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Hey, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day yesterday and if you didn't then good luck next year. Anyway, I finally finished my IkkaYumi story! I'm so happy! I hope you all like it. This is the first story I've ever written of this couple. I tried to keep them in character as much as possible, but I'm only human so I know I made some mistakes. Please let me know what you think, but as always be professional about it. Also, the lemon is in chapter 4...just thought you might wanna know.

Yumichika Ayasegawa, the fifth seat of the Eleventh Squad, woke up first in the room he shared with his best friend and third seat, Ikkaku Madarame. He always woke up first and especially so on days the two of them had off…like today for instance. Ikkaku liked to sleep in, but Yumichika was too restless once he'd woken up.

The two of them had separate futons, but Yumichika often times ended up on Ikkaku's futon with him before the night was over. They never did anything but sleep and most of the time Ikkaku never even realized that Yumichika had slept next him. Yumichika had gotten used to sharing a futon when he and Ikkaku could only afford one when they still lived in Rukongai. Sometimes, he missed the sound of Ikkaku's breathing and body heat next to him while he slept, which was why he crawled into the futon with him most nights. He also secretly wanted to be more than a best friend to Ikkaku, but he'd never tell the third seat that.

Since he was already lying beside Ikkaku from the night before, he turns his head to watch the bald warrior sleep. Sleeping was the only time that Ikkaku actually looked sweet, it made Yumichika smile, it made him so giddy to see Ikkaku looking that adorable, that he just had to wake him up and talk to him.

"Ikkaku…IIIkkakuuu." He shakes the sleeping man gently causing Ikkaku to groan irritably, "Wake up, Ikkaku." He shakes the bald man a little rougher and Ikkaku opens his eyes shooting Yumichika an angry glare.

"Why do you do this to me, Yumi?" He rolls onto his stomach and buries his face in the pillow.

Yumichika's expression changes to one of confusion, "What do you mean? What am I doing?"

Ikkaku groans and gives a muffled response, "Waking me up every time we have a day off is what I'm talking about."

Yumichika sighs, "Well, do you just want to sleep your whole day off away?"

"Yes, I do." He pulls the pillow out from under his face and puts it over his head to try and drown out Yumichika's voice.

"But, that's boring." He attempts to pull the pillow from Ikkaku's head, but his best friend's grip is too strong on the edges of the pillow, "Please, wake up and talk to me, Ikkaku. I'm so bored." When Ikkaku doesn't respond, Yumichika straddles the third seat's back to tug at the pillow from a different angle.

Ikkaku groans at the weight on his back, "What the hell, Yumichika? Get off me!"

"Then stop being antisocial and wake up." He continues tugging at the pillow making Ikkaku lose his patience with Yumichika.

"Okay, Yumi, okay! Just get off me, damnit! You're too heavy!" He hears a very audible gasp from Yumichika as the pillow is finally pulled from his grasp and slammed against the back of his head.

"I'm too heavy! I can't believe you just said that!" He continues pummeling Ikkaku hard with the pillow, "When I said I wanted you to talk to me I didn't mean for you to insult me!"

Ikkaku covers his bald head with his arms letting Yumichika get all his restless and furious energy out, "You know I didn't mean it like that, Yumi. I just meant that…"

"That I'm fat? Is that what you meant to say?" He hits Ikkaku a few more times before retreating to his own futon and crossing his arms angrily over his chest.

Ikkaku lets out a frustrated sound as he sits up and looks at his pouting friend, "I didn't say you were fat. It's just early and you sat right on my back. Come on, Yumi, you wanted me to talk to you and now you're giving me the silent treatment?"

"Do you think I should cut carbs again?" He keeps his arms crossed as he glares at Ikkaku waiting for his friend's answer.

Ikkaku had been friends with Yumichika long enough to know he was fishing for a compliment, but he also wanted an apology for 'being called fat'. The third seat decides that it's easier to just give in to Yumichika's hidden requests rather than be accused of things all day, "No, you don't need to cut carbs. You're the perfect weight and you look amazing and I'm sorry for insulting you."

Yumichika finally smiles and uncrosses his arms, "You mean it?"

Ikkaku stands up and walks toward the bathroom, "Yes, I mean it. Now, I'm going to take a shower before I get accused of saying anything else."

Ikkaku walks into the bathroom with Yumichika right behind him. He wasn't shy or modest especially in front of his best friend. He knew Yumichika loved to talk and that included times when Ikkaku was showering. The only time Yumichika refused to talk to him was when either of them were using the toilet. So, even though Yumichika was now standing in the bathroom with him he took his clothes off and stepped into the shower as if he'd been alone. He hears the water in the sink come on and he knows Yumichika is brushing his teeth.

"Hey, Yumi?" He hears Yumichika's sound of acknowledgement to his question, "I can tell you anything right? No matter what it is?"

He hears Yumichika finish brushing his teeth and waits for an answer from his dark haired friend. Finally, Yumichika answers with curiosity in his voice, "Of course you can. What kind of question is that, Ikkaku?"

"I know I can tell you every day normal stuff, but what if I have something…important embarrassing to say?" He hears a giggle come from Yumichika, "What's so funny?"

"What does that even mean? How can something be important embarrassing?" Yumichika continues giggling, but Ikkaku tries to ignore this.

"It's just how it sounds. It's important, but it's embarrassing too. So, could I tell you or not?" He waits for the fifth seat to stop laughing.

"I should say so, Ikkaku. Go on and say whatever it is." When Ikkaku doesn't say anything, Yumichika repeats himself, "What kind of important embarrassing thing do you need to say?"

"I don't need to tell you anything like that, Yumi!" He hears an exasperated sigh escape his best friend, "I just wanted to know if I could so that when the time comes this question will be out of the way."

Yumichika is silent for a long time and Ikkaku begins to think he left the bathroom when he finally hears his friend speak again, "Do you have an STD, Ikkaku?"

Ikkaku's eyes widen and Yumichika hears him drop something in the shower, "What?"

"Well, it's important, but it's embarrassing. I just thought that…" Ikkaku cuts his sentence short as he begins talking again.

"No, Yumi! Why is that the first thing that comes to mind?"

Yumichika thinks for a moment, "You spend an awful lot of time at the bar and there are some pretty skanky women there."

He hears Ikkaku make a disgusted sound behind the shower curtain, "I don't have an STD. Stop talking about that!"

Yumichika shrugs, "Okay…why are you taking so long in there? All the hot water will be gone. You don't even have hair, it shouldn't take you this long."

Ikkaku lets out an irritated sigh, "I do other things in the shower you know?"

Yumichika's nose wrinkles in disgust at this statement, "Ew! You aren't doing what I caught you doing that one time are you? We share that shower and that is disgusting!"

"No, I'm not doing 'that'…and it was one time. Don't you ever forget anything? I have to shave in case you forgot!" He hears the shower curtain open and Yumichika steps in, "What are you doing?"

"What does it look like? I'm taking a shower before you use all the hot water up." He grabs the shampoo bottle, "We've showered together before."

Yumichika begins washing his hair as Ikkaku continues shaving using the mirror Yumichika insisted on hanging in the shower, "So, what have you got planned for today?"

Yumichika holds his hand up in front of his face and frowns, "I have to do something with these cuticles…they look horrible."

Ikkaku rolls his eyes at his friend's vanity, but Yumichika doesn't notice. Ikkaku finishes shaving as an amused smile comes to his lips, "I'll tell you what you need to do today…if you're gonna get in the bed with me at night then you need to file those rough feet down. You almost cut my leg open last night."

Yumichika's mouth drops open as Ikkaku tries to escape the shower, but the fifth seat still manages to peg him in the back with a shampoo bottle, "You are such a dick, Ikkaku!" He also happens to hit him on the leg with a bar of soap just before he completely flees the shower.

Ikkaku is still laughing at Yumichika's offended face when he runs out into the living quarters of the room still completely naked to discover Captain Zaraki standing in the middle of the room. Ikkaku quickly stops laughing and gives his Captain a serious look, "C-Captain, I was just showering."

Suddenly, Lieutenant Kusajishi appears over Zaraki's shoulder smiling and waving, "Hey, Pachinko Head!"

Ikkaku blushes and quickly covers himself with his hands, "Lieutenant, I didn't know you were here! I apologize."

Yachiru just shrugs as Zaraki voices his reason for them being there, "I know you have the day off, but there are a few new recruits that need training. I would do it myself, but I have to attend a Captain's meeting."

"I would be happy to do it, sir." Just as Ikkaku is getting over the embarrassment of being caught naked, Yumichika bursts from the bathroom just as bare still shouting at him for insulting his feet.

Yumichika finally notices the Captain and stops yelling, "Captain Zaraki, I didn't expect you to be standing out here."

"Hiya, Chika Chika!" Yachiru waves just as exuberantly at Yumichika's arrival.

Yumichika's eyes widen as he also hastily covers himself with his hands, "Lieutenant Kusajishi, where did you come from?"

She just smiles happily and points to Zaraki's shoulder, "I came in with Kenny!"

Yumichika's face turns bright red, "Of course, how could I forget."

Captain Zaraki takes notice of the two coming out of the shower almost at the same time, but doesn't mention it, "Well, good day, gentlemen."

The two Squad Eleven members nod their goodbyes as the Captain and Lieutenant leave. They can still hear Yachiru's cheerful voice down the hall, "Boy's parts are ugly."

Zaraki lets out a sigh, "Yes, they are and I want you to remember that if a boy tries to play with you."

The two leaders of Squad Eleven finally get out of earshot and the friends uncover themselves as Yumichika gives Ikkaku an annoyed look, "Why didn't you warn me that they were out here?"

"I didn't know they were out here either, Yumi." He walks to the closet and begins getting dressed.

Yumichika follows him not bothering with getting dressed, "Well, what did he want?"

"He has a Captain's meeting and needs me to train some new recruits." Ikkaku continues dressing not noticing the irritated expression on Yumichika's face.

"But, you're supposed to have today off." Yumichika watches Ikkaku dress waiting for a response.

Ikkaku puts the last of his clothing on and grabs his zanpakuto as he finally looks at Yumichika, "I realize that, but the Captain asked me to do something and I have to do it."

Yumichika crosses his arms over his bare chest, "But, what if we had plans?"

Ikkaku thinks about this for a moment before responding, "But, we didn't."

"Well, no…but, the Captain didn't know that!"

The bald man gives his angry best friend a look of confusion, "I don't understand what you're so upset about? The Captain asked me to do something and I'm doing it…this isn't a big deal."

"What about breakfast? Aren't you going to eat breakfast?" Yumichika asks this in a desperate attempt to spend just a few more minutes of his day off with Ikkaku.

Ikkaku lets out an aggravated sigh, "I don't have time for breakfast, Yumichika."

A hurt expression appears on Yumichika's face, "But, we always eat breakfast together on our day off."

Ikkaku lets out a growl and grips Yumichika's bare shoulders hard, "It's one stupid meal! I don't have time to eat with you! Just eat it by yourself! For once in your life just eat breakfast by yourself!"

The naked fifth seat jerks his shoulders from Ikkaku's grip, "And, why don't I just eat every meal by myself from now on too?"

"What is wrong with you? You've been acting all weird and clingy lately."

Yumichika backs away from Ikkaku with a furious gleam in his eyes, "Is it weird for me to want to spend time with my best friend?"

"No, but you're yelling and getting mad at me because I can't eat breakfast with you. You're being all spastic and emotional and if you're going to be PMSing all day then I'm glad I have to train the new recruits!" Ikkaku immediately regrets the PMS line as soon as it leaves his mouth.

Yumichika's arm is too fast to block as his open hand smacks across Ikkaku's right cheek with a loud sound, "You're a fucking asshole, Ikkaku! Don't you even think about eating any of that food! You fucking bastard!"

Ikkaku reaches up to rub his stinging cheek as Yumichika disappears into the bathroom slamming the door behind him. Ikkaku hears the lock click and knows it's hopeless to try and apologize to Yumichika right now. He decides to leave and apologize when he's done training the new recruits, but first he walks passed the table. This makes him feel even worse for hurting best friend's feelings because the table is covered with all of Ikkaku's favorite breakfast foods.

The third seat lets out a regretful sigh at the sight of the breakfast he is now forbidden to eat, "I really do feel like a bastard now. Why didn't Yumichika say something?"

He glances toward the bathroom door hoping that Yumichika would walk back out, but even though the dark haired man had already showered, Ikkaku hears the water running. The bald man knew that Yumichika didn't think crying was weak, but he never cried in front of anyone not even him, but Ikkaku also knew his best friend cried in the shower so he wouldn't be heard…Yumichika didn't know that his best friend knew this.

With one last sigh, Ikkaku leaves the room and begins walking to the Squad Eleven training grounds, "How did today end up like this? Today was supposed to be the day that I finally told Yumi how I really felt about him, but I just ended up hurting his feelings instead."

He walks in silence for a few minutes trying to remember how the argument had actually started, "Who am I kidding, Yumichika is my best friend there's no way he wants to be in a relationship like 'that' with me." The third seat finally makes it to the training grounds and replaces his disappointed expression with a strict warrior face.

It doesn't take Ikkaku long to wear the inexperienced recruits out and he tries to work them as hard as he can, but after several hours, he lets them leave. He, on the other hand, sits down on the dusty ground of the training area not really wanting to face Yumichika just yet. He's so lost in thought that he doesn't even notice a certain pink haired Lieutenant coming his way.

"What'cha doin', Baldy?" Yachiru jumps onto his head making Ikkaku growl his annoyance at her action and the bald comment.

He decides to let the annoyances slide considering Yachiru was the Lieutenant, "I'm just thinking about some stuff."

Yachiru gives him a puzzled look, "Why don't you think in your room? All the new people are gone and napping…you should go back and enjoy the rest of your day. You could finish your naked party with Feathers."

Ikkaku's eyes widen at her mention of a naked party, "We weren't having a naked party, we were showering, and I'm not ready to go back yet."

She jumps off his head and walks to stand in front of him trying to give her most serious expression, "Are you and Feathers fighting?"

Ikkaku turns away from her young face, "What makes you say that?"

She cocks her head to the side as she thinks about what to say, "Well, it's because of that look on your face."

"It's the same look I always have." He crosses his arms over his chest getting even more annoyed with her questions.

She shakes her head stubbornly, "No, usually your face is scowly, but today it's scowly and sad. I saw Feathers earlier and his face looked sad too. That's why I think you two are fighting."

Ikkaku turns his eyes back to her face, "I guess it could be considered fighting."

"Then why don't you apologize to each other?" She smiles at him as if this were the most obvious answer in the world.

He frowns, "He doesn't have anything to apologize for."

"Then you apologize to him." She smiles again making him remember just how young she really is.

He shakes his head causing her to frown, "It's not that simple."

She puts her hands on her hips and stomps her foot angrily, "Yes it is! You're best friends…he loves you and you love him! He'll love you no matter what you did to make him sad because that's what best friends do! Friends love you no matter what kind of stupid things you do! Kenny does an awful lot of dumb things, but I still love him cause he's my best friend and I know Feathers will forgive you too! You just have to try and apologize!"

Ikkaku is struck speechless for a moment, but eventually finds his voice again, "You know more than you should, Lieutenant."

"I know enough, Cue Ball." She smiles happily at him again.

He stands up and dusts the dirt off his pants, "Where is the Captain anyway?"

"He's taking a nap and told me to find someone else to play with for a few hours. I came to play with you, but you're no fun without Feathers. I'll come back later…after you apologize to him. See ya!" With that she quickly flash steps far away.

He thinks about what she said as he heads back to his and Yumichika's room.

Hiya! I just wanted to let everyone know that my cousin has posted her first ever story on , but it hasn't gotten a lot of reviews. It's a really awesome "Twilight" story. Her pen name is SexyandIknowIt19.200 and the name of her story is "An Understanding". Check it out if you have time.