She's always been a headstrong type of girl. Cassie Holmes doesn't play well with others, it's true. Independence is more her style, although most of her life, she's made a mental exception for her mother. Not that such thoughts ever got her anywhere. Her mother was lost to the future, caught in a dream world where Cassie could never follow.

She's always on the receiving ends of curious and even baffled looks every time they run into an old acquaintance. She and Nick, that is. Cassie had her own network in Hong Kong long before the two crossed paths, and every now and then, one of her old contacts comes in handy. Nick isn't fond of most of them; they're generally fairly sleazy, lowlifes with a knack for staying off Division's radar. But they get the job done. Cassie's learned over the years that anyone can be bought, and when you're a Watcher, money might as well grow on trees.

Kira left years ago. Didn't even leave a note. Cassie Watched her for weeks, patiently- and then not so patiently- relaying the girl's actions to a bleary eyed Nick. It was for the best, they both agreed, but that didn't mean it was painless. Kira was selfish, cold. Always focused on the power, the end goal. Never on the present. Cassie lives in the future sometimes, too, but she's learned her lesson well. She won't end up like her mother.

They've moved around a lot in the past few years. Tokyo, Cape Town, Prague, Dhaka. But they're back in Hong Kong now, never really left. It was a place of terror for only a few short weeks; there are far too many good memories now. They outweigh the bad. Nick's hands on her back, her waist, painting lines of fire as she slipped in and out of the future, gasping already as the possibilities spun in her head. He kept changing his mind. Teasing her.

She wonders sometime why she doesn't leave. Why she stays with this man who quite honestly should terrify her. He knows all her tricks, knows how to manipulate the future so skillfully now that she is all but helpless before him. And the way he Moves… it's unconscious most of the time. A flick of his fingers, peeling back the bedsheets or brushing back her hair. This is possibly the most terrifying thing of all. His eyes are dark and dangerous. She stares back defiantly, trying to pretend she isn't already desperately lost. Her body is moving without her permission, Moving, until she's away from the pillows and in his arms.

The way he could so easily break her. There's no space between them now, no secrets. They've grown together like climbing vines. She reads his future, he reads her body. And they adjust each other. With anyone else, she'd be long gone, away from this intense man whose very touch undoes her and whose hands can remove every vestige of control, whether he's touching her or not. She had a nightmare once, of Nick. Pushed into mindless stupor by the dead-eyed girl he once loved. Strangling her from across the room, throwing her helpless body into the wall.

She knew immediately upon waking that it wasn't real. She doesn't fear those hands, powerful as they may be, and deadly. She cannot, though she knows she should. It's inexplicable, Cassie knows, but she can't seem to find a reason why. For she and Nick, they are as natural as her Watching, his Moving. Natural as breathing.

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