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No Path to Follow


"This is what happens when I let you lead," I chuckled as we maneuvered our way through the forest. Night had come, now we couldn't see two feet in front of us. "We get lost."

"I have a sense of direction," Zoro scoffed.

"Can't you just admit your arrow points due south instead of due north?" I kissed his cheek.

"This forest is so dark, that even Nami would get lost," he refused to accept the truth.

"It is dark," I agreed, clutching his hand tightly. "You better protect me from the things that dwell in forests, Zoro."

"I think we're both well aware that you're more than capable of taking care of yourself," he shook his head. He paused, looking around before taking off again. "This way."

"Do you know where you're taking us?" I asked.

"Of course I do."

"Did it take this long to find it the first time?"

He didn't say anything.

"Tell me what we're looking for. I'll help you find it," I told him.

"No, let me lead."

"If you must." I wondered if he realized we weren't even on the pathway anymore.

We wandered in silence for a while, and it got increasingly darker. I tried to take a peek at the stars through the canopy of trees, but the breaks in the branches were too small for even a brief enjoyment of light. I had other senses, though. I could feel the dry heat of the day wearing off slowly as the night went on. The sound of our feet as they marched on through the fallen leaves and dirt. The odd animal scurry by. It was peaceful. It was calm. I could care less where Zoro was taking me, because i just loved spending time with him. And, well, if we got lost, it made this a longer period of just the two of us, alone.

"There's light up ahead. We must be close," Zoro said, picking up the pace slightly.

I was, admittedly, a little surprised that we had managed to get to any destination at all. But I smiled as we broke through the treeline and into a slightly brighter environment.

"What's this?" I asked.

"A meadow," he stated the obvious, looking around.

"What's that there?" I pointed to the center of the clearing, taking his hand and leading him to what I saw. A blanket was laid out, with enough food to feed Luffy. I looked at Zoro –this was out of character for him. "You really planned things out, huh?"

"I –" he started but I pressed my lips to his, interrupting him.

"It's very sweet," I told him. "I'm glad I let you lead today."

He just shrugged, sheepishly.


I was glad that Robin was happy. She sat down on the blanket and began to dig into the food. I looked around the clearing before letting myself find a place beside her.

"Oh, fireflies," she murmured, mesmerized by our surroundings as tiny lights weaved through the long grass.

I hesitated before letting myself take a bite of the food.

"Is something wrong?" she asked.

"No," I shook my head.

Still, I had to wonder, where was the abandoned ruin I was trying to show her?

And who had just left this blanket and food out here?