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The Plan That Actually Worked

Rory had always been a good student. It was the main reason he'd been chosen for the exchange program in the first place. The schoolwork he'd been given in America wasn't even a challenge; he usually had his homework done before he left school. That's why he couldn't understand why Brittany found it so difficult. Nevertheless, he offered to be her tutor, and the two became fast friends.

Brittany was his only friend in America so far, and even though she wasn't exactly brilliant, she was nice, trustworthy, and always wanted to help. Sometimes though, she was a bit too helpful. She had a mind to set Rory up on a real American date.

"So," Brittany started, looking up from her homework toward Rory.

"So...?" Rory mimicked, prompting her to continue.

Something about her tone had him instantly suspicious.

Brittany pushed her books aside on the bed and straightened up to look at Rory who looked like he was nervously bracing for an explosion.

"Well, you've been here for a month and you haven't gone out yet. You're supposed to be seeing how Americans live and you haven't done anything."

"I know. I've not made any friends, Brittany. I can't go out with friends if I haven-"

"No, I get that, but I want to help." She was smiling from ear to ear.

"How do you plan to do that," Rory asked, suspicious.

"Okay, so Santana and I are going to Breadstix and a movie this Friday."

"You want me to accompany you on your date?" Rory's face was screwed up in confusion. He was already shaking his head in dissent.

"Sorta," Brittany said, getting animated. "I'm gonna find you a date and we can do a double date."

"Oh, Brittany, I think that's a really bad idea."

"No it isn't. It's a great idea! Now I just have to find a date for you," she said excitedly. "Is there anyone you like? A girl? A boy...?"

Rory was dumbfounded. Had she just asked if he liked a boy? He looked up to see her face. She just looked back at him excitedly. It was obvious that she'd wanted to broach this subject for awhile.

"What?" It was all he could think to say.

"Well, Lord Tubbington said that he heard you talking about Sam Evans in your sleep."

Rory sat frozen in shocked silence. He remembered the recent dream he had involving the blonde boy from his English class and became instantly mortified that someone had heard him. He knew he talked in his sleep, but never expected Brittany to be listening. His pale skin flamed red with embarrassment.

Rory's eyes flashed to Brittany's. "You didn't tell him did you?" His voice cracked and squeaked in strange places.

Brittany shook her head, still smiling widely. Rory relaxed slightly at the knowledge that his secret hadn't been revealed. He couldn't imagine facing Sam knowing that he knew.

Rory's face fell slightly. "But he's with that girl," he broke off, unable to put a name to the face.

"Oh, Mercedes," Brittany said dismissively.

Rory nodded in acknowledgment.

"No, they're not together. They're super close, but no. They broke up, but they're still friends."

Blush colored Rory's cheeks and he looked down bashfully.

"Here," Brittany's voice jolted him from his thoughts. "Text him and ask him out for Friday."

Rory felt his heart stutter and skip a beat. "No!"

The word came out quickly and desperately. There was no way in Hell he could text him and ask him out. He was far too shy, and not to mention, a fair bit awkward.

"Fine," Brittany said confidently, undeterred. "But tomorrow, we do it my way."

Rory sat in nervous silence before a look of confusion settled on his features.

She leaned in and kissed Rory on the cheek before skipping out of his bedroom. "Goodnight, magic leprechaun," she beamed as she closed the door.

The Irish boy smiled and threw himself backwards on his bed. For someone as dense as a brick, sometimes Brittany knew the perfect thing to say. He was sure his best friend was in the next plotting his impending, imminent mortification, but he couldn't bring himself to care. Part of him was screaming with terror to run into Brittany's room and beg her not to carry through with her dastardly plan, whatever it may be, but that part was helplessly overpowered by the majority of his mind was hopeful for the chance to go out with Sam.

His mind instinctively tried to prepare him for the worst, but for some reason, he just couldn't bring himself to be pessimistic.

Even though he was so nervous his hands were trembling, Rory fell asleep with an excited smile on his face.

Rory's phone vibrated in his pocket; he glanced at his watch quickly. It was 2:45 P.M., no one from home would be writing him now. He curiosity got the best of him, and he decided it chance it and pull his cell phone out during class.

It was Brittany. "Meet me outside the choir room after the bell rings."

Rory shifted a sly glance to where the teacher stood, with her back turned, before firing off a quick reply.

"Ok. Why?" He tapped his fingers impatiently, wracking his brain to see her plan.

"Don't worry. Just trust me."

"Alright. I'll be there."

His stomach did nervous flips as he watched the clock ticking toward 2:55.

He'd been so wrapped up in his thoughts that the sound of the dismissing bell made him jump and knock his papers off his desk.

He sighed deeply, trying to will himself to relax.

With his messenger bag slung over his shoulder, he did his best to try and put one foot in front of the other and go meet Brittany. Another deep sigh and he made it to the hallway and saw her bouncing eagerly. The Cheerio flitted to Rory's side and linked pinkies with him.

"I was afraid you'd run away, so I'm going to walk with you."

"What are we doing exactly?" Rory's voice cracked nervously.

"You," the blonde corrected, beaming and touching a finger to Rory's nose. "Are going to join the glee club."

A very unmanly and undignified squeak escaped Rory's mouth. He shook his head violently.

His panic fit was met by Brittany smiling and replying, "I've heard you singing in the shower, and you're amazing. I think so, and Sam will too. Remember, you had your chance to do this your way, and you didn't so, now it's my turn."

"Brittany," the Irish boy whined in response. She silenced him by putting a finger to his lips and shaking her head delicately. Rory's eyebrows shot up pleadingly, but she stood her ground.

"No buts, Rory," she said, smiling as she dragged Rory toward the choir room. "Let's go show Sam why I think you're magical."

Rory froze at the door. He couldn't bring himself to enter. There were people laughing and talking inside. They were all so familiar with each other that Rory instantly felt like an outsider intruding on something private.

All of a sudden, everything had just taken a violent leap into reality. The reality in which guys like Sam didn't fall for guys like him. The reality in which he'd always be an outcast. He couldn't do this. The tall brunette turned on his heel and tried to make his tactical retreat before Brittany could stop him.

Rory wheeled around to run but only found that his situation had gone from horrible to catastrophic as he took a step, only to trip over his own shoelace and stumble ungracefully into the strong chest of Sam Evans.

"Whoa," Sam said, steadying the awkward boy with a hand on each hip. "You alright?" The blonde's face was amused as he tilted Rory's face up so that his ocean blue eyes met his own.

Rory nodded woodenly.

In that moment, he wished was all his might that Brittany had been right when she believed he was a leprechaun, because he wanted nothing more than to be able blink and make himself disappear.

"Rory?" Sam's voice was colored with concern.

'Say something!' Rory mentally screamed at himself. Anything!

"I tripped."

The former quarterback laughed quietly. "I see that. Are you okay? You look a little sick."

"Yeah, I'm okay," the Irish boy managed to say.

"Are you sure?" The concern was back in Sam's voice.

"Just nervous." Why did you say that? Rory chastised internally.

"Oh, are you joining?" Sam asked, gesturing toward the choir room.

Now it was too late to back out.

'Good job, idiot. Have fun making an ass out of yourself.' Rory sighed. At least Sam hadn't guessed the real cause of his nerves. Anything else, Rory could live with.

"Yeah," Rory answered. "Brittany thought it would help me make friends."

'Way to make yourself sound desperate, Rory.'

Sam brought a hand up to clap on Rory's shoulder and smiled a smile that made Rory's heart skip a beat. He couldn't help but smile back.

What Rory couldn't have known is what his answering heartbreaking smile did to the blonde boy.

Brittany, who had been all but ignored until that point, was beaming.

"You know, Sam," she offered a little too innocently. "Rory needs to pick the perfect song to sing when he actually auditions tomorrow, and with Cheerios practice," -Her angle was absolutely transparent.- "Maybe you could help him pick it."

Rory flushed deeper and quickly dropped his eyes to his feet.

"I'd love to, Rory." Sam replied to him directly, even thought Brittany had been the one who had spoken. The blonde boy realized how eager his tone had been and decided to reel it back. "That is, if he wants me."

"I do!" Rory's voice came out quickly. He was embarrassed by his over-excitement.

"Cool," Sam beamed. His stomach fluttered as Rory looked up to meet his eyes, a smile stretched widely across his small face, making his sparkling blue eyes crinkle. Beautiful.

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