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No Life Without You

She held my hand as we walked down the path, her extra hands cradling Dartania gently to her front. Our daughter slept, eyes tightening slightly when sunlight filtered through the clouds. To our left were fields, to our right was a cliff that hung over a small forest.

"Hold still," I told her, brushing a bug out of her hair.

"Oh, a beetle," she said as it landed on the ground and took off.

"Most girls would have screamed," Suki said, shuddering.

"Robin's not most girls," Nami said.

"What are you two even doing here?" I asked them.

"We were the ones that planned this walk. You're the one that decided to tag along," Nami crossed her arms as she glanced at me.

"You were the one that said you heard that there were bandits hanging around," I countered.

"It was bar talk. They said they only came around once a week," Nami let her hands fall to her side. She glanced around as we came to a bridge, but Robin nodded and we began crossing. As we crossed, Suki and Nami took the lead. Across the bridge were more rolling hills and fields, as well as a few very large boulders and rock formations along the cliff's edge. Below us were treetops and a river –a large ravine.

"And do you know what day of the week?" I asked.

"Well… No," she frowned at me. "In any case, Zoro, we'd be fine on our own. Robin has her devil's fruit, and I have my Clima-tact. Suki has her daggers. We're covered."

"And I have my swords. So now you're even safer," I told her.

"Nice weather we're having," Suki changed the subject as she glanced up at the sky.

"I find it to be a little warm," Robin admitted.

"Do you want to find some shade?" I asked her.

"Zoro," she squeezed my hand. "I'm fine. The girls are right. I'm quite capable of protecting both myself and my daughter."

I glanced at Nami and Suki before leaning closer to Robin and mumbling, "I just don't want anything bad to ever happen to you."

She smiled, "I know you don't."

I stopped her for a moment to kiss her. As our lips parted, I took a second to swoop down to kiss our daughter's forehead, too. Dartania woke up, her eyes glazed over from a good sleep. I looked up at Robin, who appeared to be happy and content at that moment. Me, too.

It was short lived, though.

"I know what days the bandits come," Suki said slowly as she reached the other side.

"Oh?" Robin glanced at her. Her facial expression changed instantly. "Oh."

I looked forward, only slightly surprised to see the bandits holding a bored Nami and an anxious Suki captive, knives to throat.

"Valuables," one of them said forcefully. "Give them up."

"As if," Nami snorted. "Zoro –"

"I thought you said you could handle it yourself," I said, not overly concerned with the current situation, though I had stepped in front of both Robin and Dartania. These guys looked like nothing but punks, and I did believe that Nami and Suki could handle it.

"I was going to say step aside," Nami scoffed, sliding her Clima-Tact out of her pocket. Suki slipped a thin dagger from where she had them strapped under her shirt –I wonder if Brooke knew that she kept those there. Though I doubted he was oblivious.

It was over rather quickly, the guys even weaker than I had initially thought. I strolled amongst the men groaning in pain.

"Told you we could handle it," Nami tucked her weapon of choice back into safekeeping.

"Let's head back," Robin said with a sigh. "Now that the excitements over, I could use a nap."

"The longer you hang out with your loved ones, the more you become like them," Nami mock-whispered to Suki as we made our way back over the bridge.

"So you're going to become like Luffy?" Robin chuckled.

"Who said anything about loving him?" Nami joked. As an after thought she added, "I hope not. I don't think I could even begin to eat as much as he does. Not while staying as skinny as him… He's every girl's dream –to eat without the consequences. Man, I hate him. I love him… but I hate him."

"I'm going to be come skin and bones!" Suki gasped jokingly. "Wait –just bones! Skull joke!"

She and Nami broke into a giggling fit as they stepped off the wooden suspension. I stepped off, turning when I realized Robin wasn't beside me. Her shoe caught between the boards, and she had to stop to put it back on properly. She sighed, adjusting Dartania as she began to cross the last of the distance between us.

Then all of a sudden she was falling. On the other side of the gaping gorge, I caught sight of one of the bandits holding a knife over the torn ropes of the bridge. Anger and fear tore through me instantly, a hot pulse through my veins. Nami instantly had her Clima-Tact out and was dealing with the guy across the ravine.

I leapt down after Robin, not hesitating or pausing to think; which is probably why she laughed as her hands wound around me, stopping me before I could drop fifteen feet. I looked up to see her tucked up against the bridge's boards, her many hands holding her to the vertical surface. She pulled the two of us back onto the path above us, not saying a word until we were standing on the ground.

"We told you we had it covered," she grinned.

"I just thought I lost you and our daughter," I crossed my arms over my chest, not seeing the amusement in the situation.

"And forgot that many hands makes Robin unable to fall to her death," Nami added offhandedly. When I glared at her, and she instantly drew back. She and Suki started back towards the port town before us.

"I love that you leapt it without hesitation," she told me, closing the space between us. Her hands that held Dartania moved our daughter out of the way so that she could come even closer. I reached out to our little girl, letting her grasp my finger with her small hand.

"Of course I did," I turned my head away as she tried to kiss me. She took my face with her hands, framing my jaw line gently and pulling my lips to hers. A quick kiss.

"You could have fallen to your death," she murmured.

I pulled away to give her a pointed look.

"If you weren't a super-human swordsman, you would have fallen to your death," she chuckled. "But I'm your super-human devil's fruit wielder. And one that can produce many hands, which –I'm not sure if you're aware of this, Zoro –come in handy for grabbing onto ledges. Or creating a net. Or –"

"Our daughter isn't a super-human," I reminded her, looking at the beautiful little girl that still held onto my finger. "And it doesn't matter. I'm always going to worry when you get in danger, super-human or not. You've become such a big portion of my life that I don't know what I would do without you."

She smiled, pressing her lips to mine. A longer, deeper kiss. When she pulled away, her hands fell from my face, finding my hand to weave her fingers through. I eased my finger from Dartania's grasp as we began to walk back along the path towards the ship.

"I mean it," I told her, squeezing her hand.

"Don't worry," she replied, a sly grin crossing her lips.

"How can I not?" I muttered.

"You can't get rid of me that easily."