Set in the Bakumatsu. What would have happened if Kenshin had found Soujiro and what would happen if Kaoru were 15 in the Bakumatsu no Duran along with Kenshin?

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Chapter I: Looking for Help

Kyoto, May of 1864

            Pain, immense pain shot through her back as a young girl collapsed in a dark alley of Kyoto, a small boy in her arms. Her long ebony tresses were tangled all the way down her back, her indigo ribbon tied low in her hair for a low ponytail, but the gashes she had received by that god forsaken chain in the back were still there and visible from under her blood stained yellow kimono. Her back was bleeding from the chain wounds she had gotten two days ago; before her aunt had thrown Soujiro out of the house. She had protested, since he was only ten, but the only response she received was a beating and then she was tossed out as well. Tossed away like trash.


            Kaoru looked down, the dark haired boy looking up at her with dusty blue eyes, his clothes tattered from the last beatings they had had. He had a bit of dried blood coming down his mouth as well as his forehead but he seemed all right. "Sou-chan? Daijoubu?"

            Soujiro crawled out of her arms and looked Kaoru over, frowning when she winced as he touched one of her arms. "Kaoru-san, you're hurt. What happened? Why are you here? Did they throw you out too?"

            Kaoru smiled a bit. Soujiro was always the curious and inquisitive one. "I'll be fine Sou-chan. I just need to rest. Are you all right?"

            Soujiro gave her one of his famous smiles, the ones he used whenever he would be beaten. "I'm OK Kaoru-san but why are you here? You should be back ho-"

            "Iie," Kaoru interrupted, "I was thrown out too Sou-chan. I couldn't leave you alone. You're just a kid."

            Soujiro frowned again. "You're too kind to me Kaoru-san. I would've been all right." Standing up, albeit shakily, Soujiro looked around, sighing in relief when he saw the lights of the main street up ahead. "I'll go get some help Kaoru-san. Wait right there."

            Too weak to protest Kaoru just tuned on her side and placed her head on her arms, closing her eyes as fatigue caught up with her. She just needed to rest a bit. She'd wake up before Soujiro came back.

* * * * *

            Running down the alley, Soujiro stopped when someone's scream echoed through his ears. He knew he shouldn't pay attention, but curiosity won over reason as he detoured into a narrow passage way to his right, walking quietly around the corner. Once he arrived towards the end, his eyes widened.

            A man not much taller then Kaoru stood over the bloody remains of some man, wiping the blood off of his katana. His hair was red and tied up into a long high ponytail, contrasting with the dark blue gi he wore. The hakama was gray, splattered with liquid red blood.

            Stepping back slightly, lest he be seen, Soujiro jumped back when the man swiped the katana backwards, whirling around just as Soujiro fell back to avoid having his head lapped off. Scooting up against the wall behind him, Soujiro looked down and controlled his shaking, plastering his famous smile on before looking up, coming eye to eye with narrowed amber.


What do you think? I know I have "Melt My Heart" but I couldn't resist starting this! I always wondered what would happen if Soujiro ran into Kenshin instead of Shishio, so that's what started this. I also wondered what would happen if Kaoru were back in the Bakumatsu, even if I saw a few stories like that, so this should answer that question as well. Tomoe will come in soon, though I don't know when exactly.


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