A/N: Well, what do you know, I actually managed to write this in the end. Still, for all I know, this story may as well just go unnoticed, without attracting any attention, and yes I have to admit

that the concept itself those seem a bit too random, but this idea just wouldn't leave me alone no matter what, so I decided to humor my imagination a little bit, and gave it a shot anyway.

Now, I wish I could tell you that I came up with this story because of some grand epiphany that somehow came to me, like how I now realize the fact that Fate and Vergil resemble each other a lot, no I'm not drunk, seriously when you think about it they are pretty similar, and not just in their fighting style, that one is just pretty obvious.

I wish I could say that the reason behind this came because of a series of pretty funny yet creepy coincidences, like how the day I finally completed my S rank run on DMD for DMC3 was also the day the first episode of Strikers was aired, or how something similar happened around DMC4 and the very last chapter of the Strikers manga.

But no, that is not how it was, even if I've been a fan of both series almost from day one. Sadly, what actually gave me this idea was not as funny or awesome, in fact, it was a rather embarrassing and violent event that took place the last holidays. I won't go too much into details, but I'll say that it involved a family argument at dinner (because, you know, you just can't have the whole Christmas feeling without your family yelling at each other at the table), an Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom match between my youngest sister and I, and a cellphone ring tone.

See, I told you, lame.

Anyway, there are a few things about this fic that I would like to address, but seeing that it will be a little extensive, I guess we can talk about it later on. So for now, let's just go with the real thing, shall we?.

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The night sky.

That was the only thing he could see.

He was just barely regaining consciousness, his body felt numb, he could not move from the ground. His vision was somehow blurry, there was a needling pain in the back of his head and he could even feel a ringing on his ears.

And yet, he could see it, even if trapped inside of that hazy world, while his mind was still such a mess, for him it was as clear as in any other of his most vivid moments.

The night sky was the first thing to greet him back into the world of the living.


Well, at least that was what he assumed the vast pink void that spread above him, filled with golden dim lights and greenish fluffy masses, was.

The night sky embedded with stars and fluffy clouds sailing across.


But then again, it's not as if this was his first time inside of an artificially created displacement of the time-space continuum... Far from it.

Granted, he might be just half as old as some of his co-workers enforcers, in fact, more often than not, he could not even afford to say he was only "half as old" yet.. And sure, he might have been in active duty for just a couple of years so far, but just in those few years he had been in enough bizarre situations.

And that was why he ended up gaining experience worth more than what some high ranking officers could boast in their entire careers.

The point stood, by now he had been in enough situations involving dimensional barriers to know what to expect from them.

Not only was he used to it, but he even enjoy it now.

Hell, he enjoyed it from the very beginning anyway.

Even more so, this was the sky he was talking about.

In his (quite) young life he had had experiencc his fair share of craziness. He had seen and done more than enough insane actions for a boy of his age. But it was precisely because of this that there were quite a few subjects where he felt pretty confident about his knowledge on them.

Confidence even beyond his usual cocky character.

And the sky was definitely at the top of that list.

So when he tells you that the answer is "the sky", then you can even bet your soul on that, and be sure to win.

Still, there was always the possibility of him being wrong, especially in his current predicament, not to mention his physical state.

By that point in time howevver the numbness in his body had subsided quite a bit but his muscles were stiff and sore. The pain in his head however was pretty much gone, and his hearing was slowly coming back as well.


He could only blink when his attempt to bring his hand to his face to rub his tired eyes ended in... well, he couldn't even so much as lift his arm, so failure was the only word he could came up with.

So much for that.

Apparently, his body wasn't willing to help him out just yet.

Still, he decided to give it another go, not really expecting much anyway, this time going with the right arm instead...


And of course nothing happened.


Not so surprising there


The world around was still kinda blurry, while not as bad as before it was still hard to fully make sense of his surroundings, and with his body still worn out, he had no choice but to settle with a simple plan for the moment.

He did nothing.

Honestly, he still felt like crap, and it was pretty obvious he wasn't going anywhere at the moment, so might as well wait and see what happens.

After all, people always kept telling him that he needed to think things through, instead of just blast things up and see what to do with whatever was left. So he figured now was as good time as any other to give it a try.


A cold breeze blew and he allowed his body to fill the chill that came along, although aside from some silver bangs of hair covering his face moving along wit h the wind, in the end he barely felt it.


He blinked again, when another failed attempt to move punch him in the face; metaphorically speaking of course, although he wouldn't have minded if that actually happened, at least it would have meant he wasn't stuck to the ground.

It was right after he let out a chuckle for the idea of punching his own face that he came up with something...

He still hadn't try to speak

Well, not that it would actually help him, unless there was someone close enough to hear him, and dumb enough to help him, and he already knew the answer for that.

But, it wouldn't hurt to try either.

It wasn't as if he had that many other options anyway.

And like that, without really expecting much of it either, he finally broke the silence that had reign around ever since he woke up, and who knew for how long before that as well.

He gave out a few fake coughs first, trying to make sure that the sound he made before hadn't been just a fluke.

Satisfied enough with the results, he finally prepare himself to give it a shot. And the words he chose for that were...

"You know... I wonder if this is how it feels to have a hangover..."

Of course no answer came, but it really didn't bother him, he was satisfied with the fact that, not only was he able to talk normally, but he even heard his words clearly.

"Well, not that I've ever being drunk to begin with, so I wouldn't really know anyway"

His blank and dismissive tone a clear indication that he didn't care at all for what he just said, finding more worth in the fact that his hearing was back and the headache finally gone.

And with some of his spirit finally restored, as well as a smile adorning his face, he decided to try and see how far could he push this new found streak of luck.

"Hey, maybe I can finally get off this... unnggghhhhh..."


And apparently whatever divine or cosmic force that had command over his luck (let just called it fate for references sake) decided that, that was as far as he would go.

"Alright... this... is getting ridiculous. Just what the hell is...?"

Finally getting tired of his body's trolling, and taking advantage of it's improving condition, he manage to lift his head enough so that he could take a clear look at his body...


He kept looking, that look of annoyance marked on his eyes was suddenly replaced by a dull stare.



In all honesty, he really wasn't sure about what to expect when he began to move. After all there were many possible reasons as to why he was stuck to the floor. He could have ended up impaled in it fpr some reason, some debris, a branch, or just a steel pipe or something; he could have been bound to it with a binding spell, some chains or even a rope (a really, really tough rope), or simple enough, just being pin to it by his clothes. All of them were perfectly possible and valid reasons, specially in his line of work. In fact all of them already happened to him at least once before.

And yet the actual reason as to why he had been unable to move all this time never crossed his mind. It should have though, really.

"Well, this is..."

At this point, one of his eyebrows began to twitch.

He was buried in the ground.


But not in a grave or a hole. He was buried in a crater, shaped like his body, and the reason why he couldn't move was because the debris that were once part of the intact floor were now on top of him.

"Sigh... ...You know, I really wish I could say this is new"

But it wasn't new. Not in the slightest.

"And yet, why do I keep getting pissed about this. Seriously..."

Somehow, he had either, fell down, or was smacked into the ground with enough force to leave behind an impression on it. One shaped like him.

"Heh... Knowing me, it was probably both. One right after the other..."

On the bright side, now that he knew just what the problem was, and thanks to the awkward anger-rush he was feeling, he finally managed to break free. At long last he was able to stand up.

"Anyway. Nothing good ever comes from worrying over the small stuff"

Well, if you call breaking free out of your improvised grave the small stuff that is.

Regardless, he was free now. He stretched back a little, a few cracks and snaps became audible, but he didn't seem bothered at all. When he began rotating his shoulders on a similar fashion, only the right one snapped, and just like before he didn't pay it any attention.

His clothing was pretty much intact, albeit the black garments were slightly dirty, but he simply dusted them off, although only his legs and chest. And on that note, he was actually pleased when he noted that his coat was without a scratch.

"Hehe... Good to see that some things just won't let me down"

And almost as if making a comeback to that statement, the crimson gem resting in its silver frame and chain hanging from his neck began to glow. It was faint but it was there, and along came a few red sparks.

"Oh, C'mon, I'm just joking here"

He answered back, while holding the jewel whit his right hand.


With a smile, he kept staring at the odd reaction for a brief moment, before hiding the chained jewel beneath his black clothes.

Feeling back on his game. He began to take a look around.

"So, first of all... Where am I again?"

It wasn't long before he received his fist clue. Apparently, he didn't end up in the ground itself. At first he thought it was a highway, or at least a city landscape, judging by the concrete that served as his landing point.

"... ...Well, at least I was right about the city part"

Indeed he was in a city, just not on ground level. He ended up in the rooftop of a building.


A really huge building, if the scenery of the city landscape spreading around him and the neighbor buildings that were 10 or some feet shorter were to be trusted. And most likely, they were.

"Sigh. I wish I could say this is new too"

He said while (finally) rubbing the bridge of his nose. Still, he just began to walk towards the edge of the building, a second gust of wind passing by and the tails of his red coat just trailing his movements behind him.

Many times before he heard people say be careful with what you wish. And, like most people, he never really bothered to think about it too deeply. And, as Fate would have it, today would be the day for him to do just that.

Because of how tall the building was, there really was no way to know if the ledge he was heading off to led to the open streets, and alleyway, or something else. Since there was a barrier active around the area, that meant that there shouldn't be any innocent bystanders around, or even if they were, then they should had some level of knowledge regarding magic and the like.

His plan was simple. Regardless if beneath the side of the building was an open space or covered ground, he would use the vantage point to try and get a good idea of where the hell he was. If after that, he found a good isolated place around, he would move there and began his descent to the ground, just to be on the safe side and avoid being seen (if seen at all) by some passerby.

Magic or not, most of the time it was a pain in the ass having to explain how he always managed to pull some of the things he did, such as breaking the fall from the top of a building without any particular effort. And the last thing he wanted was another lecture from the admiral about irresponsible behavior or whatnot.

As easygoing and gentle as she was, when it came to him, she was laways more than capable of making her point clear one way or the other.

"I still like her better than most, though"

However, that particular plan, as well as any other train of thought he had, was pretty much shattered by what he found the moment he reached the edge and got a better look of the city.

He had expected to see some sings or something in at least one building, and had hoped to recognize whatever writing would be in it. And not only did he found enough billboards and giant flat screens to cover the whole Arthra if they were put together, but it only took him a second to recognize the characters that were on theme.


Even better, he could read them alright.


The only problem?

"...Japanese, huh?"

Once again, his face lost any traces of the previous emotion he held, and instead portrayed another dull expression.

"So, I'm in Japan... Akihabara, at that... ...Well, I... always wanted to come here at least once..."

Even though he said that, the tone in his voice was a really depressing one.


Rather than continuing with his monologue, he settled with rubbing his temples with just his right hand.


He began once more, the twitch on his eyebrow returning and slightly more pronounced.

"Somehow, I ended up back on my home world. In a crater..."

At that, he returned his attention back at the spot where he woke up. He stared at it for a little longer with that blank stare of his before turning towards the sky, where his eyes settled for a brief moment before just turning away and the twitching increasing it's speed steadily all the while.

"On a building's rooftop...In Akihabara... Japan... inside a dimensional barrier... aaannnddd..."

For whatever reason, he stopped for a moment, and began looking sideways, as if searching for someone or something.

"And... I have no idea how I ended up here"


"Wait, how I ended up here anyway?"

Well, he might have meant it as a joke at first, but it suddenly became clear that he really had no freaking idea of just what had happened to him.

"Wow. I really have no freaking idea how I ended up here"

Even after he spent a few minutes thinking he was clueless.

"Sigh. This just keeps getting better and better. Well, at least I can say that this never happened before (be careful with what you wish, huh)"

"At any rate, guess I better start with getting off this place. I think I saw a parking lot just at the other side of the..."


He didn't manage to take more than 3 steps away when he suddenly froze, remaining as still as a statue for what he felt were hours.

Maybe it was because he was finally starting to take things seriously, or maybe it was just a fluke, but at that point he remembered something, something that even though he had just mention, he really didn't gave it any thought until at that particular point.

Finally beginning to ponder on the newly discovered question, he turned his gaze towards the distorted sky with a puzzled look...


And then it hit him, metaphorically of course.

"Why is there a barrier on?"

"Just who put it..."

And then a third gust of wind hit him, literally.

Like before, he wasn't sure why he didn't realize it sooner, maybe it was because of how beaten he was at the very beginning, or maybe because ridiculous, awkward, and even embarrassing facts kept coming at him one after the other, but that didn't matter. Now however, he noticed it, that the wind that he had been feeling all along had a really unsettling feeling to it.

"Where did that came from...?"

He began looking around frenetically, trying to spot something, anything that could actually help him understand just what was going on.

It hadn't even been 6 minutes since he woke up, and there was already (as he would put it) so much damn annoying crap going on.

Thankfully, Fate had apparently taken pity on him and decided to extend her hand and help him out.

Of course, such favor did not come for free.


A roar.

That was the only warning he got before something really big and really fast came down at him and crashed on the floor... or rooftop technically...

And it all happen in less than 4 seconds.

It was more than enough, though.

Dante S.D. Redgrave had been through a lot in his 13 years of life, three of which he had been working as an enforcer for the TSAB.

He had already faced many messy situations, such as the occasional ancient relic going haywire, the average attack from demonic, evil, crazy creatures and even the encounter with some really messed up people who though that they had the right to do whatever the hell they wanted for whatever the hell reason; he never really bothered to listen to their annoying monologues all the way through (the moment they started to talk non stop, was usually the moment he would beat the living crap out of them).

It was thanks to this particular way of living, that his experience with life threatening situations was disturbingly high. And also, the reason why, despite of the ridiculously small window of opportunity, he still managed to dodge the incoming assailant.

He couldn't see it directly but he felt it even before that annoying scream it released earlier.

Just as his attacker had reached the highest point of its assault and began to descend towards him, he had manage to jump out of the way and landed just a few inches away from his crater.

And judging by the cold atmosphere that suddenly came, as well as the cracking sound coming from the newest impact zone, he had also just discovered the source of that icy cold wind.

"Sorry bud, but if that were enough to take me down, then even Chrono would be able to kick my ass" (well, without me kicking his ass back, anyway) ..Anyway. Why don't you come out, so that we can get... this... over with... …?!"

By that particular moment of his life, Dante constantly felt that he had seen about everything in his work, that was obviously a mistake, and sometimes even he would admit it, but it would appear that this day wasn't about to let him forget it either.

"Sigh, at least I can scratch this from the This is new list too"

Certainly, this was something he would have never guessed.

The dust and cold fog that had erupted after the impact finally began to settle down, and his attacker's figure suddenly became visible. Something that he would never forget in his life.

He simple stared at it with a bewildered look.

For the thing that had ambush him turned out to be a big, black, possessed, monstrous, frozen and (apparently) very angry...

"...Dust bunny"

That was the first thing that came to Dante's mind when he finally got a look at the creature, with the body made out of black, moving... well... dust, and the elongated and frozen ears and fangs.

And apparently, having said those words out loud had been the magic trigger for his memory to return to work.

In that instant, he managed to remember every single thing he could not recall just a few minutes ago.

And so, Dante now knew how was it that he got himself involved in a seemingly uneventful and dull archeological expedition that ended up turning badly really fast.

From the very beginning, ever since he woke up in that crater., he got the feeling that he pretty much was the only one responsible for his current situation and to his dismay, it turned out he was right. Still...

(Best friend my ass, as soon as I get my hands on you I'm gonna kick your ass, you stupid ferret)

That didn't meant he had to accept it so calmly.

A sight of movement from the front returned Dante's attention to his current target, the angry smile on his face replaced with a dull stare when he locked eyes with its dead eyeballs.

"But seriously (sigh), why do I keep getting pissed of about this stuff, I mean..."

His right hand once again move to reach for something, this time however, it was at his chest area rather than his lower back.

This was apparently seen by the dust bunny as a treat and in just a blink, it shot several tendrils out of its dusty body at him. Their tips were frozen and jagged, ready to rip some flesh.

However, Dante didn't seem to care at all, he just settled with simply moving his left foot to the back and turning his body a bit, so that his right shoulder would be facing the upcoming attack. His head was cocked back slightly and his hand kept moving towards his chest.

The frozen appendages missed him if only by little, the red tails of his coat flickering due to the wind pressure behind the attack's speed. The creature however, didn't wasted a moment.

When the frozen tips embedded themselves in the ground past Dante, rather than calling them back or sending new ones, the bunny used them as improvised wrapping hooks, pulling itself at Dante with incredible speed. It really wasn't clear though, if this was made after learning just how fast he actually was or if it was just a rather lucky albeit random idea.

To Dante however, it didn't matter. In fact his only reaction was an ever so slightly rise of his left eyebrow.

And, just as they were separated by mere inches...

BGM: Senki Zesshou Symphogear OP1-Synchrogazer.

A smirk appeared on his face as he became a red blur and disappeared.

The creature, having missed its target without even noticing, crashed into the empty floor. It remained there without moving until the voice of his prey suddenly came from behind.

"...After all..."

Dante had reached the edge where he had been standing earlier, his attention directed towards the red jewel that he was now holding in front of his face, as if addressing it instead of the mass of darkness a few feet away from him.

"...this is pretty much the story of my life"

When the creature didn't move from its position, Dante released a smirk and, although his silver hair hanged in front of his face obscured his eyes, the blue orbs were still visible as if lighted by their own light.

Taking the opportunity, he dropped his hold on the jewel and once again reach towards his lower back, underneath his scarlet coat, pulling out a small card.

It was just as big as any ordinary poker card, and it's design was petty similar to one too.

One side being pure white with an obsidian jewel, similar in shape and appearance at the one hanging on his neck but only smaller, adorning the center. Two stylized E were engraved in two of it's corners.

The other side was an identical copy, albeit with an opposite color pattern, and with the letter I being the one marking it.

With one twirl of his wrist both sides split apart, becoming two separated cards. Dropping the one with the black stone, he caught it with his free hand.

With both pieces in his grasp, Dante extended his arms as bloody flare lit up within each gem and the cards became engulf in crimson light and sparks.

And with one last flash the lights disappeared, their display eerily illuminating his face and his smile never subsiding.

The cards now replaced with twin guns but with the same color scheme of their previous forms, a few sparks lingered on their surface until Dante began twirling them around on his index fingers.

With one last swift motion, he stopped, the guns held firmly in his hands at the ready. He raised his head to glare back at the his prey, the evil bunny having remained still the whole time.

Finally acknowledging the scene in front as an actual threat, the shadow readied itself before lunching several more of its frozen tendrils, almost twice as the last time.

Dante didn't move, not even when he was surrounded by most of the incoming blades did he botherd to move, he only stared back at the ice monster with that confident grin of his still on his face.

And not a second later the blades crashed into the ground, ripping it apart and releasing a cloud of dust and cold steam. But rather than pulling them back, they began to lash out at the area randomly, intending in obliterate they target.

They continued like that for a short time... Until crimson bolts of light came down crashing on them, shattering the ice and breaking apart the limbs.

A disturbing cry of agony was cut short when a familiar red blur ram at the shadow with enough force to push it away while knocking it to the ground...


Followed by its face being hit with full force by the sole of a black boot.

Trying to recover quickly, it got back on all four and looked forward, but instead of seeing red, it was met with something black.

The barrel of a gun.

Dante wasn't sure if the thing had intelligence at all and he just couldn't tell if it was capable of having thoughts or emotions, but at that particular moment, he got a look to the closest thing to that the shadow was capable of showing.

When their eyes locked once more, it froze and any violent feeling it gave away disappeared.

I was almost as if the thing was afraid. And with a reason.

Even though they were face to face, his left eye wasn't visible as it was covered by his hair, but even so, something was there. A single gold orb shined through the shadows that were cast on his face.

Well, not that it mattered in the end.

Of Aces and Jokers.

Red light began to crack within the gun's barrel, and the gun itself was raised a bit so that it would be at its eye level.

A grin.


"Perfect end of a perfect day, I guess..."

A gunshot.

A/N: Wow, talking about long and boring huh. Well, if you are familiar with the MGS series, then you should be already used to prologues playing out like that. Now, if only I could write stuff 1/10 as awesome as that this wouldn't have sucked so much, right?.

But in all seriousness, I do feel I could have done better here, if it seemed that it was a little bit dragging or dull, well it's because it probably is. The thing is, I really didn't give it to much thought to this chapter, I just needed something that would let you know that something like this story existed, and that it would give you an idea of what to expect, even if a little bit vague. So, yeah, my bad, I'm sorry for that.

Still, I think it turned out pretty decent, but then again I'm the one who is writing this, I guess is only natural for the authors to think highly of their work. But it's up to the readers to decide if we should feel proud of ourselves, or just go and die in a hole somewhere. I already did my part, so now is up to you.

And, while we are talking about the chapter, I would like to talk about it's main character.

I think I did a descent job portraying Dante's personality, specially since I was trying to keep his character exposed only little aspects of his personality. I wanted to keep it that way for those who are not that familiar with him, so that they could get to know him better throughout the story itself, the same will be for the MGLN characters.

Still, I think it turned well enough on that side too, but as I said that is up to you to decide.

Well, moving on to the more general aspects of the fic, I have to say, this little project of mine is quite special in its own way. Not only is it my first fanfic in almost 5 years, is also the first work I post in this site. Also this is my first attempt at a decent action Nanoha fic, in the past I only wrote two others, a YuunoxFate fic and a NanoFate fic, both of them were one shots, so I don't really count them for much. And as for the DMC side, well, this is my first Devil May Cry fic ever, so yeah.

I'm actually quite excited about this.

But before anything else, lets established some ground rules, okay?

First: For the time being, the story plot will follow the MGLN seasons, there is a little bit more to it than just that, but we'll get to it later on. I'll just say this now, I'm using the first three seasons now as a reference only, that means that, while the events that take place are pretty much the same, how they will play out is a complete different thing. But in all honesty, I just threw an adolescent version of one of the most iconic fictional characters of the decade into the plot, not only did I just threw canon through the window, I buried it in a hole under tons of new fandom that I hope to work with soon. Anyway, the next couple of chapters should be enough for you to understand.

Second: Regarding the DMC series. I will try to work with as much of the elements from the series as possible, in fact I already have some really interesting ideas. However there are a few things that I had to rule out in the end, so just to give you a heads up:

The 1st novel: Capcom never really said how canonical the novel was, and while Hideki Kamiya (the creator of the DMC series and Dante) did work in it, he wasn't all that involved in the project. He did say that the portrayal of Dante was pretty close to his, but he never said that was his exact vision of Dante or the entire series, at all. Besides, ever since the release of the manga, the novel's credibility just went down even more. Since it would be too confusing working with two contradictory facts, I had to disregard the novel in the end. Still, there really wasn't anything that relevant in there (or at least not something that I couldn't work out with the Nanoha series)... Well, except, you know... Gilver.

The 2nd game: I know many people hate it, but to be honest, I actually love it. It did introduce the mechanics that would evolved into the styles system in DMC3, the designe of the characters and stages was pretty amazing, it also introduced the concept of a bonus character to play as with Trish (then carried over by Vergil). And let's not forget the soundtrack, which is may favorite in the entire franchise so far... Hell, I would even go as far as to say that it might be better than DMC1's OST, how can you forget the moment Faithful Servant kicks in while the Furiataurus emerges from the ground... and then you just move to a corner and shoot him to death... All in all however, the game just feels too apart from the main series, so I had to remove it too. A pity, I really wanted to work something with Bolverk... Oh well, may be some other time.

And 3rd, NT DmC. Whether you like, hate or just don't care for Ninja Theory's revamp, you all have to admit, that it has absolutely nothing to do with the main series, the only thing it has is the name of the game, and the name of the character. In fact Ninja Theory themselves already said it. In the end the game is more of a spin-off more than anything else. And because of that I simply ruled it out too. Besides, even if I wanted to included it, I couldn't do it anyway, the game doesn't even have a released date yet.

However... the Manga, DMC3, DMC1, the Anime, DMC4, the Deadly Fortune and DMC Vol. 2 novels and even Bayonetta (for cameos and references mostly)

...Will be featured, in one way or another, so if there is something in particular that you liked about any of these, you will most likely find it here too...

...Except for Trish and Lady. I'm sorry, but at first I wanted to include Trish, and I thought it would be easy, with the hole Project F and all that, however, after sometime I found it extremely hard to try to keep her character around, as her presence simply couldn't keep up with the rest of the cast. I didn't exactly remove her either, as you soon will find out, but her role may not be what some of you would expect, a shame but necessary.

As, for Lady, well I never really liked her to begin with, so...

Yeah... I'm sorry to all her fans, but I always found her character after the third game pretty useless and extremely annoying, and seeing that there are far more reliable and likable characters in here, I found no reason to include her. Hell, I even like Lucia better than her.

And something else before moving to the last point. This is pretty much an alternate Universe, and with that in mind, I made a few changes, mainly to Dante's past. Now, don't worry, I don't intend to pull off another Ninja Theory here, his background may be somewhat different but he is still the same Dante we all know and love, or at least he will become eventually.

And finally, just one thing regarding the story itself. When I came up with this, I had originally intended to make a story that would take place during the fourth season, Force, but as time went by and more ideas came, I found it really hard to try and include them in just one story. At first I thought to explore them through flashbacks and gaiden arcs, but it became too tiresome and confusing. So instead, I decided to do things properly and start from the beginning. So with that in mind you can take this whole thing as the first part in the actual story.

I was really looking forward to start that story (which name was meant to be A Devil's Dogma), so on the downside, I will have to wait until this is all finished before moving to that.

On the other hand, I'll get to work with an adolescent Dante interacting with the Nanoha cast first, so is not that bad.

There are several interesting encounters I'm looking forward to write, obviously Nanoha and Dante is one of them (the white devil and the red joker... C'mon, it needs to be done!), as well as the ones with Signum and Vita (expect lots of pointless fights and name calling)

One of the very first that I came up with, but that I will have to wait for, is the one between Vergil and Fate, and I insist that there is a lot of potential when you put these two together. I guess is because they are pretty much two sides of the same coin.

And of course I'm going to include Vergil, he is my favorite character in the DMC series; he is probably my favorite character here as well, followed closely by Fate.

But, the one I'm looking forward the most, even though I still have no idea how I will play it, is the one between Dante and Hayate. Brace yourselves for that one.

Well, this chapter is already 20 pages long by now, so I really think I should stop typing right about now.

With this I do hope you get a solid idea of what is it that I'm aiming for, and I would appreciate your help with that. I apologize for this long drill but it was necessary, and I do hope not to have caused any inconveniences here.

Well, the next chapters are probably gonna take a little while. I already know what I'll use, I just need the time to actually write it. In the mean time I guess we'll just wait and see how this first chapter does.

That's all on my end. Hope to see you around some other time.