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The next morning, Ikkaku wakes up before Yumichika for the first time since they became friends. He looks at his best friend in awe of how beautiful he looked even this early in the morning. He moves a piece of black hair behind Yumichika's ear and smiles at how well things had gone with his confession. He felt like an idiot now because it had taken him so long to confess his true feelings.

He rubs Yumichika's arm gently as he tries to wake him, "Yumichika, wake up."

Being a light sleeper, it doesn't take much to awaken the fifth seat. He opens his eyes to see Ikkaku staring at him. He immediately dives under the cover, "Ikkaku, what are you doing awake?"

"What are you doing still asleep? Did I wear you out last night?" Ikkaku tries to pull the cover off Yumichika's head, but the fifth seat refuses to relinquish his hold on it.

"You aren't supposed to be awake and you most definitely are not supposed to see me when I first wake up."

Ikkaku laughs at his friend's vanity, "Why not? You look just as beautiful as always."

He feels Yumichika slide farther under the cover, "Flattery will get you everywhere, but in this case you're just lying."

"And, why would I do that? Come on, Yumi. You get to see me everyday when I first wake up…for once, let me see you." He feels Yumichika's fingers loosen on the cover and Ikkaku pulls it away from his face to uncover a pouting Yumichika.

"Are you happy now, Ikkaku?"

Ikkaku responds by pressing his lips tenderly to Yumichika's pouting ones. Ikkaku increases the pressure making the smaller man open his mouth to allow Ikkaku's tongue entrance. They kiss a little longer, but Yumichika eventually pulls away.

Ikkaku gives him a puzzled look, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong, it's just that we have to meet up with the squad soon and we don't have time." He attempts to remove himself from Ikkaku's grips, but the third seat refuses to let him go.

"You have to meet up with the squad, but because I worked yesterday, the Captain gave me today off." He tries to pull Yumichika into another kiss, but the fifth seat puts his hands on Ikkaku's chest to stop him.

Yumichika gives Ikkaku a patronizing look, "That's great for you, but I still have to get ready and meet with the squad because I don't have the day off."

"Or you could be a little late and tell the Captain you were assisting third seat Madarame with some important business." A devious smirk comes to his lips.

Yumichika gives Ikkaku a serious look, "And, what business should I tell the Captain I was assisting you with?"

A frown appears on Ikkaku's face, "Come on, Yumi! He's gonna be training the new recruits all day. He's not gonna notice if you're a little bit late…please, Yumi. Just one time?"

Yumichika sighs as he finally gives in, "Okay, but just one time and then I have to go."

"Great! Let's take a shower." He grabs Yumichika's hand and begins pulling him toward the bathroom.

"But, we just took a shower last night."

Ikkaku continues leading Yumichika to the bathroom, "Yeah, but that's all we did. We didn't have any fun in there and this way you won't have to wash yourself off afterwards."

Yumichika doesn't argue with this logic and eventually finds himself in the shower with Ikkaku. The fifth seat is quickly pushed against the shower wall and kissed until he can't breathe as Ikkaku's hand finds its way to his already hard cock and begins stroking it firmly.

Yumichika moans causing Ikkaku to release the kiss, "S-slow down, Ikkaku."

"I thought you didn't want to be late for squad duty?" He places his mouth around one of Yumichika's nipples and caresses it with his tongue as he continues stroking the fifth seat's cock.

For a moment, the dark haired man forgets his words as Ikkaku pleasures him, "Fuck squad duty!"

Ikkaku takes his mouth away from Yumichika's nipple, but keeps his hand where it is, "What? Are you being defiant?" Yumichika nods and Ikkaku smiles, "You know what happens to defiant boys don't you?"

"N-no, I don't…why don't you (gasp) enlighten me?" He loves the fact that Ikkaku is playing along with one of his fetishes.

"Defiant boys get a spanking." He feels his best friend's cock twitch at his words. He lets go of Yumichika's cock and turns him around so that his ass is facing Ikkaku.

Yumichika places his hands on the shower wall with a smile plastered to his face, "Oh, please…anything, but that."

"There's no use in pleading now." He takes a look at Yumichika's perfect ass right before he pulls his arm back and slaps Yumichika's ass hard.

Yumichika moans, "I'll never be defiant again!"

"That's what they all say!" He brings his hand back and spanks Yumichika again.

"I've learned my lesson!" Yumichika can feel his ass and his cock throbbing from all the excitement.

"Oh, you think you've learned your lesson…well, the real lesson starts now." He places his hands on the fifth seat's hips and buries his length in Yumichika's tight ass making the smaller man cry out with a blissful sound. Ikkaku lets out a groan as well, "Oh, Yumi, you feel so good!"

"I thought you were teaching me a lesson?" At Yumichika's words, Ikkaku grips his hips tighter and begins slamming into him.

Seeing as how the two seated officers were having so much fun in the shower, they don't hear the door to their room open as Captain Zaraki and of course Yachiru walk in.

Zaraki looks around the room and when he doesn't see either of them he assumes they must be in the bathroom, "It's not like Ayasegawa to be late. I wonder what's taking him so long? I need him to help me train those new pansies."

Yachiru hears the shower running and makes an assumption, "Maybe, he's having another naked party with Pachinko Head."

Zaraki gives her a disgusted look, but before he can say anything they hear Yumichika's voice from the shower, "I-I'm…cumming!"

Zaraki's eyes widen as he heads for the door to leave, "Let's go, Yachiru."

She gives him a confused look, "But, why? He says he's coming."

"Right, which means we don't have to wait on him." He quickly leaves the room making sure Yachiru doesn't hear anymore.

When Yumichika finally makes it to squad duty, he approaches Captain Zaraki to explain his lateness, "I apologize for my lateness, Captain Zaraki, I…"

Zaraki holds his hand up to stop Yumichika's explanation, "I don't need an explanation."

"But, I'm two hours late. I thought that…"

Zaraki's face turns red, "I said I didn't need an explanation! Just don't let it happen again." Yumichika has a confused expression on his face causing the Captain to become impatient, "Get to work…do I have to repeat myself?"

"No, of course not, Captain." Yumichika walks away as Yachiru bounces onto Zaraki's shoulder.

Zaraki shakes his head in disbelief as he watches Yumichika walk away, "My squad is full of perverts."

Yachiru gives him a curious glance, "Kenny, what's a pervert?"

He looks at her with a serious expression on his face, "Someone you should stay away from."

"Does that mean I can't play with Cue Ball and Feathers anymore?" A frown appears on her young face.

"No, you can still play with them. They're only perverts with each other."

A big smile spreads across her face at knowing her two favorite playmates aren't off limits.

The End.

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Finished: 2/15/2012

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