ears to listen when he heard her mumbling.

"What am I-sob- going to-sob- do?" Mikoto cried, her words broken by hard sobs. "I can't tell Fugaku or he'll-sob- kill the baby and me."

Itachi's eyes widened at what he heard. Why would father kill them?

"Mom what happened? Why is dad would dad hurt you two?" Itachi questioned, scared. "Whats wrong with the baby?"

Mikoto froze when she heard Itachi's voice. This wasn't good. "Itachi what are you doing out of bed?" Mikoto asked, trying to sound stern.

"I woke up from a lot noise in here, and I found you crying." Itachi informed, as he crawled into her lap so he could see her face better. He didn't like the sad look he saw in her usually happy eyes.

Now Mikoto knew she had a very big problem here. Itachi was much smarter then kids his age were, and would not let it go until he found out exactly what the problem was. He could usually tell when someone was lying, so that was out of the question.

Mikoto sighed and wiped her eyes. "Don't worry about it Itachi, everything is fine. Go back to bed." Mikoto ordered.

Stubbornly, Itachi stayed on his spot on her lap. He wasn't leaving until he got the answers he wanted, or at least until she carried him back to his room, but if that happened he would just follow her back out.

Mikoto sighed again, and mentally cursed her son's stubbornness. She knew she could trust Itachi with this secret, but she didn't want him to hate her. "Itachi, I'll tell you whats wrong, but only if you promise to never ever tell anyone." She finally said after a few minutes of debating her choices.

"I promise I won't ever tell anyone." Itachi agreed seriously, much to serious for a boy his age.

Mikoto felt like her heart jumped into her throat as he prepared herself to tell her secret to her son. "You see Itachi, I did something bad not to long ago when I was sad." Mikoto began, trying to ignore her son's surprised expression. "Since I did that bad thing that means your new brother or sister isn't your full sibling."

Itachi was confused,what did she mean. "Does this mean I won't have another sibling?" Itachi questioned sadly.

"No Itachi, it just means that he or she will be your half brother or half sister. This isn't your father's child." Mikoto explained, trying not to cry again. She didn't know how she was going to tell poor Minato this.

Now it made more since for Itachi. He didn't know how it happened but he did know people could have a baby with someone else, and he also knew that his clan didn't take kindly to people of the clan or outside of the clan who did this. His poor mom, she was going to be in a lot of trouble.

"So dad doesn't know?" Itachi stated more than questioned.

She shook her head sadly. "No."

"What are you going to do?" Itachi questioned after a few moments of silence.

"I'm going to do what I can do, love and protect this baby to the best of my abilities, just like I do for you and Sasuke." Mikoto answered, giving him a sad smile.

Itachi looked away from her as he thought deeply over her answer. A few minutes later he came to a decision, and looked up at her seriously. "I'll protect the baby too."

(End of flashback)

Itachi kept his word too. Anyone who hurt his baby brother came to regret it, he made sure of it. He and his mother were the ones who secretly made sure Naruto always had food and clothing. Itachi shook his head from his thoughts and hurried after his mother, who was walking away.

Mikoto always did her best to keep an eye on her trouble making son when she saw him out in the market. There were so many people here that hated the 'demon' and would do something on 'accident' that would get her poor boy hurt. She was usually able to prevent it from happening though.

He was much of a prankster yet but he was slowly getting there, much to her and the Hokage dismay. Since the Hokage knew he was her son he had no problem with letting her provide Naruto with things he needed. He knew she wouldn't ever hurt her child.

She pretended to be looking at the different items for sale with Itachi while they both tried to keep an eye on the surprisingly fast child. It seem that he was trying to find some food to buy, which made her frown.

'I just got him food, did something happen.' Mikoto thought worriedly. She noted that he did look a bit banged up now that she was closer. When she found who did it, they were dead men.

"Itachi could you go and check to see what happened to the food I got him. I think someone may have broken into his apartment again." Mikoto asked her son quietly. Itachi nodded slightly and left to do as she asked.

Once he was out of others sighed he took off towards his brother's apartment, he was careful not to be seen though. Once there he quietly slipped in threw the window and looked around. He could see that Naruto had indeed been robbed. His tiny apartment was thrashed, showing that whoever robbed him took the time to ruin whatever Naruto had.

Itachi quickly fixed what he could up in the apartment then left to go and inform his mother of what he had seen. When he was nearing the market he slowed his pace to a quick walk and began searching for his mom.

He was slightly surprised to see what was going on when he got to the market though. A few the higher rank shinobi there were quickly heading towards the gate, while the other talked in groups. He heard someone saying something about an Uchiha as they ran by.

-Back with Madara at the front gates-

Madara was quite surprised when he found out that the place he had been trying to locate turned out to be the place he needed to be. He definitely wasn't complaining though. As he walked closer though the guards who were supposed to be you know guarding, still hadn't noticed him walking up and were continuing whatever they were doing.

He was now about half way away from the gate, in clear sight, and they still hadn't noticed him. What happened to the security here? It was amazing stupid of them. Finally when he was about two feet from them they finally noticed him.

The four jounin jumped when they saw Madara standing there, then attempted to look intimidating. "Stop where you are and state your business." Jounin number one stated.

"I'm not here to do you any harm, I just want to talk to the Hokage." Madara said, and showed them that he didn't have any weapons on him.

"Hey isn't that an Uchiha." Madara heard jounin number three whisper to jounin number two.

Jounin number two nodded. "Ya I think so, but I don't remember ever seeing him. I'm going to call the others in case this is a trap."

Well it seemed that they didn't recognize who he was exactly but they did know he was Uchiha.

"May I speak to the Hokage?" Madara questioned again impatiently.

"Who are you?" Jounin number one demanded, ignoring Madara's question.

Madara debated if he should give them his real name or not. They would find out eventually so he didn't see the point in lying to them. "Madara Uchiha." He replied bluntly.

The four Jounin stared in shock. "You mean like the founder Uchiha Madara." Jounin number four questioned shocked.

Before Madara could reply an ANBU appeared and walked up to him. "The Hokage wishes to speak with you Madara-sama, please follow me." The ANBU stated and began leading Madara to the Hokage tower.

Madara took a deep breath and prepared himself for the worst.

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