Next One Shot

One stormy night changes the life of three Potters. Twin-incest.

Pairing Younger twin sisters/Harry

Warnings: Smut and Incest

Family Love

The crack of lightning sounds and Violet Potter bolts awake in fear, her slightly tangled red hair cascading to her shoulders and her panicked, emerald orbs sought her older brother and her twin sister.

While living with the Dursleys, the Potter twins had always used Harry's chest as a pillow on their too-small bed. Not that she had a problem with that, she loved listening to the beat of Harry's heart.

The summer was the time where she and her sister get Harry all to themselves. Harry at Hogwarts was already surrounded by Ron Weasley who suffers from the foot in mouth disease and Hermione Granger who never seemed to take time off and relax.

Violet sighed as she slowly crawled off the bed and over to the desk. "Vi?" came a whisper, causing Violet to turn around and see that her twin sister was slowly stirring at the sound of the storm.

Rose Potter was the other half of Violet. (Identical in every way,) the twins were born two months before Halloween and the death of their parents. According to Dumbledore, Harry tried to protect the twins and Voldemort's killing curse rebounded off them because of his love.

"What time is it?" said Rose, a tired look on her face. Rose was similar to Violet. Her pyjama top was loose and drew attention to the cleavage of her perky 'c' cup breasts and showed off her flat, slightly muscled, tummy. Her natural strawberry-red hair was set in a short pixie cut. Their haircuts was the only way the two could be told apart.

"One in the morning?" replied Violet as she glanced at the clock that she fixed two years ago.

"At least Harry is out of it." said Rose as she slowly sat up. She then moved the sheets, causing them to tighten around Harry's waist to show a semi-errection which caused Rose's eyes to widen. "Vi."

"What?" said Violet as she looked over to Rose and saw what she's looking at. "oh."

"What do we do?" whispered Rose, her emerald eyes not leaving the semi.

"Rose. He's our brother. What can we do?" asked Violet as Rose slowly pulled off the sheets to reveal Harry wearing nothing apart from boxers.

"I don't know." said Rose. "That's why I'm asking you!"

"You are the one that brought that thing up." replied Violet as she looked over at the rising tent in Harry's boxers. "Merlin, he looks big."

"No kidding sis." replied Rose as she scraped her nails down his abdomen. "And he has a nice bit of muscle."

"Do you think we can take a peek?" asked Violet.

"Really? Why?" said Rose as she turned back to Violet.

"Just to check him out. Make sure that he is all normal down there." said Violet with a grin.

"I was thinking the same." said Rose with a small smile as she edged herself more onto the bed before she gently peeled off Harry's boxers with her fingers. Her eyes widening as Harry's little fella stood up to say hello.

He was huge, almost 8 or 9 inches long and Rose could barely wrap her whole hand around it as she slowly gripped it. "Violet. He looks so pent up. Should we help?"

"Why not?" smiled Violet as she moved back over to the bed. Rose then started to grip Harry's member a little bit harder before she started to stroke him. It only took a few seconds of her hands working on him, before she felt him pulse in her hands, and she watched in fascination as jet after jet of white fluid shot out of him, and landed on her hands and arms. Violet was on her in a second. Violet raised Rose's cum covered hand to her lips and then stunned Rose by sucking off the cum off her fingers.

Violet then surprised Rose even more by slowly kissing her and passing the thick white cum between their lips. This was the sight that Harry slowly woke up to.

"What the hell are you two up to?" he asked as his emerald eyes widen dramatically at the sight of his two twin sisters. Rose stopped Harry and pushed his back against the bed again. Pressing her body up against his she captured his lips in a small kiss before letting go. "Rose?" he said, his emerald eyes filled with confusion before Violet leaned in as well and also kissed Harry."B-Both of you?"

"My sister and I like to share. Everything." Rose kissed Harry again only this time for a good ten seconds longer. "I hope that's not a problem."

"I'm your brother." whispered Harry before his eyes widen again as both Rose and Violet lifted off their tee shirts to reveal themselves topless and tiny panties covering their womanly bits.

"We don't care Harry." said Violet as they slowly moved closer to Harry's member.

"Just think this as our special bond." said Rose before her lips firmly kissed the head of Harry's member before they parted and slowly took in Harry. Violet watched as Harry moaned in pleasure from her sister ministrations before she pulled off her panties, drawing Harry's emerald eyes to her slightly part pussy lips.

She then straddled Harry's face with her hips and presses her pussy closer to Harry's eyes and mouth. "Like the view?" Violet asked Harry, blushing at the sight of Harry being speechless and staring at her genitals. He could see the sweat coming off her body as he began to lick her. Slowly at first but then he began to pick up speed, testing where Violet would react until he found a spot that seemed to cause Violet to moan loudly.

With a cheeky grin, he pictured a snake in his mind and whispered "cum." in parseltongue

"Oh fuck yeah! That's more like it! I feel it, I feel it…and here it cums!" Harry pulled back as suddenly a wave of female juices shot out of her pussy.

Violet was breathing hard as she turned to her sister who was still licking and sucking on Harry's member. "You want to be next sis?" But Rose shook her head. "Alright then let's move on to the main course: I want your big dick inside me!"

"Me first Vi." grinned Rose as she quickly stripped off her panties as Violet got off Harry's head so that he had a clear view of what he was doing. Rose pounced Harry and took his wet member that was covered in her spit. By spreading her legs, she sank down on top of him, pausing as she adjusted to having something thicker than her or Violet's fingers inside her for the first time. She cried out in pleasure as she took more of him inside her.

"Damn that's big!" Rose said as Harry's dick was three fourths of the way inside of her. Keeping his hands on her legs Harry started to fuck his sister slowly, lifting her up before letting her slap back down onto his cock to the sound of her squeals.

Harry let go of her hip with his 'free' hand, trusting her enough that she would go on, and squeezed one of her breasts before Violet came over and started to attack the other one, teasing and licking her nipple.

"Harry." panted Rose as her eyes met his. "I'm gonna cum. you are so fucking big. Shove it in me some more so I can cum!"

"Me too!" Harry said as he wiped a beat of glistening sweat off his forehead as he pounded away into Rose's tighten walls.

"Cum inside Harry! Cum inside me!"

Suddenly Harry felt her walls tighten in around his dick. "I'm cuming!" he announced as a wave of cum exploded from his dick into her pussy. The milky white substance filled her up and painted her insides white. As Harry pulled out satisfied a good amount of cum leaked out of her pussy.

Violet gasped as Harry pulled out, his member still has died.

Harry grinned before he motion her to get on the bed. She followed his instructions until she felt her being pushed down onto all fours and a hand gripped her right butt cheek, making her raise it as high as she can.

"What a fantastic view." Said Harry as he moved into position. As soon he felt comfortable, he focused on what was in his hands. Violet could feel his member near her opening and shut her eyes tight. When Harry felt ready, he pulled her by her hips and went inside of her with a very rough thrust, causing her to scream out in pleasure.

With a smirk he gripped her thighs and began pound himself into her. He watched as she moaned loudly writhing beneath him as he fucked her roughly. "Do you like that, you slut. Like how I'm fucking you raw." He moaned into her ear. "You love that cock don't you my little slut," he groaned slamming into her deeply as her eyes rolled back in her head.

"Fuck yes! I love your cock, don't stop!" she screamed biting her lip at her pleasure that ran from her fingers to her toes. He gripped her hips, pulling back into him again and against her ass jiggling as his hips hit it. He loved her round little ass so he gripped the flesh roughly, kneading it in his hands before smacking one cheek. He felt her gush around his cock.

"You like being spanked like the naughty girl you are?" he asked spanking her again. Rough felt so much better than the slow method he had used with Rose.

"Fuck yeah," she moaned biting on the sheets as he began to smack her ass over and over until it was red and could be seen under the pale white skin. "you fuck me so good! Yes yes, I'm going to cum again," Violet moaned as her toes curled in her most powerful orgasm yet

She let out a long squeal as her entire body seized up and her pussy clasped around Harry's cock. Harry came only a second later, letting a few more pumps into her before spilling his load deep into her.

Harry pulled out with a sigh before falling back against the bed. "Thank god, the Dursleys are heavy sleepers along with heavy eaters." he muttered as he watched Violet and Rose fall asleep with his white cum pouring out of their well shagged clits.

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