A/N: I have the feeling that this collection of one-shots will be involving Zoro's and Robin's daughter from "No Danger Allowed" a lot. And I hope you enjoy that! Anyway, I was kind of inspired to write a one-shot involving little Dartania because one of my good friends had her own baby yesterday. A little boy. He's so cute.

I don't have a lot to say... which is probably a relief. Most of you know how long-winded I tend to be...

Now to stick to my deadlines of my other novels...

Well... enjoy!

No Time to Sleep

In our quarters, Robin lays Dartania down gently into the crib that Franky had crafted for us. Above the crib, a mobile –created by Usopp –dangles. A small figurine that resembles each of the crew members hangs from threads, going around in a slow circle. I watch as Robin places a kiss on our daughter's head, before straightening up to look at me.

"She should sleep straight until we get back," Robin kisses me on the cheek. "Nami and I won't be long. I promise."

"Maybe I'll take a nap then," I tell her.

She smiles, but doesn't say anything. She also doesn't move.

"The two of us will be fine. And if we need anything, Chopper, Suki and Harumi are nearby."

"Suki and Harumi are coming with Nami and I," Robin laughs. "But yes. Chopper's around."

"We'll be fine," I tell her again.

"I know you will be," she kisses me again. "Then I'm off."

"Mm," I nod, watching as she exits the room. I go to the door, leaning against the doorframe to see her join up with Nami and the other girls.

When they're off the ship and out of sight, I close the door, retreating to the crib. I look over the railing at her sleeping face. I'm overwhelmed with a sense of pride. Cautiously, I reach down into the crib, easing Dartania up into my arms. I glance at the door, as though Robin would swoop in.

Dartania's barely six months old. Or should I say, she's already six months old. The time's flown by. Healthy as can be, though. Everybody loves her, though that's only natural. She's my daughter, after all. The fact that she seldom cries may help, too. She has dark hair like her mother, but everyone says she has my eyes. Whatever that means.

"Just you and me, pretty girl," I murmur softly as I carefully sit on my bed. Without waking her, I manage to lie down. She sighs softly in her sleep as she lies on my chest. One of her tiny hands is clenched in a fist, but when I touch her hand it relaxes. I slide my finger into her palm, and she grips it tightly. A swordsman's grip. I smile a little to myself as I close my eyes.

It feels like only moments before a whimpering cry escapes Dartania's lips. My eyes fly open, to see her face twisted in discomfort.

"Shh, shh," I try to soothe her, rubbing her back. I hope she doesn't need a diaper change. I really hope she doesn't need a diaper change.

I sit up slowly, continuously rubbing her back. I don't smell anything, I realize. But that doesn't mean she doesn't need a diaper change. I run a hand over my face, looking at the table set up for just this occurrence. As long as it doesn't smell…

Giving in, I change her diaper, and for a while she seems to calm down. But then she starts crying again.

"Maybe you're hungry? But Robin's not here… And she fed you before leaving today," I bounce her lightly in my arms, trying to think. I place my forehead against hers, checking her temperature, but that felt fine, too. Maybe Chopper would know what was wrong.

I exit onto the deck with a crying Dartania. Usopp and Franky are below on the lawn deck.

"What's wrong?" Franky calls out.

"I don't know. Where's Chopper?" I ask.

"I think he left a short while ago to grab something from town. He shouldn't be too long," Usopp set down whatever he was playing with and stood up. "But no fear! Leave it to Uncle Usopp to settle Dartania down!"

"No way," I tell him bluntly. I take the stairs down, then cross to the other set that lead up to the kitchen. Maybe she really was hungry. I'd get Sanji to warm a bottle of milk.

I enter the kitchen, and Sanji appears from behind the counter. "What do you want?"

I nod at Dartania in my arms. "I think she might be hungry. Could you warm a –?"

"Oooooooh, precious Dartania," Sanji hones in on my daughter in a heartbeat. She cries even louder, so I push Sanji's head away.

"Warm a bottle of milk, would you?" I ask, cuddling Dartania closer so that it'd be easier to protect her from him.

"Anything for the princess," Sanji hums as he heads for the kitchen. He releases a small sigh. "I just wish she didn't inherit your eyes. Why couldn't she inherit Robin-chwan's eyes?"

"What's wrong with Dartania's eyes?" I ask gruffly.

"Nothing," Sanji says earnestly. "Except that glare of hers definitely come from you, moss head. But she, unlike you, makes it look cute."

"Just make the milk," I roll my eyes, sitting on the bench along the wall. She continued to cry.

Luffy burst into the room. "Can I hold her?"

I hesitate. If it'd been anybody else, I'd have replied instantly. But this was my captain I was speaking about… and this wasn't the first time he'd held my daughter. And Dartania was already crying. "Just be careful, okay?"

"Mm," Luffy nods excitedly.

With a small sigh, I gently pass Dartania to him. "Hold her the way they taught you –good."

"Shishishi," Luffy laughs, even though Dartania won't stop crying. "I remember, don't worry!"

I watch Luffy's excessively happy expression as he makes faces at Dartania. Her cries die down a little bit, but she continues to whimper.

"Milk's done," Sanji sings, bringing the bottle over to me. "I've tested it and everything!"

"Here," I say, taking my daughter back. Her cries seem to stop as I cradle her carefully, bringing the nipple of the bottle to her lips. I close my eyes and sigh softly. While she drinks, I slowly begin to make my way back to my quarters. Luffy stays at my heels.

"She's got your appetite," he comments, grinning widely.

"As long as it's not yours," Franky calls out as we walk past him and Usopp.

"Shishishi," Luffy only laughs.

But just as we reach my threshold, Dartania rejects the bottle and begins to cry again. I push the bottle in Luffy's direction, looking down at Usopp. "Chopper –?"

"Still gone."

I shoulder my way into my room. I grab a cloth, placing it over my shoulder before lifting her up and starting to pat her back. After a while of doing that, only one small burp was the result. Still, she cries.

With a sigh, I sit back down on the bed. I lay her down on her back in the middle of the bed, then lay beside her on my side, my body curving around her small shape protectively. I rub her stomach gently.

"What's wrong, Dartania?" I ask her. "Why won't you stop crying?"

But I must be doing something right, because her cries do stop. I wait, seeing if it'll start up again, but it really does seem to be over. I brush my hand across her cheek gently, then take to holding her hand again as she drifts off to sleep. Her eyes get heavier and heavier.

But I don't know when she fell asleep, because I nodded off about the same time.


"Any problems?" I ask as I we climb aboard the ship once again.

"Nah, not really," Usopp looks at Franky, who nods in reply. "She woke up for a little while there, but I think she's sleeping again. And Chopper checked in on them and said all was well. But he said Zoro was sleeping too –They're both upstairs."

"Thank you," I smile at him as I make my way over to the staircase.

I cross to my door, easing it open. My smile widens as I slip into the room. On the bed, Zoro's napping beside a Dartania that's wide awake and attentive. She turns her head to look at me when she hears the door close, and she releases a string of nonsensical sounds. But she looks content.

She turns her attention back to the sleeping Zoro, who's one finger is gripped tightly by the infant.

He looks content, too.