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Chapter 2

Ruby was dreaming about the time she met Jio. He looked like a lost scared child that tried to make people scared of him to earn their respect but she was able to see right through the facade. From the first time he saved her she knew that even though he was her bodyguard that she wanted to protect that child as if it were here little brother.

She then remembered her predicament "Ball!" she shouted as she woke up. She was in a strange room it seemed almost as if it were underground. It was dark she tried to get up but then there was a voice that startled her.

"Don't get up go back to sleep and rest." the voice said.

Ruby stayed on the bed but didn't lie back down. "I'm sorry but I need to find my friend he was injured and I don't know where he is." Ruby said.

"Your friend is fine he is sleeping in another room." The voice said.

"Thank you for letting us stay here I promise we'll leave as soon as were better."Ruby replied. She felt a little uncomfortable being inside a dark room alone with a man. She couldn't even see him but his voice sounded so attractive.

"There is no need to rush you are very welcomed in my village." It told her

"Thank you I'm sorry I am not sure that I'll go back to sleep soon. Is there any light in here?" she asked

"Yes let me turn it on." He said. She heard him walk towards the door and flip the light switch on.

She almost fell off the bed when she saw him. She then remembered seeing him now but she thought that that was part of her dream.

"Jio" she yelled jumping off the bed running up to him and hugging him.

Jio had a confused look on his face "Be careful! I'm sorry do I know you?" he asked stuttering a little bit.

Ruby pulled away but still had her hands on his shoulders not wanting to let go of him.

"Yes it's me Ruby don't you remember me?" she asked him

"I'm sorry I don't remember you." he replied blushingly.

"What are you serious how is that possible?" she asked he was about to reply but someone cut him off when they opened the door.

"Excuse me what's going on here?" a short haired tanned woman with dark brown eyes asked.

Jio freed himself from Ruby to which she frowned.

"Hello I asked a question Jio do you know her?" she asked

Jio looked between the two Ruby looked at him with pleading eyes meanwhile the other woman who was also pretty but had the eyes of an eagle at this point was staring at him.

"No" he replied.

"Jio" Ruby gasped putting a hand toward her chest. Jio frowned he didn't know why but it hurt him to see her so sad.

"I'm sorry I don't remember anything before these last four years." he tried to explain to her.

"Really? Then you don't remember Ball, Jin, Cross, or even your parents?" Ruby asked. The woman was fuming behind Jio.

"My parents?" Jio asked. The woman shoved herself in front of Jio.

"Don't listen to her this could be a trick! She could just be trying to lure you away from the village" the woman said accusingly.

Ruby glared back at her "That is not my intent I have spent four years trying to find him!" Ruby exclaimed.

"You are a liar I bet you are just a spy for that venom folk I hear so much about!" she spat back. Jio stayed silent somehow he trusted this girl and it was amazing because the only person he trusts is himself and Zero whom he actually remembered. He though it was best to break up this argument as soon as possible.

"Mei leave us please." He said kindly to her. Mei's eyes went wide in surprise.

"You can't be serious Jio she's laying! I can tell I'm going to tell the elder to kick her out!" Mei shouted and ran out the door.

Ruby just raised an eyebrow at the whole thing she wasn't scared of her.

"Jio chuckled a little bit and massaged the back of his head."I'm sorry she's just really over protective of Me." he said smiling to her. Ruby looked at him it definitely was Jio but he was different he was more mature, more tall, happy, and even yet handsome. She felt tears falling out of her eyes.

"I can't believe it's really you" she said rubbing her eyes. He reached out for her hand.

"No don't cry please!" he begged and pulled her hand from her face.

Ruby sniffed. "Okay but you really don't know anything?" she asked him.

He shook his head "But you know my parents? Where are they?" he asked her.

She frowned "Actually I know your adopted parents but they passed away almost five years ago you were there we buried them together." she replied.

"Oh I see" he said frowning.

"I'm sorry." was all Ruby could find herself saying to him.

"Its all right I imagine that I was able to move on although I am curious what were their names?" he asked her.

"They were Wick and Basil" she said smiling at him. She then noticed that she felt warm she looked down and saw she was covered in a beige dress with sleeves that went down to her ankles it was pretty it had sewn patterns around it.

"Oh Mei thought it was best to put you in something more appropriate what you were searing when we found you would not pass as clothes in this village." he said trying not to offend her.

Ruby raised an eyebrow "Hey I only dressed like that because it was ridiculously hot out there most of the time I'm a bit more covered up." Ruby defended herself.

"Your friend should be waking up in a day or so he was dehydrated and malnourished and he was wounded by Zero so we gave him medicinal herbs to fix most of it up but it puts the person into deep sleep for at least 28 hours." he explained.

"That's good to hear. But he's your friend too you know?" she told him.

"Really?" he asked bewildered

"Yes is that so hard to believe?" she asked him.

"Well I thought I would associate with people smarter than him" he said.

Ruby laughed "Well you weren't exactly a smart calm person you know?" she replied.

"Really? What kind of person was I" he asked

"Well" she began but there was a knock on the door.

"The grand elder wants to see you, bring the girl." the voice from the other side said.

Both of them frowned as they were interrupted.

"Well we should go I think Mei must have said something to him after all." He said showing her way out the door.

They walked in science Ruby couldn't help but notice his gentleness that he has about him.

'He definitely has changed' she thought.

The whole place seemed like an indigenous palace, like a ruin that was still inhabited by people but it was neat and clean and full of plants of the desert.

The walked into a big wide room with a purple rug in the middle in front was a white linen curtain. Jio stopped in the middle of the rug and bowed down and motioned Ruby to do the same.

"I am here chief" Jio said looking down to the floor. The curtains opened and there was a small staircase and on top were two chairs one sat an elderly man and the other sat Mei.

'What is this girl some sort of princess?' Ruby asked herself.

"Jio Mei has told me that you have captured spies is this true?" the elderly man asked. Mei just had an angry look on her face.

Jio stood up and pulled Ruby up with him. "Um I'm sorry but that's not the case. Actually on the contrary they turn out to be some old friends." Jio said looking at Ruby smiling. She returned the gesture before looking back at the elderly man.

"So you regained a couple of your memories then?" the man asked

"Um no actually but I believe her I sense no lie or trickery in her words." he said.

The elderly man examined Ruby thoroughly

"Young lady are you indeed Jio's friend?" he asked her

"Yes I would never lie" she answered calmly.

The elder smiled "Very well then Jio I trust your judgment they may stay as long as they wish" he said.

Both Jio and Ruby smiled but Mei wouldn't go down without a fight.

"Grandfather you cannot be serious she cannot be trusted you should have seen the clothes she was wearing when she was brought in!" Mei began to exclaim

"Silence child didn't you hear me I told you I trust Jio's judgment so don't you try to question mine." he said making her fall quiet.

"Thank you very much but were not planning on staying long." Ruby said.

"Why not?" the elder asked.

"You see we are still going after Zenom who we believe is working with Shin in collecting all the angels and demons. We have searched over four years to get to Jio before Shin does." Ruby explained.

"So what you are trying to say is that you want Jio to go with you?" he asked her again. Jio looked confused.

"Yes we only have a chance at defeating him if he is by our side. And he'll be more safe." she explained again.

"Impossible, Jio has to stay here and become the next chief. No he is safe here with the villagers and his betrothed." he countered explained.

Ruby's eyes widened "Betrothed?" she asked looking back at the leader and then at Jio who had a pained expression on his face.

Jio was about to explained when a guard came running in.

"Were under attack again! Jio!" he screamed.

Jio became alert and whispered in Ruby's ear "we'll talk later" and then rushed off.

She looked back to see the curtain already fallen. She sighed and went trailing behind Jio.

She walked into the main village to see most of the people running in the opposite direction she was walking to.

She senses the presence 'It's another of Zenom's cronies who doesn't have a good O-part. This should be easy to defeat.' she thought to herself.

She made it to the entrance and saw Jio about to fight a built bald man with a fancy O-part. It was a type of fan which he used and it was so strong that he was able to bring down a wall in an attempt to make it fall onto of Jio but he was too quick. But he was able to get a hold of his scarf. So Jio fell backwards. The guy was about to attack Jio when Ruby transformed into her angel form and shrunk Jio and picked him up and put him on her head.

"Watch and learn" she said and with that she shrunk the wall and threw it at the man and it suddenly turned 10 times it original size and the man was not able to get away in time and was crushed.

Ruby smiled triumphantly and grabbed Jio and turned him to his regular size. His face was priceless he had a mixture of shock and upset all over it. Ruby laughed then the people who were around watching cheered and came around her and began to say their thanks. Jio let himself fade into the back ground and watch her tentatively.

'She's the girl from my dreams I think her name is Ruby' he thought but he tried to remember her but he could only remember blurry images from his dreams.

The elder walked out with Mei and everyone bowed down to them. He walked towards Ruby until he was in front of her.

"Young girl why did you save my village. I must have upset you when I said that I wasn't going to let you take Jio. What was your reasoning to do this act of generosity to my people?" he asked her.

Ruby transformed back to her normal self and placed one of her palms to her heart and said

"If you want to help some one with your heart. Then there is no need for any reason." she replied.

When Jio heard these words he felt like his heart was struck with a giant piece of lead and a flash of memories began to flood into his mind.

"I'm going to conquer the world!"


"Why don't you become my body guard?"

"I protect Ruby!"

"Mom Dad!"

"Don't push yourself too hard Jio"

"She's my friend well I'm actually her body guard"

"I'll see the world then make my dream"


"Man Ruby keeps talking to that guy"

"Its decided were friends!"

"I want to be near Ruby"

"Ruby!" he shouted and jumped her