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"EXCUSE ME!" Auburn Weathers, shouted at a man's back as he practically pushed her off the train platform. "You people are so rude here." She grumbled to her self, picking up her small trunk filled with the small amount of items she deemed necessary for the move to New York. Inside her violet trunk was a small mirror with a silver handle, -a gift from her mother-. A picture of her and her family, several dresses and unmentionables (underwear), a pair of pants, a white button up blouse, her brush and the small pouch of coins her parents saved up for her. She patted the small pocket on her dress making sure her train ticket was sill there, before looking down at the small slip of paper with the directions to her aunt Medda's theatre. The train blasted its whistle causing Auburn to jump in surprise before quickly beginning her journey. New York was nothing like the California she was raised in, everyone was running about, knowing exactly where they were going and why. People bumped into each other and didn't even mumble an apology. Newsies stood on corners and on top of benches Hawking headlines, and street vendors called out for people to buy their supposed fresh produce. Pressing her self up against a brick wall to avoid another painful collision, Auburn looked down at the directions again, furrowing her eyebrows in confusion. Sighing, she finally concluded that she needed help and stepped up to the friendliest looking vendor she could find.

"Excuse me miss" Auburn stepped up to the apple cart, smiling sweetly at the old woman who owned it.

"Yes darling, what can I do for ya'?" the woman brushed back her silver hair revealing piercing blue eyes.

"Do you know where Medda Larkson's Theatre is?"

"Why yes Sweetie! Just down the street a ways, you won't miss it." The woman kindly pointed towards the end of the street. "What's your name?"

"Auburn Weathers, from California"

"Lidia," The woman stuck her hand out to Auburn who politely shook it. "Here an apple for your journey, good luck to you" Lidia handed Auburn an apple before turning to a new customer. Finally, Auburn reached Medda's, with a sigh of relief she pulled open the door and walked inside the empty theater.

"Hello? Aunt Medda?" I looked around. The theatre seemed to be empty, popcorn, and candy was littered about the floor from a previous show, and the smell of cigars and alcohol fermented the air. "Is any one here?" I called. I desperately hopped someone was, I was not prepared to begin a life in a foreign city with out a single soul I knew. Then again, I always had Lidia, the sweet, apple vendor. Lidia, plan two. I made a mental note in my head if anything when wrong I would go to her. Suddenly the sound of breaking glass shattered the silence.

"BACK HERE!" A voice yelled. I scurried to the back room, where a woman hunched over a broken vase. She looked up at me and smiled.

"You look just like your father" she grinned, enveloping me in a hug. "I've been anxiously awaiting your arrival!" She held me at arms length looking me over. "Set your bag down, and have some thing to eat" She produced a tray from the back table pilled high with sweet cakes, a pitcher of lemonade, and a sandwich.

"Thank You" I quickly dug into the food, not at all embarrassed. The last good meal I had was in Texas, over 3 days ago. The rest of the train ride I ate small pieces of bread and cheese I had brought along with me. And I had already stuffed my apple into my trunk saving it for a later snack.

"Now dear, you know you won't be staying with me. Correct?"


"I have no room in my house; however the Manhattan Newsboys have offered you a room at their lodging house. The boys are kind, and trustworthy. I would not have put you in their hands if I didn't believe they could handle you, even your temper"

I blushed at the mention of my temper, unaware in the exchange of my father and her letters before my arrival; he had mentioned it.

"Oh! Medda!" A male's voice sang from inside the hall. Medda smiled at me.

"Speak of the devils"

"Back here boys!" She called leaning out the door. Four boys walked into the room. The first was a tall boy with a red bandanna around his neck and a cowboy hat on his head. He carried an air of leadership with him. The next was a smaller boy, a cigar was sticking out of his mouth and by his hair and color alone, I knew he was Italian. The next was a tan boy his hat covering his curly brown hair, a goofy smile plastered on his face. The last boy was blond, with an eye patch covering his right eye.

"Boys I would like ya' to meet Miss Auburn Weathers, your newest Newsie. Auburn this is Jack Kelly Or Cowboy, Racetrack Higgins, Mush Myers, and Kid blink"

"Hello!" I stood up and waved to them.

"Nice to meet ya'" Jack gently kissed the top of my hand. "Welcome to Manhattan."

Medda clapped her hands anxiously, "Well you must be exhausted from your trip, boys, take her to the lodging house right away so she can rest." Medda pushed us out the door before handing me a large white package with a peach silk ribbon wrapped around it. "A welcoming gift" She smiled. Then we were off.

"So how to you like New York so far?" Mush asked as soon as we were on the busy streets again. I had to speed walk to keep up with the boys as they weaved in and out of people.

"Well it's certainly more fast paced then California, that's foreshore, and people here are so RUDE" I aimed that comment towards a man who had knocked me into jack, resulting in my present clattering to the floor. Jack bent down picking up the package and grabbing my trunk out of my hand.

"It takes some getting used to," he laughed. "So your aunt told us a lot about you."

"Oh and what did she say?"

"That you're sarcastic, loud mouthed and, have a fiery temper." Racetrack stated bluntly, taking a puff of a cigar.

"Wonderful" I rolled my eyes. "But all true"

"She also said your, intelligent, kind, outgoing, and caring" Mush smiled moving so he was walking next to me. "I can believer that, someone beautiful like you couldn't be horrible"

"Did they name you mush because you charm all the ladies?" I asked rhetorically, beaming from ear to ear at his comment.


"It was a rhetorical question, mush" Racetrack chuckled at Mush's naivety.

"Well here we are, home sweet home" Kid Blink waved his arm showing off the run down wherehouse in front of me. Newsboys was painted in chipping yellow paint on a sign above the door and the porch was almost falling off the façade of the building.

"Its…Charming" I giggled.

"After you my lady" Jack opened the front door and ushered me inside. The first thing I noticed was the stench of teenage boys, obviously the windows needed to be opened and showering regularly enforced. Then I noticed the run down practically, non-existent couch pushed up against the wall of the lobby, a small lopsided wood coffee table next to it and the long check in desk along the back wall. Several boys, mainly young ones lounged around on the floor and furniture, talking, counting money or playing cards. Jack led me to the check in desk and mush and the other two took off up the stairs. "Kloppman!" Jack yelled behind the desk and a tall man elderly man appeared from behind a door. Wisps of pepper gray hair fell from under his newsboy hat. He beamed at me.

"Well you must be Miss Auburn. I'm Kloppman, nice to meet ya'" He stuck his hand out to me. "We've heard quiet a lot about you"

"So I've heard" I shook my head.

"Well no need to check in, your aunt Medda has paid your dues and you're on the list. Cowboy, show her to her bunk"

Jack nodded leading me up the stairs. This room was large, with about 16 bunk beds lined up along the walls. Boy's laid about, some topless, others fully clothed. Many of them had cigars or cigarettes hanging out of their mouth. Racetrack had already begun a game of poker in the corner and two younger boys were sword fighting across the floor. The back hall led to a large wash room and behind me was two doors, one a closet for extra clothes (hand me downs) and the other a private room.

"BOYS LISTEN UP!" Jack hollered, and the chatter stopped all together. "This here is Auburn, Medda's niece, she's going to be living with us for a while, so I expect you to show her the respect she deserves. Understand?" They all nodded a yes before turning back to their games. Jack dropped my trunk on a bottom bunk along with Medda's package to me. "Skittery will be sleeping above you, he's kind of depressing, just a warning" Jack winked at me before a tall boy in pink long johns sauntered over to me. He was quite handsome, but the sly look on his face told me I was in for trouble.

"So you're my new bunk mate?" His eyes raked over my body, not in an inappropriate way, but as if he was sizing me up.

"Yeah, got a problem with that?" I raised my eyebrows, challengingly.

"Maybe I do."

"Well, that's just too bad Kid" I smirked; picking up my package that Medda gave me. I pulled the silk ribbon off wrapping it up placing it in my trunk, it was perfect for my hair. I slid the top off the box and inside laid the most beautiful quilt I had ever seen. An exquisite pattern of purple, pink, green and blue swirls was the design, small gold hearts were sewn in various places and my name was sewn in cursive at the top. Never had such an extravagant gift been given to me; not even at home, where my family was considered wealthy. I squealed with delight pressing the quilt to my chest before laying it out on my bunk, brining color to the drab room.

"So you're the spoiled type"

"No" I snapped at Skittery who had stretched out on the pole of the bunk bed showing off his long structured torso. I pushed passed him, and made my way over to the windows tossing each one of them open.

"What are you doing" Skittery had followed me.

"What does it look like?"

"Opening the windows, but why?"

"It smells, ridiculous in here, I'm getting queasy"

"Our Manly aroma isn't making you fall for us?"

I raised my eye brows at him, "Maybe if I was attracted to dumpsters, then I would be attracted to your "manly aroma' but at the moment, I prefer clean smelling boys, So if you don't mind, I'm going to take a shower in hopes that you will all do the same"

"Ugh, you're hoity-toity, let me bow down princess" Skittery mocked sarcastically, tripping over a loose board.

"Please do, and while your down there, do you mind picking up your dignity, because I think you dropped it" With that I turned on my heal, pricking my night dress out of my trunk and heading to the showers. After scrubbing my self-clean, washing the sticky, grime of the train ride off me I dried off then reached out for the dress I had grabbed. My heartbeat picked up when all I felt was the washroom wall. My dress was gone.

"Looking for this?"

I used the shower curtain to cover my self and peeped out. Skitter was perched on the sink his long johns pulled down to his waist, in his hand was my dress.

"Give it back Skittery" I hissed.

"Oh, I'm sorry your royal highness, I found this on the floor when you told me to look for my dignity, that of which I haven't lost, but it seems that you are going to loose yours…right…about... Now" Then he jumped down from the sink, swinging my dress around as he exited the washroom.

"SKITTERY! Bring me my dress back right this instant!" I screamed, causing the newsies closest to us to glance over at me, their eyes wide, when they realized the state I was in. "Skittery, if you don't bring me my dress in the next two seconds, you will be sorry for the rest of your life!"

"What are you going to do about it?" He chucked from across the bunkroom, now all of the newsies watched our charade.

"Bring me my dress so you can find out!"

He sauntered over to me holding my dress out, dangling it between his thumb and pointer finger. I viscously ripped it out of his hand disappearing behind the curtain to put it on. I burst out of the shower stepping right up to Skittery so we were chest to chest, he was a good foot taller then me but that did not matter.

"Don't you EVER do that again Skittery, or you will deeply regret it when you're lying on the bottom of the river, under the Brooklyn Bridge. UNDERSTAND?"

He smirked at me raising his eyebrows in an amused way, lowering his face to right in mine he whispered. "Try it"

"UGH!" I growled, stopping away from him slamming down on my bed making the whole bunk shake. One... two… three… four… Slowly I counted to ten in my head, calming my temper.

"Well I know what to call her" Mush spoke from his place at the poker game. "Dingo" This aroused confused looks from the other boys. "Like the dog, their beautiful, creatures but, if you make a wrong move they will tear you to shreds" He smiled. The boys pondered for a moment before Jack smiled over at me.

"Welcome aboard Dingo"

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